This Beatles film has an obscure Asian cult, that believes in human sacrifice, chasing Ringo after he accidentally put on the their victim's ceremonial ring. He is pursued by the cult, a pair of mad scientists, a member of a side cult that no longer believes in human sacrifice, and the London police who are trying to help.

After Ringo stumbles upon a valuable gem, The Beatles starts getting harassed by a fringe religious group. Ringo finds himself the human sacrifice target of a cult and the band must try to protect him from it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian R (ru) wrote: A good movie but without the catchy songs or lines you find yourself quoting for the next week. Except for the Fred and Stan Lee underwear mantra.

Brandon H (ca) wrote: While the writer is lifting up the bravery of this sniper from WW2 he is at the same time systematically ripping into the ignorance of the socialist and communist belief system. The story is based on real events, the acting is superb, the film and action are fantastic. Excellent movie.

Willie E (es) wrote: I give this movie an easy 4.5 stars for the following reasons. First, the movie did not waste anytime to get into the plot of the movie, everything fell into place very quickly and it was obvious from just a few minutes into the movie that the characters were being "watched". Adding on to the point that the movie did not waste anytime getting to the plot, neither did the characters waste anytime either. I loved the fact that after just the first instance of unusual behavior in the house the couple immediately had an alarm put into the house. There is more examples of this responsible behavior seen throughout the movie, apart from just the main characters. Aside, I also appreciate the fact that the movie did not leave the husband or wife blind to the experiences they were facing, unlike other movies. Sometimes in horror movies where the main characters are a couple of some sort, the movie will have either the husband, usually the husband or boyfriend, be blind to the experiences that the girlfriend or wife is experiencing, although as obvious as they may seem, and this can be extremely annoying, at least to myself. To move along, the movie has a few twists in it and the ending twist is especially good. In my opinion the twist ultimately made the movie complete. The movie also has fairly good acting and pretty good jumps from time to time. The reason this review lacks .5 to make it a five star movie is the fact that it lacks reason or motive. To prevent from spoiling the movie I will not say why it lacks said motive, however I personally do not feel that the reasoning or motive behind "The watchers" actions was necessary to make this movie good.

Terry C (mx) wrote: Criminally underrated, as it's better than "Prometheus" or "The Abyss," even if the two have better special effects. Sure, the script has serious flaws by high standards, but they're ignorable enough, as the film keeps you intrigued all the way throughout and delivers some genuine chills (the "Jerry" entity should be considered a cult horror film character). It explores psychological games and paranoia to great effect, and the script, while hacky, is suspensefully unpredictable, keeping you at the edge of your seat most of the time. Lesser actors might have made this a wreck, but luckily the acting here is really top-notch. The ending, despite what some other critics say, is surprisingly satisfying (much better than the one in The Abyss), even though not mind-blowing like it's made out to be. All in all, this is well worth a one time watch for sci-fi and psycho-horror fans.

Chad D (kr) wrote: it took me nearly 30 years to see this. wish i had not. i know it is somewhat based on a true story but i still find it anti-american.

Scott C (au) wrote: I'd love to see this again. Jim Kelly was so super cool! R.I.P.

John H (fr) wrote: It's not a documentary, although it feels real enough to be one.

Prageet N (kr) wrote: really well done. ranbir kapoor is very talented.

Eli K (au) wrote: This movie has not aged particularly well.