Help! The Doctor Is Drowning

Help! The Doctor Is Drowning

Comedy about a small town doctor.

Small town doctor Angelino falls in love at first sight with schoolteacher Irene. Bram the Builder is in love with gypsy girl Katja. Neither of the two men know how to convey their feelings to the objects of their affection. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris H (ru) wrote: A run of the mill drama that I only watched because it had Clint Eastwood and was about baseball. If you like Eastwood or you like baseball then its worth a watch. All others may want to stay away.

Vinnie G (gb) wrote: An extraordinarily difficult and challenging film; nothing really happens for nearly two and a half hours, but there's an inescapable magnetism to this film that eventually lulls you into submission. The sculpting of every haunting frame around every small movement of the pattern-like, prosaic tedium of the story, ends up feeling like an almost cleansing experience.Whilst the creepily lit, black and white cinematography has a tormented, ghostly feel to it - real menace comes from the film's stark and lugubriously crumpled score that meshes with the discordant shrill of a brutal wind.The Turin Horse is, by turns, a melancholic fable and an almost strange allegorical story on death; richly rewarding to those who have the patience to stay with it.

Nick R (jp) wrote: Not a concert film. Not a documentary. The absence of a script. So what's left? Music and perfection. Let's not forget the breathtaking landscape of Iceland either.

Monika B (nl) wrote: Wkurwiajacy jest ten film! A na dodatek nic nie wynika z jego zakonczenia, bo tak naprawde konkluzja jest taka, ze kobiety to suki a faceci sa zajebisci. A wszystko zle co zrobi facet wynika wylacznie z nadmiaru testosteronu, tak jakby oni nie mieli mozgu i nie mogli sie w zaden sposob kontrolowac. Naprawde irytujacy punkt widzenia i wyjatkowo szowinistyczny. A do tego generalizuje bezbolesnie, bo w koncu wszystkie kobiety to kurwy i puszczaja sie na prawo i lewo, a jednoczensnie wszyscy faceci to biedni, poszkodowani, oszukani, i zdradzani. Litosci! Dwie gwiazdki sa za ciekawa realizacje, niezle ujecia i w fajny sposob zrobione retrospekcje czyli innymi slowy za strone techniczna. A reszta to bzdura!

Jason D (ca) wrote: A/K/A Tommy Chong is the excellent documentary about one-half of the fun, drug-infused comedic duo of Cheech & Chong. The documentary primary focuses on Chong's favorite habit, marijuana, and the trouble it caused him when a couple of power-hungry government officials (namely the evil John Ashcroft and emotionless weasel Mary Beth Buchanan) become SO convinced by Chong's OSCAR WINNING performance in his film, Up in Smoke, that they set out to dismantle Chong The Terrorist's bong selling business, thanks to a small error involving a shipment of bongs to Pennsylvania (where that is against a law). After 12 MILLION dollars, a police raid later, a hefty court battle, Chong was sentenced to jail unjustifiably, unfairly, and in complete questionable manner (in terms of why our government would do that. This film was very thought-provoking and stunning to watch. Not the best documentary ever, but what was more important was the message behind it. In one chilling moment, they displayed an actual quote from Ashcroft who proclaims his job was done and he managed to stop terror. He managed to do that by making Tommy Chong serve 9 months in jail (who happened to be one of 55 people charged in court but the ONLY one to serve time). I don't know about anyone else, but CHONG from the duo CHEECH & CHONG being put in jail for 9 MONTHS didn't make me feel any safer; did you feel safer? Powerful film.

Gary S (kr) wrote: Intelligent thriller with historical and realistic themes

Brandon M (kr) wrote: Sadly, I can say I have seen this movie. Despite the 82% review from critics here, this movie is awful. The story plods along getting muddier and muddier in itself. The acting is awful and the characters unlikable. The whole story line just gets plods along and then fades away. The bits of humor are only worth chuckling at, at best. I don't mind movies that experiment with the concept of religious beliefs and examines people's faith. I am not rating the movie down on its content, it is just a poorly acted and tiresome movie. I think I could have better spent almost two hours hitting myself in the face with a hammer.

Evan H (es) wrote: don't see why so many people hate this movie! Sure the two guys in it act like being gay is sooo bad and they only do it for the money, but hey it was a funny movie! The Desperate Dwarf was the funniest thing ever! "I'm not a midget! I'm a dwarf!" Too funny.

Will H (ru) wrote: When's Omega Code 3 coming out???

Dave C (de) wrote: The film follows a homeless boy named Mondo through the streets of Nice. Surreal, bittersweet, and a nice juxtaposition to the harshness of Los Olvidados.

John A (mx) wrote: It's supposedly a funny, affectionate re-creation of American high school life from the mid-'70s with a great soundtrack. I found it boring, tedious, horrible in almost every way. Nearly all of the music was unimaginative rock. All the kids were off their heads and the adults weren't much better. No wonder America is fucked. Depressing. (PS. Richard Linklater also directed Boyhood which I loved.)

Al P (nl) wrote: Your a MISER.Youve got a long ways to GO.

Sullivan L (nl) wrote: Marlene Dietrich est formidable dans un film tres beau mais mon sens handicapp, malgre un canevas de pur mlodrame, par une grande froideur. Si bien que ce n'est que vers la fin que j'ai fini par dvelopper de l'empathie pour le personnage d'Helen, aide en cela de maniere un peu innattendue par Dickie Moore, qui joue son fils, un enfant-acteur incroyable tout au long du film.

Morten S (kr) wrote: Over the top and ridiculous, but also a lot of fun and entertaining at the same time. I really enjoyed this little gothic character and Sam Raimi's creative use of camera-angels and dark sense of humor which still maneges to amuse me.Liked it alot :)

Mohammed A (br) wrote: It is not a good movie to watch

Leon B (au) wrote: Review:This is yet another movie about old gangsters vs. new gangsters in the East End. The young gangsters are going around causing unnecessary trouble and when one of the old school gangsters confronts them in a dark alleyway, whilst trying to save a young girl from getting raped, he gets murdered in a brutal way so the old crew get together to revenge his death. The old crew seemed like they wouldn't hurt a fly and they weren't that convincing as brutal killers. The new school crew were more annoying than scary and they just went around being a nuisance, thinking that they were bad. When the two sides clash, they end up in a big shoot out in a hospital, which was quite ridiculous, and then the film ends abruptly. It seemed more of a comedy than a meaningful gangster movie and there is just way too much talking and not enough violence from the old boys. Anyway, it's worth a watch just to past the time but it's not that great. Average!Round-Up:It's a bit weird watching a guy from Eastenders act like a gangster. I couldn't really take him seriously because I couldn't get his part in Eastenders, out of my mind. He was really trying his hardest to chat like a badman and his mannerisms and constant yelling at his fellow crew members became annoying after a while. The old gangsters could have been much harder and more brutal but the director gave them witty lines which didn't really work in this film. Anyway, if your hoping for a Essex Boys type of movie then this isn't the movie for you but if you want to see two generations of gangsters clashing, then you should give it a go.I recommend this movie to people who are into their crime/action movies about an old gangster who is out for revenge, with his old crew, after his brother gets killed by a teenage gang.3/10