Helter Skelter

Helter Skelter

The investigation of two horrific mass murders leads to the capture and trial of the psychotic pseudo-hippie Charles Manson and his "family".

The investigation and trial of the horrific Tate-LaBianca mass murders orchestrated by the psychotic pseudo-hippie cult leader, Charles Manson. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Helter Skelter torrent reviews

Rachel H (ag) wrote: The few touching moments could not save this wreck of a movie. I can't stand Jeff Bridges and it doesn't help that his character is a complete idiot. I was impressed with Justin and Kate but I wouldn't sit through that again if you forced me...

Christopher K (ag) wrote: I didn't particularly like Mitt Romney before watching this, but Mitt's family reminds me a lot of my own. I feel like he's a genuine guy who is not terribly gifted in presenting himself well in public, which is just the opposite of most politicians. After watching this film I wish he were president.

Shantel D (jp) wrote: With the exception of Missi Pyle, this is an awful, unfunny movie with terrible characters. I've already forgotten it.

Jocey D (us) wrote: Gritty and dark but lacks character development to help us feel, relate and create attachment. Didn't care what happened.

Kevin S (au) wrote: excellent movie, keeps you glued to the screen

Private U (br) wrote: What is this movie? Hungarian director Ildiko Enyedi has made a film with the same title and its story takes place in Paris, too. ???????????????????????

blanka P (es) wrote: oh my i was stoned when the movie finished i haven't read the book but now i'm not sure if i want to..

Tony V (ca) wrote: OMG!!!! But nahhhh now this is it! The last movie about stupid dolls now!!!

Michael F (jp) wrote: I remember thinking it was great. I was 9.

horse c (es) wrote: Exciting and well told story

Ryan H (gb) wrote: Although it's subject matter's authenticity may be in doubt, this movie sure isn't. Rockwell is outstanding, really the whole cast is. A recommend...

Kristen P (ru) wrote: For 1996, this was a sick AF drama/thriller.

Juli N (ca) wrote: Satisfying action thriller!