Divided into chapters, the film first chronicles Hemel's many sexual conquests, but then takes on a different tone as it explores her complicated relationship with her father, Gijs. A dapper auctioneer, Gijs has dated a series of younger women since Hemel's mother's death. But when Gijs starts seeing the charming Sophie, for the first time Hemel feels that her special relationship with her father is threatened...

During her nightly escapades Hemel searches for the difference between sex and love. Sometimes she leads, sometimes the men with whom she sleeps. The most important person in Hemel's life ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hemel torrent reviews

Martin S (ca) wrote: IT IS AN AMAZING MOVIE!

Dayang Nur A (de) wrote: whur....bes wuh...cta neh...pd aq la..bt,aq tak tgk kt pngung..jus d tb citra....1st tym tgk dulu...mleleh seh..haha..kin mlu jak...ahak...tpy,mmg wjar r nagis..dh cta sdh..hee...bru2 neh aq ada tgk lgy..tak pndi bsan plak aq tgk..neh kali k3 dh...n dis tym aq bwa mama n akaq p0pye aq tgk skali...dkaq aq ckp..bes laa jg..whur..cdh jua kaka aq tuh kali tgk dis story..hahaa..btw,t0 secepa..y blum tetgk dis muvi...wlupn dh lma..s0kyh bh..tgk jak..bes w0ek..

JHound R (au) wrote: Get Low was a very charming movie, that my mother saw and told me to watch. I had no expectations of the film and was very impressed when it was over. The main theme of the movie is that not everything you hear is true and it is a great lesson to take away. The film follows Robert Duvall's character's trip of redemption. The acting was very well done by the entire cast. I was surprised that I hadn't heard of it and that it turned out to be so enjoyable. The film builds up to a very satisfying ending that left me with a smile on my face. The film was funny, sad and quirky and when all was said and done I was glad I saw it.

Tomer H (kr) wrote: The leads are great, and the tension makes you want more.


Barbara V (br) wrote: I was surprised with that movie. Despite all the drama, and political questions involved in the history, this movie is an inspiration to me. It reminds me kids in my country who knows nothing about our problems and even poor, they are extremely happy. I ask myself why I had never been a kid like them and where are my childhood friends now??

Carlos M (br) wrote: This forgotten Fellini classic - which was initially a flop in Italy and also in the USA - is a poignant and heartbreaking character study that manages to make us feel pity and sympathy towards the worst kind of swindler, the one who deceives and takes money from the poor.

Samantha M (es) wrote: It is funny how they lip sync.

Angie V (ca) wrote: Alan Rickman's time to shine!

Robert B (kr) wrote: Intentionally or no, this film is an entertaining and farcical trip. Synecdoche is mainly about finding out the truth about oneself by looking at one's relationships to other human beings. It is a romantic film, but in an amazingly absurd one at that. To enjoy this film, one has to be able to just go with everything that happens (all manner of weird and crazy things) and maybe make some sense out of it or not. (And for those that do like a challenge, there is plenty of brain candy strewn throughout the background of the film.) Synecdoche is reminiscent of Woody Allen films (as well as 8 1/2 and Barton Fink), though the energy level is higher: more manic and more depressive. Phillip Seymour Hoffman is a great fit for the lead role with a performance that highly projective, the world is his shadow. The main character is honestly and apologetically imperfect (again, reminiscent of the Woody Allen characters, but also very different) and striving. It is hard to know who to recommend the film to since it is just a bit on the dark side. Those who love arthouse films will probably pick up on a lot that is in it, and enjoy it. But there is also plenty in there, plenty of drama and humor, for the casual viewer. Whether or not you enjoy it, may be highly dependent on whether or not you are in the mood for the experience.