When a wealthy publisher dies, leaving behind the family fortune, his son and heir apparent is shocked to discover that the business has been left in the hands of the man s trusted lawyer, who has been instructed to divide the wealth equally among the family members under the condition that they resolve life-long family issues within eight hours or the company will be sold, and the proceeds given to charity. In the aftermath of this shocking revelation, secrets and conflicts are exposed, and a family s love and faith are put to the test.

After the owner of the Hemingway publishing empire dies, his family is keen on its inheritance. However they quickly learn of one stipulation in the will, that they must put aside their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wiebke K (kr) wrote: One of the most predictable movies I have seen in a long time -- I stopped 20 minutes before the end and had indeed predicted the end completely. And Liotta is so not the guy I can see dozens of women falling for.

Brendan N (jp) wrote: talk about hollywood going to somebodies head. this film about the cult favourite boondock saints shows the don'ts when it comes to making a film. this guy shot himself and flushed he's career before a single bit of film rolled

MIK J (mx) wrote: Generated great feeling of honor, and spectical of beauty.

Scott C (mx) wrote: I don't remember this at all. Just see I gave it 2 1/2 stars a while back. Apparently, it's one of Tarantino's favourite films!

Russ B (de) wrote: 4:7/2015: An ok movie. Not good enough to watch more than one though.

David A (fr) wrote: in the same league as Hartley's wonderful "Trust" and "Henry Fool", he was hungrier here...and then he made No Such Thing.

Leo B (gb) wrote: When six people are invited to a dinner party at the mansion of Mr. Boddy, a murder leaves everyone wondering who, what and where? Based on the popular board game of the same name, an all star cast leads this comedy of suspicious characters. Unlike most suspenseful movies though, upon it's release in 1985...it left not 1 but 3 different endings to choose from. Due to this ending(s), many people where either upset or confused about the way the movie was being portrayed. However, whether your a fan of the board game or not...the comedic talent of the cast and the surprise twists in the plot makes this a funny and worth-while adventure to take. Destined to become a cult classic!!!

Robert B (de) wrote: Worms are not scary until you see them close-up.

Raymond M (gb) wrote: Quite possibly the worst film ive ever been subjected too in my entire life... So many plot holes, so many scenes that make no sense. Repeatedly throughout the movie you will find yourself screaming "WHYYYYY???!" at the top of your lungs. This piece of garbage was about as entertaining as going to the dentist.

Thiago A (ca) wrote: No uma obra-prima, mas Tom Jones uma rara comdia pastelo inteligente, com timo visual e excelentes performances de todo o elenco, principalmente Albert Finney, que est muito engraado no papel titulo.

Beverley W (au) wrote: Margaret Rutherford at her best!!

John D (br) wrote: Cate Blanchette at her best.

Andruw F (us) wrote: Outstanding direction from Neil Burger. It's stylish and unique, and I completely agree with the consensus. He shows that he's a director to watch out for. I love how it's gray and more dark when Eddie's off the pill, and more bright and colorful when he's on the pill. Bradley Cooper obviously gives an outstanding performance, but it was interesting to see him play a different character. The score is also excellent. There are some problems though. It's a little long, and once Eddie starts the stocks, it gets very messy the rest of the movie. There are three different storylines going on, and they're all used as a drive for the movie. That's due to the writing. Leslie Dixon was the wrong choice, especially when she's never done this genre before. The book already had too much going on, then Leslie Dixon added things and made it more messy than it would have already been. I found Robert De Niro's character annoying, and honestly, his performance wasn't as good as one would expect. But Neil Burger and Bradley Cooper really helped it not be as bad, and still worth watching. The unrated extended cut isn't different enough to be worth watching, it's just the R rated version/cut with more violence and swearing. But if you buy the movie, I'd still recommend getting the copy that has that cut because you will also get special features, unlike the one with only the theatrical cut.

Shawn H (au) wrote: The scariest thing about Madison County is how well the ads ork on making this movie look good. This coming from someone who loves horrible movies, I that hope really says something. When movies are bad due\ to acting or a goofy plot, it's horribleness is forgiveable, and laughable, But when you give it an earnest try and come up so short you can't see the finish line, there's a major problem.The only enjoyment I got from this movie was the fact my girlfriend is afraid of pig masks. But after about 10 minutes of watching our killer in action, she too had fallen bored of it. Maybe if the pure evil pig-faced Damien [original.] was threatening at all this movie would have worked better. But that doesnt necessarily mean big and bulky or anything, maybe if he had maniacal laughter or... ANYTHING! Sometimes, when the 'monster' doesnt speak behind a mask it makes it scarier, but they're the kind who would be frightening even if they said an occassional one-liner. [Jason Vorhees = scary. Damien and Michael Meyers = not so much.]Apparently, all you need to make a horror movie is a 'scary setting' [the country, that's only scary to people from the city] and what looks like a teenager in a mask. And of course, this movie isn't without it's cliches. Damien is beaten in the head repeatedly, to what should be to the point of death, and when the heroes run over his body to escape, Damien, OF COURSE, comes back.The situations that these victims [the viewers are the real victims] get themselves into are so pathetically easy to get out of, or turn it in their favor, that it would make you believe the director has never even watched a horror movie before.I must admit though, the *spoiler alert* knee breaking scene is the highlight of the film. Sure it's less then one second, but it's done nicely and catches you completely unaware.The final seconds of the film has a shakey zoom-in onto Damien, still alive and kickin', trying to leave off for a sequel, but if there's a God there wont be another... too bad for us we'll probably be seeing Madison County: Pigs CAN Fly any time now.

Adam R (us) wrote: Hilarious! I've never understood why this movie doesn't get more love, because its a great comedy. This is the funniest and best that I've ever seen Martin Lawrence. (First viewing - Late 2001 in theaters)

Austin G (ag) wrote: An instant classic right from the opening titles. They just don't make films like this anymore.