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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:58 minutes
  • Release:1982
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Hemligheten torrent reviews

Sabby J (mx) wrote: By far the worst movie of the past couple of years. Bar none.

James W (es) wrote: Did she go to Iraq to photograph, or did she live there in the beginning? That will decide for me whether or not if this is a good movie, for if she went there, she's conflicted,but if she lived there her whole life and documented what happened around her, she's brave.

Douglas M (de) wrote: Written and directed by David Lewis Starring: Matthew Montgomery, Brendan Bradley, Cole Panther, Tad Coughenour, Elinor Bell, Simon Burzynski, Caleb Dorfman and Laurie Burke Musical score: Jack Curtis Dubowsky Released: 2009 Studio: TLA Releasing This is one of the finest tender, romantic gay films I have seen to date! It is poignant, uplifting, sad, involving, and a totally thought-provoking, engrossing film that sucks you in from the first scene and does not let you, the viewer go until its surprisingly haunting ending! The main character, Everett is in a long-term go-with-the-flow relationship with Miles, his husband. The two of them are raising a young mentally challenged boy and their relationship seems to have soured years earlier. It would be safe to assume that the responsibilities of parenthood are probably the main, if not the only reason the two have remained together. The passion of their relationship has given way to the mundane acts of day-to-day life. No kisses, no loving glances, just an empty hollow existence perpetuated by banal conversations of "where's the shaving cream? What size garbage bags do you want?" etc. While Miles and Billy, their son, are away on a family trip, Everett meets Chase, a writer who has become lost (in more ways than one) while trying to find his bed and breakfast where he plans to work on the novel he is trying to finish. Everett, a very moral man, yet dissatisfied with where life is leading finally succumbs to his feelings that have been building throughout the film. Where he and Miles are a calm center of a storm, Everett and Chase are a passionate, churning tempestuous storm! Like the best of Charles Dickens' plot elements, coincidence plays a large part in the two meeting?not once?but twice and from there, a poignant love story emerges and sweeps us, the viewer away. The two men fit each other quite well, but having met at the wrong time in their lives the dilemma of responsibility and of what risk that entails provides the film?s tension. The film builds to a crescendo and leads to a surprising ending that I did not see coming (make sure you have a hankie ready). The acting and directing is awesome. Director/writer David Lewis has done a great job of building on his previous films. His movie 'Rock Haven' was a bit too uneven for my tastes, but his growth as a film professional is clearly evident in this production. The two lead actors, Matthew Montgomery and Brendon Bradley, perform admirably in this movie. I think this is now my favorite Matthew Montgomery film. His acting skills have greatly improved since I first saw his film 'Gone, But Not Forgotten.' Each moment the two lead character are on-screen feels honest and true! Lest the viewer think this sounds so dreary, not so. The film does a good job of juggling drama, passion and humor. The film is gorgeously captured and its small town setting in northern California is beautiful and perfectly suited for the intimacy that is building for Chase and Everett. Each of the actors in this small cast adds a great deal of depth and charm. So do the two lovers stay together? Or do they part and go their separate ways? Rent or buy the film and see for yourself. The journey, another theme of the film, is well worth it! Needless to say, I cannot recommend this film highly enough. Kudos to its cast; its beautiful musical score; its production crew and director/writer! 'Redwood' is one of those small gay films that succeeds remarkably well.

Fai D (kr) wrote: Man, I effin' loved this.

Jon A (gb) wrote: On the surface a movie about revenge, but really a story about unchecked jealousy and what it does to you. I never liked poetry but I could listen to british men swear for hours.

Sakatsu H (kr) wrote: gillian jacobs and ryan simpkins put out great performances over a difficult characters and a difficult subject.

Travis P (mx) wrote: This is, to me, the 'American Beauty' of the decade. Two families in a small town who live seemingly normal lives This film is well-written, beautifully shot, and the performances are spectacular. Sam Rockwell and Kate Beckinsale are flawless, making me hate them both, but love them both at the same time. Olivia Thirlby (Juno) and Michael Angarano (Will & Grace) prove that they are destined for great things. I know that this may be blasphemy to you indie kids, but in my opinion, Olivia's performance in this was better than Ellen Page's in Juno. This is the first time I've ever seen Amy Sedaris in a non-comedic role and it makes me wish she'd do this more often. Given the fact that most of what I've typed is about acting, it's obvious that this is a very character-driven film. It isn't very funny. In fact, it becomes increasingly dark, however it also gives out glimmers of hope. This movie is rather high on my list.

Stephen S (kr) wrote: So bad, it's not even funny. Funny idea though.

Eric C (ru) wrote: I wanted so bad to like this in a so bad it's good type way, but it never quite worked out. That being said, it had a weird Air Force One meets The Rock meets Olympus Has Fallen/White House Down vibe going on that was strangely satisfying for the final few minutes in a Bad Boys 2 type way.

Susie M (kr) wrote: I love the novel and i love this movie. It is a heart breaking film. Liam is great as usual.

mike h (mx) wrote: classic murray and dreyfuss

Oliver S (kr) wrote: This cannot be a serious movie, but it's fun to watch, in that so-bad-it's-great way, like Stephen King's It. Filmed during the height of the PMRC/parents' concerns over Satanic heavy metal, this movie is about a "metal" band literally from hell, whose music turns audiences into ravenous, sexual demons. Fun to watch, and it has nary a dull moment. Good junk food movie that's fun to laugh at and more watchable, in its own perverse way, than a lot of campy b-movies. Just watch the trailer. It's hilarious. Of course it "sucks," but it sucks so good.

Robert B (de) wrote: Ah yes, the 1980s. Back when PG-13 meant a good chance at brief nudity.

Orlok W (jp) wrote: Life goes on , on Golden Pond... Perfect characterisation of relationships and contains all the simple pleasure that time forgot--Warm, reflective, touchingly basic human drama, with Henry Fonda and Katharine Hepburn offering treasured performances in their twilight years!!

Matthew H (ru) wrote: I could watch this everyday <3 <3 <3