Felicia and Calvin are two 'vampires' living in a desolate Long Island where things are tolerable...Until the local blood bank amps up security measures and their hunt for the red stuff ...

Felicia and Calvin are two 'vampires' living in a desolate Long Island where things are tolerable...Until the local blood bank amps up security measures and their hunt for the red stuff ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joao Manuel A (nl) wrote: Rama Burnshtein's tale about the marital dynamics inside an enclosed Jewish community is at times an heartwarming at others a distressing view of conflict between tradition and modernity, duty and choice. At the center of the story is Shira (played wonderfully by Hadas Yaron), a young Jewish woman on the cusp of adulthood and still trying to comprehend the intricacies associated with it.The film opens with a trip to a supermarket, a mundane task that soon develops into something much more peculiar as what we see is mother Rivka (Irit Sheleg) and daughter Shira looking for a husband for the latter. It may sound puzzling at the beginning but soon we find that this is a community with their own set of rules and principles some in conflict with modernity. Nevertheless it never feels voyeuristic or as if there is a judgment set upon any of the characters. Soon tragedy strikes and Shira's older sister (Renana Raz) dies during childbirth leaving a son and husband behind and a void no one seem able to fill. Distressed by the possibility of losing her only grandchild the matriarch of the family pressures Shira into marrying her dead sister's husband and to became a mother for her newborn nephew. Told in these terms it is normal to expect a gut wrenching tale of the female protagonist going against her own community in order to assert her voice and independence but Burnshtein's film is much more complex and the interpersonal relationships are dealt with much more subtlety. Despite Shira's reluctance in accepting what has been suggested to her there is never a sense that the outside world is a valid option but that she must find her own voice inside the community. This might be alienating to some viewers as it might be difficult to understand a community that put such an heavy weight on marriage and tradition and that pressures its individuals to a point of almost alienating choice but the director handles its intricacies with the proper diligence that is required.All of the characters are flawed and rounded human beings and their interactions feel naturalistic and real. It also has a very balanced view of the people that populate the space that themselves are representation of the people who live in similar communities in real life. There is not a sense of demonizing one group or other, just like the women the men are shown to be trapped by rules and regulations outside their own control and are individually affected by the weight that marriage has on the community. This is particularly visible on the male protagonist who is clearly conflicted by the prospect of marrying Shira. As for Hadas Yoron, her facial expressions tell all about her inner conflict, her stoicism at times and independent thinking at others, the actress embodies the persona to an extent that is hard to understand at times what part of Shira is a cinematic construct and what part is the real life woman portraying her. Fill the Void is a drama that avoids most of the trapping of its genre, never goes into the realm of melodrama; it manages at all times to be restrained. The final moments capture the nature of the film completely; Shira's facial expressions and body language once again show the contradictory nature of tradition and the institution she is part of, leaving the viewer with an ending that despite not conclusive it is more than satisfactory.

Rochelle B (us) wrote: This movie started out good- cute, sweet and innocently romantic- but then something happened during the last twenty minutes. It all of a sudden became so disappointing that, I and the person I was watching with, were really irate. I couldn't not tell people(I was that upset) and maybe trying to figure out what happened or why. I don't want to retell the story, but basically, guys are big babies and girls better give in and let them get their way or else. Even if that means looking like a desperate idiot.

becca b (de) wrote: anything with keanu reeves is good!

Katie G (ca) wrote: While Rickman is fantastic, I found it rather boring. There seemed to be many little subplots that went absolutely nowhere, and I found myself not really caring what happened to anyone.

Anthony K (mx) wrote: Was ok if not dated.

Greg W (de) wrote: gr8 cast really brings the funny in a Woody Allenish kinda way.

Ennis Brokeback L (kr) wrote: Not one of cronenbergs best. I only recomend this film to true cronenberg fans that just want to see his full filmography.

Luke D (mx) wrote: Anyone who watches and thinks nothing but politics is missing the entire point. 'They Live' is one of the lost legends of the Hollywood Left that delves into ambitious concepts and themes that remain relevant nearly three decades later.