Hemo the Magnificent

Hemo the Magnificent

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Hemo the Magnificent torrent reviews

Justin S (fr) wrote: Trash, even for TV movie standards. The writing and acting quality of The Room, without anything enjoyable.

Kevin Ray P (nl) wrote: This movie surprisingly sticks. Quite slow-paced but once you get to the end, it will just well... stick.

Mark O (fr) wrote: Excellent. Very fun to watch.

Mit R (kr) wrote: this movie is great! if you don't like it: fuck you!

Ed T (de) wrote: Eating popcorn at this movie will NOT be enough ! Cultural, filal, matters of the heart, and coming to terms with one's self and family are woven like the intrincate dishes that are created. Funny, touching. Yes, leaves you hungry for more.

Cody B (us) wrote: I'm king of the Echo people!

Robert C (nl) wrote: The best part of this is Danny Elfman's score.

Barton K (us) wrote: One of my favorite movies as a kid. Not so cool anymore.

monsieur r (us) wrote: An amazing film. A film about a new found romance and a ex-lover's revenge. Lancaster is flat out tremendous in this devil may care and hustler guy who runs into his flame, Jean Simmons, a serious bible thumper. He gets into the action pretty soon into the movie, ready to do his part to save souls. His insincerity leads to misery. This tends to be long and slow paced in the last half. You have to stick with it because this film is worth it. Soundtrack by composer Andre Previn, a very famous pianist and movie composer of the day. fyi: This movie was referenced to in the movie There Will Be Blood. Director: Richard Brooks Writers: Richard Brooks (screenplay), Sinclair Lewis (from the novel by) Composer: Andre Previn **Elmer Gantry is a satirical novel written by Sinclair Lewis in 1926 and published by Harcourt in March 1927. STARS: Burt Lancaster ... Elmer Gantry (Oscar Best Actor) Jean Simmons ... Sister Sharon Falconer Arthur Kennedy ... Jim Lefferts Dean Jagger ... William L. Morgan Shirley Jones ... Lulu Bains Patti Page ... Sister Rachel Edward Andrews ... George F. Babbitt (as Ed Andrews) John McIntire ... Rev. John Pengilly Hugh Marlowe ... Rev. Philip Garrison Joe Maross ... Pete Philip Ober ... Rev. Planck Barry Kelley ... Police Capt. Holt

Andrew M (mx) wrote: Aright now this is what gladiator should have been like. The last scene with the three guys exiting is sooo cool. I remembered the scene when I was walking on the plane with wayne and ben.

Larry W (ag) wrote: Meh.. average disaster movie..

Senor C (us) wrote: I hated high school. Sure I loved the parties but as far as the education process went I loathed it. I may have had 2 or 3 good teachers but the entire experience was a bunch of bull shit. Im sure by end the faculty that I dealt w/ had enough of me. High school wasn't as bad & people weren't so disenchanted as they are in Teachers though. A good cast in Nick Nolte, Judd Hirch, Richard Mulligan, Ralph Macchio & Crispin Glover but they're better then the material. It's a strange mix of comedy & drama that sometimes comes off neither funny or sympathetic. It starts off well enough but loses its footing along the way & a bit of my interest. It's better done in Fast Times @ Ridgemont High. Not bad but the soundtrax is better especially the 38 Special & Ian Hunter

Gabriella P (br) wrote: I remember all the crazy quotes me and my boyfriend used to say to each other from this movie, so much fun :D