Hemvärnets glada dagar

Hemvärnets glada dagar


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Hemvärnets glada dagar torrent reviews

Anneke R (au) wrote: Wonderful movie....the cast was great!! However, it was not a romantic comedy, like it was advertised to be. Very intense.

Alia G (ag) wrote: literally THE worst movie I have ever seen. but it was actually funny how bad it was

Bryan G (kr) wrote: Softly spoken comedy/drama that hits its target. Simple truths about marriage, fidelity and family laid out in an engaging way.

Lyssa B (nl) wrote: I loved this feel!! It was jam packed with great inspirational messages, terrific acting and wonderful story line.

Antonius H (au) wrote: Not as chilling as the comic book, but worth watching nonetheless..!

fonda d (it) wrote: it was a good story but a little dry and not enough scene with the conflix of the main star and david

Alex r (ru) wrote: Considering that this is Chris Farley's last film role before he died, The film is a slight disappointment, but still manages to be entertaining and a decent comedy due to Farley's crazy antics. The film is a decent comedy that I see as a mindless comedic romp, which is what Farley comedies really are. If you're looking for sophisticated, smart humor, then his films aren't for you. Almost Heroes is not the perfect swan song for Chris Farley, but it has enough laughs for you to be entertained. Farley fans will enjoy this one, and he was a good comedic actor who brought a whimsical act to his brand of humor which made him fun to watch. Chris Farley makes this somewhat ordinary film a watchable comedy. I enjoyed the film for what it was and I thought it had enough good funny elements to make it a decent comedy. The film is not perfect, but it manages to be mindless fun, which is really what this film is supposed to be. Expect your usual Chris Farley comedy, and that's what you'll get. The thing with Chris Farley is that he wasn't a comic genius, but he definitely made you laugh or smile. The film could have been much better, but it delivers good laughs that you'd expect from Chris Farley. Farley was underrated, and he was better at delivering laughs compared to Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider. If you want a decent comedy that will make you laugh, then this is the perfect film to watch. Although not one of Farley's best, this film still has everything you'd expect from Chris Farley who is underrated and doesn't deserve the flack he has received. Sadly this was his last film before he died, and his potential remains unknown, but what he did in the years he made us laugh was probably just a small taste of what was to come.

Megan o (fr) wrote: James Spader is hot. This movie is not. Rob Lowe is insanely creepy and disgusting, and surely that's what he was going for, but I think a lot of it may also have been unintentional. *shudders* I never want to see him crack a slimy smile ever again. Regardless, I thought it was mildly interesting to see a "bad influence" peer pressure story told using males instead of females, and it was entertaining enough. I wouldn't quite recommend it but I wouldn't really knock it either. It wasn't really worth my time, but considering that I'm one of the 22 people in the world that have made it their business to watch all of James Spader's movies, it could've been a lot less rewarding. It could've been High School Musical 3.

Miguel A (us) wrote: Apesar da importncia que"Driller Killer" possa ter na galeria de violncia de Abel Ferrara, a verdade que o filme vale sobretudo pelo seu valor como curiosidade ou exerccio de estilo. Todos os que tiverem qualquer tipo de interesse no meio artstico da Nova Iorque punk dos finais dos anos 70, tambm ficaro bastante satisfeitos. De resto, "Driller Killer" um manifesto em forma de slasher em que Ferrara basicamente tenta mostrar que um artista incompreendido e desgraado no para brincadeiras.

Kyle B (es) wrote: Excellent and well deserved Oscar winning performance from Jack Lemmon with great supporting work from Jack Gilford and Patricia Smith. Excellent writing and directing as well

Jochen W (au) wrote: Statt die libertren Bestrebungen der fr 1/4hen 70er Jahre zu verklren, schaut SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY auf ihre dunkle Kehrseite und findet erschreckende Bilder von zwischenmenschlicher Klte und Bindungsunfhigkeit in einer Generation, deren grte S 1/4nde vielleicht darin lag, dass sie alle Antworten immer schon zu kennen glaubte. Mehr in der nchsten DEADLINE!

Paolo R (us) wrote: Low budget superhero - ironic take on mass capitalism - all in the wake of the Paris 1968 movement. Makes Team America look dated by 30 years.

Maximiliano D (nl) wrote: Gilda is maybe one of the most memorable movie I've ever seen, as far as the legend of Rita Hayworth who represents the femme fatale by excellence ....

Bradley G (ca) wrote: I love this film. The ending was good, not great....but the middle of the film was awesome. This movie is going to be a little slow for some of you....but I was mesmerized by the cinematography. ....Right where the lead is playing the piano....fillpin brilliant!...and George C Scott is fantastic, so...

Jonathan D (de) wrote: Very average John Wayne film. Great cinematography for the time. Great performance by John Wayne, but the script is just okay.