Henry II: Portrait of a Serial Killer

Henry II: Portrait of a Serial Killer

Henry II picks up where the original (Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer) left off. Henry (Neil Giuntoli) takes a thankless job at a port-o-john company where he meets husband and wife, Kai...

Henry II picks up where the original (Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer) left off. Henry (Neil Giuntoli) takes a thankless job at a port-o-john company where he meets husband and wife, Kai... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Henry II: Portrait of a Serial Killer torrent reviews

Mark W (gb) wrote: Unfortunately Amityville Asylum felt more like a documentary into a cleaners life... Seriously, the first half of the film was on Lisa's interview and then her induction training! Two of the most boring things we experience in our lives yet we now get to watch someone else's; that aside it was a boring, predictable, badly acted movie of constant talking which cashed in on the Amityville name... Frankly 11 films in and even that doesn't carry any weight anymore!

Jim M (ca) wrote: Great Canadian film....though I can't think of much more to say...brain isn't working right now.

Zachary M (de) wrote: It seems to be a very good idea for a movie, monsters in the hood, but for me the idea was kind of flat. The main problem being the main characters. It feels like they wanted to build these kids, especially the leader of the gang as a big anti-hero that we would root for in the end, but I never reached that level. He just seemed too smug and unlikable plus he never really did anything that really elevated him past the fact he was still guilty of these really serious crimes we saw earlier in the film. Maybe with stronger characters the movie would be less bothersome.

Zachary G (es) wrote: kinda dumb and pointless.it had its funny laughs. but pretty pointless.

Raelene L (fr) wrote: Messy. A film I would've wanted to enjoy, but couldn't.

Mike M (fr) wrote: Interesting premise. Some holes in the story but still interesting.

Jonathan S (ru) wrote: The action was great... when there was some. It was such a drama it wasn't even funny. I expected alot more action! But the action it did have was pretty good. They just focused too much on the love story.

Cha t (fr) wrote: Is this a real movie? Gee why didn't I think of this first?

John A (ru) wrote: A moving account. Nobody could have been better cast to play Oscar Wilde than Stephen Fry. He seems perfect in the role, as does Jude Law, Michael Sheen, Jennifer Ehle, Tom Wilkinson, Zoe Wannamaker and the rest of the stellar cast.

Dylan W (ag) wrote: The final Chapter is actually one of the better movies in the series. Bronson has turned into a Jason (F13) type of murder. He uses a lot more interesting killing techniques. Obviously it has become a sort of full embrace of the vindictive part of the series' nature without, sadly, exploring the Randian morality of the first three . It almost feels like there doesn't need to be an excuse for him to start dropping a slug on societies underbelly but this film is the kind where a criminal has to pull out a weapon before he caps them. Luckily the main gangster doesn't have to do this, he is just bad and deserves death.I'm sad that it didn't continue but I guess at the end of the day it is a good thing that the series never made out of the 20th century. The bad guy with dandruff named "Freddie Flakes" is my favorite part of this movie. Bronson is too nice by this point though, he takes on nothing but underworld dudes in 4 and 5. Which is a sign of how contrived our view of crime was by the late 80s/earlty 90s. Not enough judgment. "Hey lieutenant, if you need any help, give me a call."

Mike W (us) wrote: Ridiculous. And hilarious.

Jim F (ca) wrote: Simon Ward was excellently cast as a young Churchill. A real lookalike. I enjoyed this movie which taught me alot about the life of Winston Churchill, and has left me wanting to know more

Matthew A (fr) wrote: Pure cinema, one of the great french new wave films. Jules et Jim is the total existential romance. Jeanne Moreau makes the film single handedly as nothing matters to her, love is a game, who she loves is not important as long as she loves. It is just a compulsion. In an act as quotidian as tying her shoe she drives off a bridge to show that her love means nothing and he means nothing to her and it does not matter if they live or die because all is an illusion. Everything about this film is wonderful, fresh, breezy, full of life. One of the best films about love, ever.

Aael G (gb) wrote: Cried at the end of the movie