Henry IV

Henry IV

During a costume party a wealthy young man falls off his horse and lands on his head, after which he believes that he is who he's dressed up as: 11th century Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV. Twenty years later those who once called themselves his friends, with doctor in tow, return to his castle - where the servants continue the medieval costume charade and refer to the main character as "Your Highness" - in order to try to try to cure him of his insanity.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:1984
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on play,  

The story begins at a medieval dressing party. A man, dressed as the King Enrico IV, falls from his horse and hits his head. This causes him serious lesions and gets insane, believing he is... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jesse M (nl) wrote: It's not perfect...no, but if we count it a "Christian film", it's the best one in years. It's refreshing to have someone poke fun and critique Evangelicals and yet not be malicious.

Cynthia S (us) wrote: Really good. Really heartbreaking. Really good reason to stay indoors...

Stacy M (kr) wrote: Okay, so I'll admit I did laugh a few times mainly during the plots that involved the "terrorists", but overall I was unimpressed with the conservatives' attempt at making a patriotic/undemocratic film. If this type of film is going to be, it needs to be intelligent. This film shows no understanding of left ideals or Michael Moore's work. I would also like to point out that country music does not equal patriotism!

Mark S (jp) wrote: Recommended by Luciana.

Harry W (es) wrote: Wild Hogs was a film I had been intending to watch for years and never settling down to watch it. But one day I just put my foot down and gave it a shot.Unfortunately, the wait was in vain because Wild Hogs proved to be a lacklustre comedy with an unoriginal script and poor direction from Walt Becker.The jokes in Wild Hogs all feel really forced, because they're recycled from so many other road comedy films which are largely better. And while Wild Hogs attempts to be one of the better films, the attempt is merely futile and ineffective in creating many laughs. This isn't by fault of the cast, but by fault of the fact that the jokes are written to be very childish and then delivered with a cartoonish atmosphere which makes them predictable from the start and less surprising in delivery, therefore severely ineffective most of the time.The script really doesn't feature many good jokes, and they just seem too stereotypical of the genre to surprise viewers with any laughs. And even the predictable jokes are weak. Too many of the stereotypical elements of the genre are consistent in Wild Hogs, but the laughs are not, and unfortunately the script gives the talented cast little to work with which even prevents their amiable comedic charms from transcending poorly conceived humour. The story becomes repetitive and predictable very quickly, but it does have a decent conclusion, even though it goes through several attempts to conclude the film before finally settling on one. Wild Hogs didn't make me laugh, but it wasn't such a bad film.It was very colourful, since it was shot on many nice locations with some fine cinematography and lighting which essentially brought out the colour in the cinematic screen and made for some decent appeal. And it's soundtrack was great. But overall, Wild Hogs can't decide whether to be a family friendly comedy or an M15 road trip comedy and ends up as an unfortunate hybrid of the both of them.Luckily enough it has a decent cast.John Travolta manages to make a strong comedic lead in Wild Hogs because of his ability to constantly be changing the delivery of his lines between strong and relaxed, revealing his skill for sharing comedic chemistry with various other actors nicely. John Travolta makes a gentle and friendly lead, and a determined one when the time roles around.William H. Macy's comedic neuroticism had been better, but to see him perched on a motorcycle in Wild Hogs is a refreshing sight, and he makes a determined effort throughout the film. He also shares a friendly chemistry with Marisa Tomei who gives a good performance of her own.Martin Lawrence has to tone down his usually over the top comedic charisma to what is essentially a PG rating and also work with a mediocre script, but his natural charm for funny physicality and comedic reactions to messed up situations prove to benefit Wild Hogs in an entertaining way.Tim Allen is the only lead star who doesn't really have any comedic energy. He is a routine memory of his better films, and he doesn't have the comedic aggression of John Travolta or Martin Lawrence, nor the neuroticism of William H. Macy. He tries, but he really just doesn't have the right character or the tight comedic skills for Wild Hogs and therefore fails to impress.Ray Liotta gave a strong supporting performance in which he used his nature for playing a greaser and a thug changed into the context of a comedy, and so he delivers the characterisation of a biker outlaw confidently and strongly. His performance is intimidating and powerfully aggressive but never excessively heavy handed and therefore he was a genial presence. It's great to see him so active in mainstream films.John C. McGinley's cameo was also entertaining, but the best appearance in the film was undoubtably from Peter Fonda. He may be unrecognisable and his appearance was brief, but considering Peter Fonda's history, as in his importance for the history of biker films for his status as a symbol of counterculture thanks to his role in the film Easy Rider, he is the most important character in the fact that the film is a biker film.So Wild Hogs is well shot and has a good cast, but it's poor script and lacklustre direction render it a poor quality comedy.

Jacky L (jp) wrote: brilliant tragicomedy; impressive how a dismal subject matter could be so darn funny as well. this wasn't just a fab dark comedy, it was a darn fine drama/social commentary too.

Alex S (jp) wrote: horrible! saw it four years ago & the stench still lingers. door-to-door meat salesmen. sound funny? only time I almost laughed was when kj told Ray he was gonna punch him in the asshole.

Ryan V (ru) wrote: Hysterical comedy. I love the taxi. The characters were all so cool. Definitely worth watching again.

Trinity C (it) wrote: Looks interesting...

Kara S (it) wrote: If you don't find it good, its still entertaining and interesting to watch Trey Parker and Matt Stone in their early careers. I find it pretty enjoyable and its pretty impressive that they were on a budget when they were in collage. I also find the songs pretty enjoyable and the scenes can be pretty funny. Take it for what its worth, i really enjoy it!

Rachel M (au) wrote: Poignant, evocative and heartfelt.

Virgil B (fr) wrote: This movie is beautifully filmed and shows a true mastery of cinematography. contrary to what has been said below this is not a typical tragic storyline. It is in fact far more complex than many I have encountered. this short review is not the venue to explain why but it suffices to say the character interactions are not one dimensional or one sided like so many movies. One cannot say that Tianqing and Ju dou are the victims of the story. while they do suffer many hardships they, like Songlian in raise the red lantern, participate in the vicious cycle of cultural rules and taboos. It is also incorrect to say that Zhang Yimou's career is based around depressing movies, if one has seen and understood to live and riding alone for a thousand miles one would understand the incredible value that Zhang Yimou sees in life. He only understands that all people suffer and he portrays that in various degrees throughout his movies. In any case Ju Dou is a powerful film with an exceptionally horrifying plot.

Dean M (es) wrote: This is the largely enjoyable martial arts action film I ever liked, two rival siblings must average their father's murder. Well-choreographed fight scenes, which are a thrill a minute.

Zaar D (ru) wrote: um no, not interested

Peter F (ru) wrote: Bob Hoskins, Michael Caine and Neil Jordan made a movie together...why didn't I see this sooner! Mona Lisa succeeds both as a hard-boiled crime drama and a complex love-story, and it's a lot more heartfelt than most other British gangster films. It doesn't exactly pull off a great ending, but it's a terrific film from all parties involved.

Joseph F (es) wrote: This may very well be the finest buddy cop movie I've ever seen. Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte are both great-- the chemistry they have is off the charts.

Carolyn P (ru) wrote: I 've seen this movie at least a hundred times, and it never seems to bore me. I love the interaction between the characters, Ivy(Abby Lincoln) and Jack (Sidney Poitier). Oddly enough during the filming of this movie, sparks were flying between these two, so much so that Mr. Poitier proposed to Ms. Lincoln after the film was finished. They lived together for a while, then for one reason or another separated for while. Entered Ms. Diane Carroll who came on the scene and that was as we say was the end of any hope of reconcilliation between Lincoln and Poitier. Sidney and Diane did a broadway play of Porky and Bess which was later put on film and directed by Otto Priminger. The Leading role of Bess was played by none other then Dorthy Dandridge...who Sidney also fell in love with, but to his own failings, because of the more than hot and torrid affair between Dandridge and Priminger whom she bore a child for. The couple never married, due to the racial climate of the times, but their child was born with a rare disease and required to be institutionalized for some time. After Dandridge 's death, Priminger collected his daughter from the institution and move back to Germany, where he and she lived until his death. Oddly enough he said how much she remined him of Dorothy, in that she looked exactly like her mother. No one ever heard anything of her again. I love Sidney Poitier as an actor, I have several of his films...Blackboard Jungle, Guess Who's Coming To Dinner, A Patch of Blue, To Sir with Love, The Jackal, Buck and the Preacher, The Long Ships, A Raisin in the Sun, They Call Me Mr. Tibbs, A Piece of the Action, Uptown Saturday Night, Lillies of the Field, In the Heat of the Night, Pressure Point, No Way Out, Sneakers, The Definant Ones, The Bedford Incident, The Mark of the Hawk, The Organization, The Wilby Conspirarcy, The Secret Life of Noah Dearborn, The Greatest Story Ever Told, and last but not least The Last Brickmaker in America. Yeah....I guess you couild say that I'm a Sidney Poitier fan...Gotta Love Him. If any of you get the chance please rent some of these vintage films you will not be disappointed in any of them. They are true treasures and eventhough most of the supporting actors/actresses or no longer with us...this was truly an era of great film noir. Enjoy!

Paul D (ca) wrote: A long, long, long TV movie!

Dinesh P (de) wrote: An edge of the seat thriller. Maybe 9/11 was inspired by this film.

Syied D (fr) wrote: cool ok movie that turns ya on