Henry VIII

Henry VIII

Henry VIII is a two-part British television movie produced principally by Granada Television for ITV. It chronicles the life of Henry VIII of England from the disintegration of his first marriage to an aging Spanish princess until his death following a stroke in 1547, by which time he had married for the sixth time. Additional production funding was provided by WGBH Boston, Powercorp and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Two-part TV series documenting the stormy 38-year reign of King Henry VIII. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phillip D (ag) wrote: Event Horizon is a bit of a mixed bag. Heavily reliant on horror cliches and its science fiction predecessors, the film is very clearly an Anderson piece of work, with his defining camera work, unique pace of action and trademark horror presentation. Unlike the venerable Resident Evil series, where little is expected and pure entertainment is the only bar to reach, Event Horizon has a bit of philosophy wrapped up in it and therefore demands a higher standard. Achieving the standard is the spotty part however. The cast delivers acceptable, mostly average performances that draw heavily on the behaviors of better casts in previous films. The writing is solid as well, although Anderson's influence is clear in the script as well, with a number of ultra-cliched lines that muck up what is otherwise a pretty decent screenplay. The world building is pretty awful at times but is excellent for most of the film. The entire gravity generator aspect was an impressive design, as was the organic nature of the Event Horizon ship itself. When the film veers off into more specific and detailed set pieces, such as the corridor when Weir first sees visions of his wife or the stasis rooms, these get pretty generically spaceship looking. The horror aspect, with the pretty tasteful gore and horrific premise is actually pretty refreshing, getting away from the overused space monster premise. That being said, very little exposition is ever given for whatever came through the black hole and although we know it's bad and although I hate exposition, it would have been nice to detail some more background and lay a few ground rules. I understand the extensively disastrous process this film went through after shooting however and with that in mind, some of these gaps make more sense. Likewise, the cinematography is up and down, with good shots and bad shots, again all very similar to what has been seen before. Overall, Event Horizon is still really watchable and in the moment, it doesn't feel like an average film. While it is troubling just derivative the movie is, it's entertaining in that campy 90's manner and certainly worth a watch.

Phil H (mx) wrote: The third and finale Sinbad film from Schneer and Harryhausen and with a title that always reminds me of the 'Rocky' franchise. To this day I'm not sure why its called this, what has 'the eye of the tiger' got to do with anything?.So its same old Sinbad, same old plot I'm afraid, and that means he's yet again off to find a mythical object/location again. This time its because he must change a Prince back to human form after an evil sorcerer turned him into a baboon. This means he must sail to 'Hyperborea' (sounds almost 'Conan-like') with his trusty crew consisting of the usual attractive females, wise old men and monster fodder ship mates to save the Prince.The last Sinbad adventure was pretty average and this film fares no better really. Straight away Sinbad must fight off a trio of demons that have been summoned by the evil sorcerer and it looks hokey as hell. Not only are the demon creations visually poor looking, surprisingly for Harryhausen, but the entire fight sequence is badly done and looks dodgy. Patrick Wayne is doing all manner of lame martial arts moves (yes that's right!!) involving spin kicks and it just looks hilariously bad.From there on much like the previous film nothing much happens really, 'Prince Kassim' is an animated baboon which is very nicely done by Harryhausen. Not exactly thrilling to watch and not his best work for me but it looks good none the less, sounds effects for the animal are less enjoyable and do grate in time. The only other creature we have alongside that for a while is the Minaton which again is terribly disappointing and pointless really because it does nothing. It merely becomes a rowing machine for the evil sorcerer and then gets crushed towards the end.So after much travelling as expected the team finally get somewhere, not before fighting a giant walrus which again is pretty average really. The whole sequence doesn't look too good and neither does Harryhausen's creation, it also seems a rather ineffective unimportant sequence and would have made no difference if it was in the film or not.The whole film perks up as we reach the finale, Sinbad and co meet a Troglodyte which puts your faith back in Ray's work again. A simple character creation but highly effective and conveying some nice simple emotion, you do care for the big trog as he seems such a gentle big friendly giant (you can also clearly see how the same model is used again for 'Calibos' in 'Clash of the Titans'). Once we reach the magical source to return the Prince back to normal things finally get more exciting as classic Harryhausen comes into force with the trog having to fight a saber-tooth cat.This is really the only one fun decent sequence in the entire film and is pure Harryhausen gold. Its not the best monster mash we've seen Ray do but its brilliantly done and quite bloody too. The poor old trog gets a real good ripping from the big cat and you do feel sorry for the big guy. At the same time the saber-tooth looks really excellent with realistic fur, eyes and movement. Alas trog gets killed in the end but kudos to Ray for making such a simple yet likeable, muted creature (grunts aside).That's pretty much it really I'm afraid to say. Its all very generic and mundane in all honesty and considering 'Star Wars' had hit the silver screen in the same year it shows how childish it was really. These last two Sinbad films really do come across as films purely to showcase Harryhausen's skills, that's not a bad thing of course as its a joy to see Ray's animations but at the same time the films offered very little else. There is still the charm of it all, the acting is hokey yet everybody looks good and you do expect these hammy qualities. This time Sinbad has two lovely ladies at his side in Seymour and Power, both there obviously to look dazzling but little else. Wayne is probably the weakest Sinbad of the three but he does have those dashing rugged good looks that are necessary plus he can make the stereotypical Arabian facial hair work. Only Patrick Troughton puts in the most memorable performance as the old Greek alchemist 'Melanthius', but that really is no surprise. The villain or the wise old man are usually the best performed characters in these dated films.If you put down the rose tinted glasses you really do see how poor this film is, its even worse than the previous Sinbad film because there isn't really any awesome Harryhausen moments. On the whole the film is under average and just feels stretched, you can see the franchise has gone stale and is struggling for inspiration. That said its still worthy of a watch, just about, but compared to previous Harryhausen flicks its very lackluster and disappointing.