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Maythe H (it) wrote: Kind of stupid, but that's exactly what I expected!

Cody W (it) wrote: Was a great movie. Nice act and keeps you wondering. Never saw the ending coming.

Christopher A (mx) wrote: Interesting from a radio perspective, but not a Top 100 film.

Alex A (us) wrote: Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story is an adequate bio-pic of the legendary Bruce Lee. It does have a few intentional Hollywood inaccuracies for the sake of entertainment, but overall this is an entertaining film and it does the legendary martial artist justice. Jason Scott Lee portrays Bruce Lee with absolute intensity, and Lauren Holly is convincing as Lee's wife Linda. Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story is a solid biopic on its own terms with good performances, a great soundtrack, and a film that makes Bruce Lee more than just a martial artist, but an exceptional human being.

James P (us) wrote: An excellent action drama centred around the touching story of Nikita's transformation from down and out drug addict to a confident and productive woman, the action sequences are merely the icing on the cake.

Josh F (au) wrote: Really enjoyed this one. Always love Eastwood, and plot was great. Super slow moving, but enjoyable.

(jp) wrote: An early film made exactly 40 years ago by prodigious and prolific Steven Spielberg. The young and talented Goldie Hawn delights us no end in this comedy that ended tragically. It is a true story. In the sprit of 'Smoky and the bandit', we are entertained by the crazy gun loving trigger happy midwestern culture and the over the top police force for mobilizing 100s of police cars and gun men in pursuit of a couple who just wanted to get to their baby. Goldie Hawn and William Atherton held hostage a young police officer, Michael Sacks and stole his police car. The film is mostly about the wild adventures of them racing across the country towards their destination Sugarland where the baby is cared by foster parents. By the end of the long chase, the hostage police officer experienced Stockholm syndrome and became sympathetic towards the hostage takers' plight and bonded with them during the long chase that ended an ambush. Poor William was shot dead. Goldie didn't get her baby and was devastated. Officer Michael Sacks grieved for his new found friends.

Siluo F (nl) wrote: Offer for love Connie Murray's soundtrack is a great highlight of the film, he and Giuseppe Tornatore's classic combination is still full of charm, the old profitable actor Geoffrey Rush's performance is quite exciting.The present among many pieces still shows Tornatore personal style, most notably Giuseppe Tornatore will be reflected on the character and emotions ignited excavated, as all his previous film, the characters true to life and humane. Though the slow process of the film may let it lose some impatient audience it still worth to take a look. The best way to deceive a person, is to let yourself into him. In fact, the "illness" of Claire is an exaggerated amplification of the old man, so how can't he bite the enticement? The whole film is asking one question.How much would a people pay to save himself from the moment of loneliness and self-pity?