Her Life and His

Her Life and His

Mary Murdock, forced by circumstances to choose between the streets and theft, is caught breaking into the home of Robert Howard. He is inclined to listen to her plea for leniency, but, ...

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Gavin P (ag) wrote: A very scattershot rom-com, which is simple in premise - a couple describes their story to their friends at dinner, via flashback - but doesn't click often. Poehler & Rudd are good, but it's directed by David Wain, so it's just a bunch of their 'Wet Hot American Summer' friends (Meloni, Ian Black, Marino) having fun and not really worrying about making a good film. There's so many side characters (Hader, Kemper, Mantzoukas, Helms, Park, McBrayer, Scott, Stamos, Greenfield, Shannon, Dean Morgan) that there's no time for anyone to have any meaningful impact and get anything more than cursory laughs. Lots of attempted jokes to skewer the genre, but most of them are too over-the-top or stupid, that they don't work. Would've been better as a TV show/sketch.

Sol C (nl) wrote: This film does deliver. It has a unique look to it. It is like they were trying to do a visual style similar to Sin City and The Big Bang. The story reminded me of movies like The Man with the Iron Fists, Escape From N.Y., and Tron Legacy. The film feels like a comic book or graphic novel. Some of the fight scenes reminded me of the fight scenes from the 1966 Adam West Batman TV show. All that was missing was the "Bam!" and "Pow!"It was great seeing Hartnett on screen again. It's been awhile since I last saw him in a movie. He kind of reminded me of the Clint Eastwood Man with no name character or Snake Plisskin. He has a good chemistry with Woody and Gackt. Woody is good here and brings humor when needed. Ron Perlman is great as usual. He kind of reminded me of Mickey Rourke's character in The Immortals. I definitely liked this film and recommend it.

Corpse M (nl) wrote: bonnie and clyde meets high tension?

Nada T (fr) wrote: too slow, not gripping enough. although told from a different perspective, the characters are distant and the topic is mishandled making this film yet another German WWII story...forgettable

Kyle S (nl) wrote: I loved bad ass Genie Jafar!

Jason R (ag) wrote: this is based on the Mill Creek version, with horrible sound.... so dull, never really works. No real gore, but the back story, about a director dying during the filming makes for some points

Charles P (br) wrote: Chelsea Girls is a senseless, painfully boring epic that doubles the tedium by presenting two uninteresting vignettes on screen at once.

Mark R (es) wrote: Maybe they should just give the rights of the fantastic four back to marvel. Obviously something needs to be done soon!

Hollywood H (ca) wrote: total rip of top gun