Her Perfect Spouse

Her Perfect Spouse

A woman discovers her new husband wants to keep her all to himself.

A woman discovers her new husband wants to keep her all to himself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas H (nl) wrote: It starts off really well and suspenseful but gets a little worse as it progresses. Some scenes are pretty creepy and suspenseful, but some are just a little dumb and questionable. What I did like is how it all played out. Some things are a little too obvious, but will leave you wondering. But what I didn't like was that one some scenes a little near the end, you don't know what's a dream and what's real. Reading the plot summary, I thought this would be scarier and more chilling, but instead it's not all that scary (except a few scenes which are a little creepy) and it moves at a slow pace. The atmosphere was very good, though. It really added a chilly-feel to it all. I suggest watching this around December if you're looking for a good and creepy movie to watch for Christmas.

Melissa F (ag) wrote: Interesting movie and all, there were some parts that I got lost.

TingTing W (mx) wrote: There is a bat version of Stitch, for one second.

WS W (fr) wrote: Fanny Ardant tried proving she can handle roles other than flirtatious woman, though not as perfect as the latter. A charming Jeremy Irons & a sexy Gabriel Garko. The several [Carmen] scenes inside are kinda wonderful as well. Not a very good legendary movie in all.

Jason L (us) wrote: One of my favorite movies ever. Jason Alexander's directorial debut. If you've never heard of Ryan Merriman, I highly suggest you see this movie!

Matthew S (fr) wrote: Always the leftists who slaughter those they don't agree with.

Tyler M (gb) wrote: There are two sides to every lie.

Vanessa P (nl) wrote: A gritty yet fun portrayal of teens in the underbelly of late 1970s NYC.

Marco C (jp) wrote: This is a grade A movie. Its what got me into the Dark Shadows tv show which is why I like it. I saw it when i was younger and it gave me CHILLS as much as Night of Dark Shadows. I admire it also because I have NEVER been scared of a movie except for this and Night of Dark Shadows. And that deserves an A!

Chris M (de) wrote: Weird shit. And, thank god, SO dated.

Kent L (de) wrote: lies, lies, lies and more lies about Red Nations' peoples, but that's what's expected from cowboy movies of the 50s.

Leonard D (ca) wrote: An animated tour de force!

Victor B (br) wrote: It's impressive how Sergio Leone and Clint Eastwood manage to make the value of entertainment on this film spectacular and still be able to make such an well crafted story, also, Ennio Morricone's score is one of cinema's finest.