Hercules Against Rome

Hercules Against Rome

Hercules comes from Greece to Ravenna, Italy, because a friend from childhood days has sent for him: Hercules should help the Roman Emperor who is in danger because of an intrigue lead by ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Byron B (it) wrote: An entertaining and playful documentary about the actor/activist. The charming Takei is shamelessly willing to engage in this type of self-promotion even though as nearly the youngest (behind Koenig) of the original cast of Star Trek he is hardly reaching the end of his career. We get the inside scoop about his childhood and his relationship with husband Brad. We observe his current life of fan convention appearances and being a social media sensation. We learn how his Broadway show Allegiance originated. And we teasingly gather that there is a bit of antagonism between George and William Shatner.

Adrienne L (mx) wrote: Of course the critics hated this. Celine is classy and trying to be a decent person while enjoying fame and fortune. People forget she made something of herself without drama nastiness or controversy. I really enjoyed the concert footage, but her behind-the-scenes moments were what I found to be truly inspiring. People often forget celebrities are also people. Celine is the real deal.

Rishabh J (gb) wrote: haha..i thought for a change why not watch a hindi horror flick,yea 1920 ..this movie is really good..the costumes n plot ehre based on the 20's there where no mistakes in them..no doubt this movie has taken its concept from the movie 'The Exorcism'..but i was pretty impressed that they dint copy the anything frm it but just the concept..it had a difrrent but a kickass ending..the whole movie is creepy...from the very first minute..its different frm the rest typical bollywood movies..yea there some shit ass songs..which are a kinda piss off..but you can watch this one..On a scale of 5 it gets a 3

Al H (de) wrote: This is not another common romantic/comedy movie a la Jennifer Aniston. This is something more.

Sara S (es) wrote: Don't expect much. Just let it unfold. If you try and figure it out, you'll ruin it. To enjoy it, you just have to let wash over you at its own pace. Great characters, a slowly unfolding story about confronting the past in a stunning wooded lake house in the great Canadian outdoors, with some fun revelations delivered really well, even laugh out loud well, more than once. Great for a mellow day, sipping some fine wine, and unwinding..

aiden t (kr) wrote: I absolutely loved it. It's by far my favorite "bad" Woody Allen film. Allen and Johansson have wonderful on-screen chemistry.

Rainer K (es) wrote: Dieser letzte Puzzlestein im Oeuvre des groen spanischen Meisters Luis Bunuel fhrt einiges weiter was ich bisher von ihm gesehen hab.Es ist ein weiteres Statement zur lcherlichen Perversion des Brgertums, ein Bericht ber Frauenbilder und Emanzipation - und doch, wenn ich nicht mit Bunuels Ansichten bereits vertraut wre, htte ich Mhe den Film zu dechiffrieren.Der Mann ist blicherweise kein Freund des subtilen. Wenn immer Bunuel eine Message anbringen will, tut er das offensichtlich, mit Humor und Ironie zwar, aber mit ausreichend Nacktheit und Khnheit um ja keine Zweifel aufkommen zu lassen.In Objet, ist es etwas anders. Recht subtil, zumindest fr seine Verhltnisse, bindet er seine Kritik in einen strkeren narrativen Rahmen und verschleiert gewissermaen seine Aussagen. Solch eine Vorgehensweise wre prinzipiell zu befrworten, bei Bunuel - dem Meister der brachialen Ironie, der Meisterwerk um Meisterwerk der lcherlichen Preisgabe einer ganzen Gesellschaftsschicht hervorbrachte wirkt dies ganz einfach falsch. Zugegeben, der Film ist oft genug ironisch, ja sogar lustig, aber das Endergebnis ist zu schwammig - ich muss ehrlich zugeben, seine Argumentationslinie nicht ganz nachvollziehen zu knnen. Ich kann mir vorstellen auf was er hinauswill, aber ich wage zu behaupten, dass das Thema der unerfllten Begierde alle anderen Nuancen berdeckt, und das war sicher nicht Bunuels Ziel.Rein filmisch ist Objet, wie fast alle Filme Bunuels, ein Beispiel dafr, wie man auch ohne groe handwerklich-filmische Fhigkeiten, kleinen Budgets und mittelmiger sthetik zu Weltruhm gelangen kann - Objet reiht sich in die lange Liste der underproduced" Filme von Bunuel ein.Nicht das wrdigste Sptwerk eines alten Meisters, aber dennoch einen Blick wert.

Richard B (de) wrote: Its OK not badly executed but a bit bland still.

Mona D (es) wrote: Greates, funniest redneck stuff I've ever seen

Jordan C (nl) wrote: This was the first Robin Williams movie I ever saw. I was 7 years old and watched it 4 times in a row. Rest in peace, you brilliant man.

Rameshwar I (au) wrote: A standard Sicilian wiseguys' narrative packaged in a firearms mafia background and a very superficial attempt at that.Yuri Orlov (Nicolas Cage) gets fascinated with gun business (rather unconvincingly) when he witnesses a mafia hit in his neighbourhood. Convinced that illegal international gun trade is the way to go after a failed attempt to go legal, he partners with his brother Vitaly Orlov (Jared Leto) and embarks on a country hopping mission to arm every warlord he could contact with. Along the journey, he marries his high school sweetheart Ava Fontaine (Bridget Moynahan), gets his brother addicted to cocaine, gets a righteous ATF officer Jack Valentine (Ethen Hawke) on his tail and keeps fighting his consciousness. Being a smooth operator he greases enough palms to stay ahead of the pursuit and competition, what happens when it gets personal is the rest of the story.While it is an interesting view of how the illegal international gun trade is run, what affects the overall experience is the lack of clarity. The director doesn't seem to make up his mind whether to present it as a biopic, a documentary or as a work of fiction - leaving it inconsistent and underdeveloped. Apart from the presentation, even the core script seems to be confused whether it should be a dark comedy, a satire or an honest serious view of the gun trade. Also there isn't enough research to surprise the viewer with facts that they wouldn't know of already - considering it was attempting the documentary approach for a moment. With its runtime over 2 hours, I remember looking at the clock quite a few times, however the pace picks up in the third act of the movie even though it walks a very familiar path. Nicolas Cage gives a decent performance as the smooth talking bootlegger and the rest of the cast does their best rallying around this weak script. Lack of clarity in terms of presentation, a very weak and superficial script does not do justice to a very sensitive and timely subject.

Robert R (es) wrote: One of Mel Brooks' more nuanced comedies, "Young Frankenstein" focuses less on the zany, multiple-jokes-per-minute comedic approach and more on the basic situational humor found within its surprisingly inspired narrative. This novel reimagining of the classic Mary Shelley tale contains no shortage of wit, sardonicism, or irony. And it's performed with expert comedic precision. Gene Wilder, Terri Garr, Cloris Leachman, and Peter Boyle are all on point, but the real show-stealer here is Mary Feldman, in his most well-known filmic role. Hard to imagine Brooks releasing this just a few months after the raucously madcap "Blazing Saddles." In comparison though, "Young Frankenstein" does seem like the more subdued, higher-browed testament to Mel Brooks' versatility in the comedic craft. Good stuff.