Hercules and the Amazon Women

Hercules and the Amazon Women

Hercules and Iolaus take time out from Iolaus' wedding preparations, to help a distant village under attack from "monsters". When they reach their destination, they find the monsters are in fact Amazonian women who are controlled by Hera. "Hercules and the Amazon Women" is the first movie-length pilot episode of the television series "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys".

Hercules and Iolaus take time out from Iolaus' wedding preparations, to help a distant village under attack from "monsters". When they reach their destination, they find the monsters are in... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Lilo C (ca) wrote: Despite of the fact that the Stonehenge are still a Mystery, they did a gr8tak shit.I liked the Idea with Stonehenge and Pyramids somewhere in the middle of Maine. Was nice to see Peter Wingfield back on screen.NOT a BAD Movie.

George C (fr) wrote: Re-released in the UK as Vengeance Day, Gareth (The Raid) Evans first feature is slow moving and nowhere near as exciting as what he is known for. I love indie films and enjoy his later work, but even this was a struggle to sit through...

Timothy E (ca) wrote: Awesome effects, but the story is more of the same.

Paul L (nl) wrote: A total mess of a film but a fun watch none the less!

Brian B (au) wrote: I forgot about this movie. It's so disturbing and depressing. Danny DeVito keeps getting into these types of roles.

Private U (jp) wrote: Best Film Ever! Though I havent seen it for about 15 years. Still, Best Film Ever!

Michael T (au) wrote: Not the best of the Astaire/Rogers musicals, but an entertaining adaptation of the Broadway hit with old songs ("Smoke Gets In Your Eyes," "Yesterdays") and new ones ("I Won't Dance," "Lovely to Look At"). Irene Dunne and Randolph Scott provide the love interest.

Andrea M (de) wrote: Would give more stars if he didn't go full retard.

Jesse W (jp) wrote: I appreciate this movie MUCH more as both an adult and a cinephile than I did when I was younger and was clueless about film. I've seen a few of Ed Woods films and love the aura of 50's Sci-Fi and the effect it had on american audiences and that's what makes this movie a little gem for me. Burton's previous movie was a Biopic on Ed Wood himself (and remains his greatest film to date) so what better than to then direct a movie based off his garbage. I love it.

Marah R (gb) wrote: A truly great tale told in a unique and exquisite style to portray the emotion of the circumstances present in the movie, the fatal flaw however goes back to the uncoordinated cast and slow pace of events.

Ian B (au) wrote: I, Madman is one of those low budget horror flicks that flew under the radar when first released, but has gained a nice cult following through the years. What makes the film stand out is the smart premise and willingness to try new things, even if they don't always work. It revolves around a woman who becomes obsessed with a forgotten pulp horror writer, and the more she reads his work, the more life begins to imitate art as events in the book begin happening all around her. It blends fantasy and reality quite well, which gives the film a great surreal quality. I, Madman has many influences...monster movies, slashers and even film noir. The script could've used a little work and there are some minor pacing issues, but overall this is a great, atmospheric horror flick that most people probably haven't seen, or even heard of. If you're in the mood for something a little different, definitely check this one out.