Hercules in the Valley of Woe

Hercules in the Valley of Woe

Two boxing promoters travel via time machine back to the days of Hercules, who must save them from Genghis Khan and the Mongol Horde.

Two boxing promoters travel via time machine back to the days of Hercules, who must save them from Genghis Khan and the Mongol Horde. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hercules in the Valley of Woe torrent reviews

Sarah F (gb) wrote: The film Miss Representation accurately portrays women being shown as sexual objects in todays society. If we aren't careful in how we portray women in a negative sexualized way than women won't be taken seriously and it will make it more difficult for them to get high power jobs to try and make a change in how humans view modern day women!

Ingrid G (ag) wrote: This movie is simply perfect. It tells a story that reaffirms a simple truth in life: love prevails. And that if all is lost, but we have love, we have everything we could possibly want or need.

Gavin D (us) wrote: I stumbled across this by chance, and really enjoyed it. This NZ produced movie is a quiet achiever...and allows the story to develop in a natural pace. Bringing in a couple of aussie actors in Joel Edgerton and Les Hill, this delightful comedy/drama makes us consider the age old question of finding the "right partner". Loved this from start to finish!!

Goofster (es) wrote: Problem here is not the mockumentary feel, is everything, from "acting" to visual effects. No tension, no scares, no nothing but boredom

Ruthie R (ru) wrote: onions. onions everywhere.

Thomas J (ag) wrote: Overall, it was just too much to be enjoyed. Arab suspect, war protesters... just too unimaginative. Now, the use of real footage of Bush and Chaney was interesting in my trying to figure out of that was just public domain material or what. How they used real people, that I am sure did not cooperate in the making of the movie, was the most interesting aspect of this movie.

Crystal R (de) wrote: Very interesting....but not for the squeamish!

Jacky L (kr) wrote: darn it. this was bloody entertaining/hilarious from the get-go plus ronit elkabetz from The Band's Visit starred in this too (she's certified sizzling hot btw, and the woman's a good actress too) that i was gutted with the "let-down" of an ending. to be fair, if it had ended otherwise it would've been 'hi, cliched hollywood ending'. tradition or not, it was hard to curb the great disdain i had for 'zaza'; his cowardice was appalling.

Ruben A (mx) wrote: its cute, even though its a mature subject about losing your virginity.

Joshua D (ru) wrote: Second only to Enter the Dragon.

James N (nl) wrote: While away the hours (nearly 4!) with this mix-bag of Warhol hangers-on

Joseph C (au) wrote: Anything I would say about this film would simply be a reiteration of what Slavoj Zizek has said of the film in essay "The Art of the Ridiculous Sublime," or the fantastic film "The Pervert's Guide To Cinema," which has a very nice chapter on both Lost Highway and Mulholland Dr. I will simply say that, like all Lynch films, you must see this in the original 2.35:1 widescreen ratio for the film's unusual style and Lynch's leitmotifs to make sense.