Hercules Reborn

Hercules Reborn

When a young man's bride is kidnapped by an evil king, he turns to Hercules for help. The fallen hero has been living in exile, banished for killing his family, but the young man's courage inspires Hercules. Together, they fight to rescue the bride and reclaim the honor of Hercules.

He turns to Hercules for help. The fallen hero has been living in exile, banished for killing his family, but the officer';s courage inspires Hercules. Together, they fight to rescue the bride and reclaim the honor of Hercules. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shaun M (ca) wrote: I loved this... great camera, story, acting. a real gem.

Lene (mx) wrote: As someone who was somewhat of an otaku at some point (I really miss those days, I haven't been engrossed in an anime series in such a long time), I really enjoyed watching this movie. I've been to about 2 anime conventions in my life and I had such a great time. The vibe was good, there were lots of things to do, and it's just really fun in general. Yes, you have to get over some types of "nerds" but it's all in fun. The film does a good job of detailing the history of anime and it's rise in popularity in the US as well as the history of anime conventions. Ha, Trish Ledoux wasn't what I expected her to look like. I'm glad she made an appearance in this film.

Andrew B (ca) wrote: Great film that not alot of ppl saw. i can really relate to it

Jim C (es) wrote: [i]The Last Minute[/i] is one of those movies that you're not entirely sure what to make of with your first viewing. In a nutshell, the plot revolves around an up-and-coming artist (based in London) who comes to the very brink of being a superstar then loses everything. He is then forced to make do in the world underneath London - sort of like those people that supposedly live in unused subway tunnels in New York City. This of course, takes a great leap of faith in you, the viewer. I mean, here's a guy about to become *huge* in the art world - at the beginning of the film, we see him hawking his art in Tokyo and Berlin - yet after getting kicked out of his girlfriend's place he has [i]absolutely nowhere [/i]to go? Not to a friend's place? His parent's house? He can't borrow a few bucks from someone to stay in a hotel? He can't pick up a girl in a club with his quasi-Mark Wahlburg good looks and crash at her place? No, he instead retreats to some catacombs underneath London where he becomes a heroin addict. And oh yeah - not only is he living like a rat underneath the city, but he has to deal with a Fagin-like character who leads a pack of child-thieves and quotes from Othello. Like I said, it takes a great leap, folks. As ridiculous as it might sound on paper, the film works pretty well. Jason Isaacs is great as the suave dealer that likes bustin' in to old love songs while putting the hurt on people. There is a great scene - the aforementioned Othello scene - underground. It's a bit of a chaotic jumble, but it's worth seeing.

Stuart M (es) wrote: A really good horror film with an antagonist you can gradually watch transform into a full-on villain. One of Kevin Bacon's better performances. It remains a very intelligent horror flick until Bacon turns outright villainous, at which point everyone turns incredibly dumb. I get people not thinking clearly in a crisis but I'd be more likely to become overparanoid when locked in a facility with an invisible crazy man than utterly complacent. They have IR goggles that would solve all their problems, but they never wear them so that they can show off the cool effects instead.

Nick B (es) wrote: At first it was if this movie didnt know what to be a serious boxing movie or a comedy road movie. First half was a little lame with a weak comedy script harrelson saved it with some funny lines but its when they get to vegas and you see harrelson and banderas boxing match its worth watching.

Wayne K (au) wrote: Lacking in plot and coherence but compensating with suspenseful action scenes and brilliant car chases, Ronin is something of a mixed bag. I love Robert DeNiro but here he seems to be somewhat off his game, showing very little emotional investment, and while the story tried its best to include plenty of twists and turns, it really doesn't amount to much, leaving the film feeling pretty empty when it concludes. With that said, it's never boring, gets a few good jokes in and, as I previously mentioned, the car chases are among the best ever committed to film. Limited music and no dialogue give them a terse, stripped-down feel, emphasising the driving over any over the top grandiosity. There's few explosions, no one-liners, and the camera work puts us right in the thick of it. It might not be the smartest action film ever made, but it's certainly one of its most exciting.

Hannah K (mx) wrote: Just as good as the first one

Lee M (it) wrote: A mournful but nicely affecting romantic tragedy.

Ilsa L (mx) wrote: Deliciously quirky Australian black comedy about 2 sisters in a small country town who are vying for the affections of their new next door neighbour. Miranda Otto is perfect as the socially awkward Dimity in this laugh out loud film. Highly Recommended!

bill s (ru) wrote: The comic had a sense of wonderment with this you just why the hell they made this garbage.

Janetta B (mx) wrote: Watched this one with A.C. liked it more than I thought I would......

Jey A (ag) wrote: We don't need a "solution" for peanut butter any more than we need a weight loss "cure". They're both perfectly fine as is!

Blake P (fr) wrote: Megan Carter (Sally Field) is the kind of ace journalist who is at her peak when her mouth is slightly agape, her eyes are narrowed, her feather bowl of a hairdo shrouding her face more noticeably than ever. She is a reporter in a movie, and Field feels the need to make this expression whenever Carter gets her hungry paws close to a scoop. "Absence of Malice" isn't like "All the President's Men", because in the latter, the journalists in focus were good journalists, deliberate in their actions but willing to take risks. The problem is, is Megan Carter is willing to take risks, but doesn't pause and ask herself whether or not what she's doing is completely necessary, or ethical. The film introduces itself with a shocking headline - Michael Gallagher (Paul Newman), the son of a bootlegger, has been accused of murdering longshoreman union official Joey Diaz. The woman behind the story is Megan Carter, who receives information from federal prosecutor Elliot Rosen (Bob Balaban) in a more than unusual way. Gallagher confronts Carter, but the two have a strange sort of chemistry between them than turns into a romance that (sigh) would only happen in movies. While Carter harbors feelings for Gallagher, her journalistic tendencies get the best of her, leading to the suicide of a woman (Melinda Dillon) who has a connection with Gallagher. Carter is still determined to find the truth in Diaz's disappearance, even if everything in her wake has been destroyed. "Absence of Malice" is unusual because its two leading actors are far from heroes, and don't remain likable throughout the entire film. Carter is so careless in her actions that it makes journalists seem like monsters, willing to publish anything no matter the costs. It may not be true in every case, but she definitely isn't Roz Russell intelligent. Gallagher is the underdog, are his attempts at breaking free from scrutiny and moving towards revenge are far from kind-hearted. Pollack doesn't side with his characters, but instead, explores his characters' clumsy ideas of justice. Field carries enough charisma under her belt, walking with an "I'm a strong independent woman who doesn't need a man to survive" 1981 walk, committing the biggest of mistakes. She has a soul, however, even if she isn't a very smart journalist. Field is a lovable actress, but there's somewhat of a gap between the woman she's playing and our opinion of Field herself. Newman is strong in a central role, and we feel the need to side with him under any circumstances, because he's Paul F%#$ing Newman, after all. But the best of the cast is Melinda Dillon, whose understated and ultimately tragic performance is the most memorable part of the film. Even if we don't remember that Sally Field is the one that leads to her suicide, and even if we don't remember the fact that Paul Newman was only friends with her, not her lover, the scene where Dillon runs across a series of lawns, swiping all the newspapers from her neighbors, is startling. She is a woman of little means, without much of a mark on society, but the fact that she can't live with the humiliation of receiving an abortion is truly upsetting. "Absence of Malice" is a standout because it isn't a routine journalism based thriller. Rather than exploring the good journalism can do, it shows how just one or two acts (although, there should be two, Megan) of carelessness can change the pace of things in an instant.

Aaretkofhotmailcom A (nl) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Lanky Man P (it) wrote: This is a decent cheesy horror flick.

Blind P (fr) wrote: One day I'll write a blurb. Few will notice. I'll be satisfied. Life will continue.

Denise P (au) wrote: Writer Kevin Williamson is unable to transfer his imaginative knack for deconstructing the rules of the horror genre that he displayed in Scream, despite a solidly chosen cast and a serious-minded story.

Seth B (nl) wrote: Definately not Eastwood's best work. I love the idea of it and it kind of bridged the gap between his westerns and his Dirty Harry films.