Hercules Returns

Hercules Returns

When Brad gets fired from his job, he goes to reopen an old cinema, he enlists his frends to help him show the last film the cinema aired before it closed... Only they don't know, the film is in Italian. With everyone sitting ready they begin to dub the movie... on the fly!

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Hercules Returns torrent reviews

Fengyu C (us) wrote: The best Chinese film I have seen!!

Umaid Q (es) wrote: A movie that tests Superman's morals, and is an interesting take behind the philosophy of the Man of Steel.

Pui C (nl) wrote: (TM),hkiff (C)miss 1/4,(TM) 1/4? 3/4pps'-??...'??'?..."

Ruair C (jp) wrote: You'd better be bored.

jason h (it) wrote: One way to describe the Tremors series is "different". The rediculousness of the plot is what makes them so unique and fun to watch.

Ian C (us) wrote: A solid thriller from John Dahl. Walker a candle in the wind and Zahn is probably the most versatile actor of his generation.Rusty Nail is a sick fuck. All he wanted was his weasel greased. No need for him to go on a murderous rampage.

Ben D (fr) wrote: I think this a new low for the already flailing franchise. Really screenwriters? You had the nerve to give Chucky a wife? That's pretty stupid by itself, but you had to take it a step further and include some boring relationship drama that no one really cares about! Nobody wants to see Chucky argue with his wife! Nobody wanted that! Anyway, even if this huge blunder wasn't in the movie, it still would have been pretty bad. The characters are annoying and expendable and the acting is as laughable as ever. I'll be surprised if you;ve made it this far into the series.

Tsukasa A (fr) wrote: It's a biographical movie of Bob Fosse, a Broadway choreographer and director, who joined scripting and directed the movie by his own. He takes a look back and musicalize his foreseen death. It's not negative nor decadent but entertaining for everyone probably because it's something like homage to musicals Bob Fosse loved. The title comes from the song 'All That Jazz' in the musical 'Chicago' which he scripted and choreographed. Bob Fosse suffered from heart attacks which killed him 8 years after the release of All That Jazz' when he was 60.

Deray A (br) wrote: bir francois truffaut filmi. bir cenazeye katlan kadnlar ve onlarn bacaklarn grerek ba?larz filme ve gemi?e giderek cenazesi kalkan adamn, kadnlara olan saplantsna, bu saplantyla kadndan kadna "ko?masna" ?ahit oluruz.

Jose M (fr) wrote: Dracula- Prince of Darkness is Hammer's third entry in the Dracula film and has Christopher Lee returning as the count and Terence Fisher as director.Despite being destroyed with a makeshift cross earlier, Dracula is still feared in the villages while tourist are roughly ignorant of him. Ignoring the warnings from a priest, two couples enter the castle of Dracula where a weirdo serves as a host. He explains that master is gone, but his home is opened to strangers. Eventually, Dracula is brought back and terrorized everyone. Dracula- Prince of Darkness may show us what we have already seen, but it still is entertaining. The Blu-Ray disc has the film restored from the negative print. Yet, there are few things off with the picture. There's redness in both sides of the film although it is kind of cool since it makes it look like Dracula's view. (Spoiler alert) I was rather baffled in the end when Dracula falls into an ice pit and dies. Also, Dracula never utters a single word through the whole film. He just hisses. I am guessing the producers didn't have enough money or all his lines were terrible.

Ant D (de) wrote: excellent movie and really happened... wow.. these brave men!As a Dutchman thanks to those people that were involved and shortened the war....Movie is worth watching!

Jacob T (ag) wrote: This better then the first 3 Superman movies. Man of steel is better. Batman vs Superman dawn of the justice league is also better.