Here Comes Peter Cottontail: The Movie

Here Comes Peter Cottontail: The Movie

Everybody loves the Easter Bunny. Everybody, that is, except the evil Irontail, who wanted the job of Easter Bunny for himself- but lost out to Peter Cottontail. A generation later, Irontail is back to take his revenge, teaming up with the ice-cold Jackie Frost in a devious plot to plunge the world into permanent winter.Now it's up to Peter Cottontail's son, Junior, to save the day. Away from home for the first time, Junior joins forces with Flutter, a "flight-challenged" bird, and Munch, a mouse who never met a meal she didn't like. Together, these three unlikely kid heroes set out on the adventure of a lifetime. Along the way, they'll test their friendship, travel to the edge of the Earth, and uncover the secret of the Clocks of the Seasons.

A bunny called Irontail turns evil after losing the chance to become the next Easter Bunny to Peter Cottontail. He and his co-conspirators concoct a plan to bring about a permanent winter and only Peter's son and his friends can stop them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin D (nl) wrote: I'm not against low budget films, in fact some of my favourite films were made on little funding (Clerks, Blair Witch Project, Friday the 13th to name a few), and with a small budget Jeremy Gardner funded, wrote, directed and acted in this indie flick about two friends stuck together after the zombie apocalypse.The story has a quick introduction, two buddies on the same beer league baseball team, join together wandering the around in the New England wilderness, trying to avoid zombies, and generally moving around a lot. Mickey and Ben (pitcher and catcher respectively) banter and bicker a lot, and slowly but surely get on each others nerves. Both characters are together, but very separate at the same time and it's a nice dynamic that most of us can relate to.The film progresses nicely and events unfold through a rather predictable story line. Of course you can expect a lot of screen time from the baseball duo, but it's easy to listen to them talk back and forth with some pretty decent and relevant dialogue. The movie never loses its pace, and slowly builds up to a gut wrenching series of events by the end of the film. The story is well crafted, and simplistic in its way. I really enjoyed the soundtrack as well. It lends a lot to the kind of meandering pace of the film and is a smart little plot device as well, as Mickey rarely goes out without his headphones on.It's a technically sound film, with no silly effects, and really is a nice walk through the countryside... with zombies. There are a few scenes that were pretty difficult to watch, but overall it's a well acted movie with a very limited cast.I would recommend surely it, but don't expect a horror fest with bunch of bloody deaths. It's a character film after all, and some might find it a bit boring.2.5/5

Alexander C (nl) wrote: Would like to get round to watching.

Michael S (fr) wrote: The classic story of a man born of nothing and ending with everything. It felt to me as if the story was meant more for a season long tv show plot? The events that unfolded in the first half alone felt like they should of taken several years to happen. The acting and special effects were worthy of a made-for-TV SciFi movie. Although its not anything to write home about it was fun to watch. The fight scenes were cool and they all went along to horrible heavy metal music, which inturn just made it more funny.

bill s (es) wrote: Good minor coming of age flick that without warning just ends....I hate when that happens.

Peter T (de) wrote: Your standard teen pseudo sci-fi flick that unfortunately doesn't stand the test of time.