Here I Am

Here I Am

'Here I Am' is driven by three generations of Aboriginal women - Karen Lee Burden, her mother Lois and her daughter Rosie. When Karen is released from prison, through a series of chance encounters the women learn that freedom is hard to find when hearts are still broken.

'Here I Am' is driven by three generations of Aboriginal women - Karen Lee Burden, her mother Lois and her daughter Rosie. When Karen is released from prison, through a series of chance ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Debasree G (mx) wrote: Awesome debut for Tiger Shroff.

Dan H (it) wrote: The whole vampire and wolf thing wasn't enough now they have to have some kind of super hero like power. Ehh.

James S (it) wrote: The first time I watched this was on a shaky coach on the way through Malaysia. Having now watched it again in the comfort of my own home, I am starting to think that tiredness and the sheer excitement of having a selection of films to pass a 6 hour journey, may have been the main reason why I awarded it 3.5 last time out. Whilst I don't disagree that this film does procure a few laughs, it is somewhat less amusing than I thought it was. A very predictable and cringey mingey storyline means that like many a film, it relies solely upon its jokes to entertain the viewers. Kris Marshall is by far the funniest character; having enjoyed him in the series 'My Family', but Kevin Bishop is also central to most of the comedy.A light hearted, amusing adventure that I would recommend watching on a long, sweaty coach journey.

Kathy M (kr) wrote: 1/2 hr in I was done !

Trouble B (ru) wrote: Feels rather like the cinematic equivalent of Status Quo. Embarrassing.

Muffin M (nl) wrote: Running solely on electricity, General Motors' fleet of EV-1 electric vehicles were so efficient, they were on the brink of altering the future of driving in America - perhaps even the world. Those lucky enough to drive one gave it glowing reviews. So why were they all destroyed?Narrated by Martin Sheen and featuring on screen contributions with Ed Begley Jr., Ralph Nader and Alexandra Paul, Who Killed The Electric Car? is a murder mystery like no other, as it unravels the puzzling demise of a vehicle that could have saved the environment and America's dangerous addiction to foreign oil.

Patrick B (kr) wrote: The only Kieslowski film I've seen that I was almost totally uninterested in.

Liie W (it) wrote: What a lovely, lovely film!! So faithful to the book. Chilled out, full of childish dreams and a real "good old days" feel about it. All the children were charming, in spite of some wooden acting.

Private U (mx) wrote: This is a wonderful film, captivating and brimming with unrequited yearning. Of course, it comes across a little melodramatic, but the story tells of an attraction complex and relevant, examining the soul-body dichotomy and personal egoistic love vs. altruistic compromise. Also, in the tradition of W. Somerset Maugham, it sheds light on the fascinating habit of women being smitten and ultimately tarnished by the desire for rugged rebels. There are some beautifully shot scenes, great performances and sweeping, sensual music. It's my personal favourite Tennessee Williams play and well worth watching.

Marcus H (nl) wrote: To my knowledge, this is the first hit adaption of the story of Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday, and the O.K. Corral. John Ford is a master of the Western genre and the directing, pacing, and cinematography here are iconic. The acting is amazing and the set pieces are epic. I watched this because I saw it on AFIs top 400 films list and it whole-heartedly deserves to be there.

Thomas K (nl) wrote: It's kind of like Elmore Leonard lite, and both Baldwin and Jason-Leigh are better are playing intelligence than the dimwits they play here, but Ward is terrific and Armitage has a genuine genius for a sort of loose limbed goofiness. It's not very good, but it has something.

Matt D (kr) wrote: What an impossibly fun movie. Loved it.