Here on Earth

Here on Earth

A rich college kid is taught a lesson after a joy ride ends up destroying a country restaurant.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:96 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dance,   jealousy,   fire,  

Kelley Morse, who is cocky and brash, normally would never have crossed paths with the residents of a small town near his posh private school. But Kelley is taught a lesson after a joy ride ends up destroying a country restaurant. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cronis M (de) wrote: Michael Shannon gives a brilliant performance of a man obsessed with an impending storm.

Kevin A (ru) wrote: The movie is certainly a good effort compared to other Czech Films, however, the plot moves very slowly sometimes. The lead actors and actresses deliver good perfomances, escpecially the female-cast. To keep a dyfunctional relationship in a deteriorating state of security is the main topic of this film. The choice of the main character to either protect his wife or join the new upperclass is the struggle that the movie focuses on. When the protagonist chooses a side, he commits an act of treason. I would wish that the movie was more centered around said act instead of elaborating the relationships of the characters with each other.

Josh G (fr) wrote: If I drank at all, I wouldn't be caught dead with a Coors, Miller, Bud, or Busch in my hand. They are to beer what McDonald's is to a hamburger.

Valerie P (gb) wrote: Tinker Bell returns, again, to dazzle young girls everywhere with the stories of her life in Pixie Hollow. This time the focus is upon a new set of characters, the other group of fairies living in the forbidden Winter Wood. As far as Tinker Bell movies go, I believe this one is as entertaining, and even more charming, than most. The addition of a long, lost sister was pretty clever in terms of franchise. It injects the whole Tinker Bell with a fresh enthusiasm and intrigue. There's a lovely message to be taken from the story, and the winter fairies and scenes are adorable. Incidentally, my husband didn't even mind this one.

Txomi S (ag) wrote: Una frikada de kitano.

Bill S (ru) wrote: The opening scene on how they met ruined on how much I cared for the characters throughout the rest of the film.

Evin E (it) wrote: Anyone who is in love and wants to stay in love, WATCH this one!

Film F (it) wrote: Cher & Streep..Need I say more?

Jonathan B (jp) wrote: Not the strongest of Carry On movies, this one. There are the usual corny jokes, slapstick and double entendres but this does feel like the cast is rather going through the motions. For me, the Carry Ons work best when they are given a historical setting and here we have what is basically a send up of General Hospital and Doctor Kildare. All the cast have well defined parts to play in the formula with Sid James being the lecherous wise-cracker, Hattie Jacques the sexually repressed dragon, Frankie Howerd the snob, Kenneth Williams the overbearing authority figure and so on. To modern eyes, it all feels rather ham fisted but in their day and when they were on form, these were proper British, belly-laugh comedies that gave many of us a liking for the nod,nod, wink, wink saucy humour. Staggering though it is, Barbara Windsor really was a sex symbol in her day, though watching her here, splayed out on a rooftop in an ill fitting nylon bikini while sunbathing it is really hard to understand why. The actors in these films are all however, great British institutions and even Dandy Nichols and Pat Coombs get bit parts in this one. Carry On Doctor is a product of an era gone by. It is far from sophisticated and intelligent but I'd rather watch this than many of the modern comedy movies that we are subjected to these days.

Kyle W (ru) wrote: This movie has all the potential to be great... a combination of Paranormal Activity and The Amityville Horror, count me in! Unfortunately it is hampered by horrendously bad acting and gaping plot holes.To recap roughly the first ten minutes of the film, the realtor showing the Benson family the house randomly dies in the driveway and nobody is bothered by it. The following day when the family is moving in, one of the movers falls down the steps and gets crushed by a cardboard box. Once again nobody seems all that bothered by this. As a matter of fact the father responds by saying 'these sorts of things happen all the time"It is really a shame how little attention to detail has been given and how low of quality the acting is. Because there actually are scenes that could have worked, had they not been utterly ruined by the acting.