Here's the Deal

Here's the Deal


Suso and Manuel, two-parent family and lifelong friends, met fifty years, they become unemployed. When the situation is no longer tenable, an unusual fact: one day, while fishing, find a package with ten kilos of cocaine. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Miko M (it) wrote: emejing! senna idola saya dari tk. dia mati saya jadi jagoin hakkinen. saya benci bgt williams renault & ferrari dulu.

Melania B (jp) wrote: This was the worst movie I have ever seen. It was a total waste of time. The whole movie was just about a couple fighting. Sure there were a few demon like things, but nothing that is scary. The only way I would see this again is if I wanted to go to sleep.

David R (br) wrote: Sincerely I expected less from this movie, which, supposely for children, took good things from the Garfield 'universe' and with some funny cameos, keeps a moving story, innocently funny and undoubtly better than lots of pretentious films (I'm thinking of southland tales or I heart huckabees). So I shall say I'm pleasantly surprised, enough to subscribe and write this review.

Giovanny C (us) wrote: simplemente perversa y tonta...

Jacquline P (es) wrote: this is one of my fav movies of all times

Jesse O (it) wrote: I thought this was a good movie. It's definitely a quieter and more understated movie, at least until the end, and I think it helps to put the sisters' actions in a better perspective and it was also a pretty disturbing scene with the voice-over explaining what happened. They were pretty fucked up mentally, at least in the movie, who the fuck knows what happened in real life. The acting is strong, though there are some instances where Jodhi May was pretty terrible, she was up and down the entire movie. The rest of the cast was strong, with Julie Walters being absolutely tremendous. Overall I thought this was a really good 3 star movie.

Ryan V (nl) wrote: Respectable family fun. I still can't figure out how they got away with the movie title, though. Keep in mind that John Wayne Bobbitt lost his Bobbitt right around the time that this headed into theaters.

Campbell K (au) wrote: really into this movie as a kid, it had dinosaurs and austin o'brien. totally game.

ski k (ru) wrote: Not exactly a python film persay but it sould be it could be the best if it was. ive loved this movie since i say it on hbo back in the 80's at my grandmas it still makes me laugh my balls off i wish Graham Chapman was still alive

Lua G (kr) wrote: Jones and Yelchin play with passion and devotion the story of those two irritant and annoying lovers that cannot learn to let go.

James C (kr) wrote: I just finished watching this and I really enjoyed it but I'm finding it difficult to place the technical achievement due to its age. There seem to be some really cool elements to the film that are commonplace in filmmaking now. Even so, it's a morbid tale and it left me feeling unrestful, as it probably intended.

Ryan R (es) wrote: One of the best movies I saw this year.

Nate T (gb) wrote: Fairly well done film is strictly a blend of Allen's talking points from his long career. It should be noted that the story, while not original, is still fun and the cast combined with the talents of the writer - director (Woody Allen) keep it moving and make it a fun watch. Pacing slows a bit towards the finale of the film though. On Blu-ray.

Fascade F (us) wrote: An incredibly slow drama that has a good point where right is meant to be right regardless of the hard times people face, in relationships where the children are held as pawns in their insecurities..See this if you want a drama the surrounds you in afterthoughts of all kinds....

Brad F (kr) wrote: Love Natalie Portman, but did not love this movie. Really no redeeming quality whatsoever.