Herencia fatal

Herencia fatal


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1997
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Herencia fatal torrent reviews

Conner (kr) wrote: This movie is a waste of time. Happiness Runs lacks substance and likable characters. You feel very little sympathy for the characters as they live their wretched lives. All this movie is truly about is sex, drugs, and alcohol. There is not one scene that does not include at least one of these topics. It is often unpredictable, but in its case it is not a good thing because the result is never interesting or a triumph for the character. The other bad thing about this movie is that nothing is truly resolved. This film also tries too hard to be profound causing it seem like a drawn out mess. You should not watch Happiness Runs! 1.8/10

Matt L (jp) wrote: Horrible. The cast tries and fails on almost every level. The Sully character is especially laughable, when playing at sinister. Poorly directed, written and executed, I'd skip it.

Sam G (jp) wrote: Loved this movie!!! I had so much fun watching this, it was like watching one of my favorite old SG-1 episodes for the first time. It was great to see all the old cast and it was just great ending to the series.

Joshua B (de) wrote: So silly it had me in stitches.

Nicolas A (de) wrote: What an underrated movie. The story is great and screenplay also, maybe they have pushed it a bit to far at one point but it doesnt fuck up the movie as only a little time gets spend on it. Al Pacino's performance isnt bad either, it's actually great, he puts off a terrific performance with his zombie look. Not all the performances where that great but this movie isnt really high-class either, its a movie you should look at when you dont want to watch a movie with all those hollywood clich's.

Kristin R (us) wrote: A beautifully acted film, but altogether a little slow for my liking. Actually quite sad and a little depressing. Not one for everyone.

Frances H (mx) wrote: Pretty tame football hero-rising-up-from-poverty-to-find -fame-and- fortune-playing-a game- where-both-sides-run -around-with-a-ball,-trying-to-get -it- from- the-other-side- and- throw- it movie. Personally, since all the publicity about the way these men are suffering from early onset Alzheimer's because of brain damage, I find that, like boxing, this "sport" is only for those who see people seriously damaging each other as fun to watch, rather like the Romans watching the gladiators injure and kill each other. I only watched it for Greg Kinnear and was disappointed in his performance, which was pedestrian here.

Abel D (au) wrote: Hurt by the limitations of TV, a short runtime and a miscast Malkovich, Roeg's adaptation of Conrad tale of madness is simply lacking in the ideas and tension that makes stories like these so compelling. Even with some impressive production values, a capable lead in Tim Roth, and a tense and atmospheric score from Stanley Myers, 'Heart' simply has none of just that.

James L (it) wrote: Unpleasant and grossly misjudged, this movie confuses hardboiled and completely overcooked. A low point in Bronsons unimpressive late career and an awful note for Thompson to end his career on.

Leo L (kr) wrote: An intriguing movie.

Nik B (ag) wrote: Ken Russell was the 70s answer to Uwe Boll. If Tommy was a rediculous surrealistic over-the-top send up of a rock opera, Lisztomania is a more rediculous, more surreal, more over-the-top. I thought it couldn't get any worse than the 30 foot cock dance, and then they pulled out the laser-armed, heavenly angel rocket. This makes the Bee Gee's Sgt. Pepper look like Citizen fucking Kane.

Byron B (br) wrote: want to see this because it won best foreign-language film at the golden globes and was nominated for best picture by NBR

Ariane H (ru) wrote: Sorry Mrs. Donna, but Elvis was never meant to be an actor...

Roy S (fr) wrote: A fine fun fifties film from and for the Greatest Generation and those who appreciate them. After a depression and WWII (where they kicked ass and wound up producing 50% of the world's GDP) they could and did toss out these wispy yet durable things with ease. It certainly wasn't done out of ignorance; they just wanted things to be happy and work out well in the end. Romantic comedies still generally do, of course; but they generally are not quite as innocent and usually don't end in marriage. They also don't start with a symphonic piece by an orchestra or contain a fashion show that presents a dozen outfits like this one does. They certainly don't focus on the women anymore. Nowadays a man and a woman costar, and any additional women (or often gay men) are strictly sidekicks. And of course they no longer smoke. People sure did it well back then.

Fayfay S (de) wrote: Wonderfully done, natural and easy going. Not over dramatic.

Axel P (ag) wrote: One of the best Slasher Films yet great cast loveable characters great movie overall.

Lori F (nl) wrote: LOVED this movie! Kate Winslet & Liam Hemsworth were especially great. I'm not sure the actress who played Molly but she was fabulous as well