A troubled Catholic priest, Father James, finds his faith crushed when a young girl he promises to protect commits suicide. Months after her death, he is forced to return to his old parish and to the scene of her suicide, a derelict mansion house. Trapped in the house overnight James becomes convinced that he is being haunted by the ghosts of the girl and her dead Stepfather, risen from the grave to seek a blood retribution for the awful tragedy that he allowed to take place

A troubled Catholic priest, Father James, finds his faith crushed when a young girl he promises to protect commits suicide. Months after her death, he is forced to return to his old parish ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Heretic torrent reviews

Andrew L (kr) wrote: If you like beach volleyball and girls in bikinis then this is a film for you to watch. Otherwise for the story itself it's paper thin, routine and not much to offer. All it is, is two sisters try to save their beach property from being demolished by a construction company. I thought the film was kind of long even the running time is less than 100 minutes.

Marco P (fr) wrote: Awesome film and great music! Can't wait to find an album of the Kashmere Stage Band

Ramona P (br) wrote: Not bad but it relies much on the viewer being american and having some feelings that come with wars, drafts etc. Good performances byall the cast, Elijah Wood stood up in the crowd.

Annarghh G (kr) wrote: I like how it was a collage of different experiences and it encapsulated the diversity in the bedroom however it felt like repeats towards the end.

Ryan H (es) wrote: Kind of an overly-simplified version of open-wheel racing... totally worth it if only to see Mario blasting through town in the Dean Van Lines Special roadster...

Mary K (ag) wrote: OMG they made a third one

Kyung K (br) wrote: One of my favorite marital art action movie. Action sequences are superb.

Matt S (ru) wrote: Star Trek V is one of those films that must be seen. It is a mystery to me at times. This film has ideas that aren't always explored to their fullest but you can see what they were trying to do with it. William Shatner Co-wrote and directed this one which is doubly puzzling. I guess seeing as Leonard Nimoy directed the previous two Paramount thought Shatner could have a go at directing. The religious aspects of this movie aren't done as well as they could have been, seeing how Star Trek has a particular stance on religion as it is. Under the firection of anyone else, I am sure this could have been on par with Star Trek II, instead it is just watchable at best. There are some good comedic bits which save this movie for me.

R S (de) wrote: Nice paring rishi & gud songs.

Brandon S (ru) wrote: I appreciate the film's message with my whole heart: Parenting is hard no matter how intelligent you are, and it takes a strong heart and open arms to raise up a child (but it takes faith in a God greater than this earth to truly raise one right, in my opinion). However, this is a film that wallows in sentiment more than a little bit.The color palette for the film is odd and unorthodox to a fault, and tends to muddle the experience for me, just a bit.That being said, the combination of efforts from the director and the stellar cast on an acting front is nothing short of a marvel. Sean Penn gives one of his most transformative performances, Michelle Pfeiffer does a magnificent job expressing subtle emotions in an otherwise not-so-subtle role, and the wonderously talented Dakota Fanning gives a fantastic little performance, and manages to stand toe-to-toe with the heavyweight acting prowess of Sean Penn.Overall, this is a performance-driven film that seems to be striving for something more; it all just felt a little bit condescending sometimes. I know this is a favorite of many people, and I truly applaud the effort from the makers of this film, because this is very treacherous territory, but it just wasn't for me. Great performances though! Some of my favorite performances in fact.

Dave M (fr) wrote: Great film... I really enjoyed it...Bindi Irwin (Nim) Great-talent, great-acting, perfect for this role.Movie filmed beautifully. Great Family-film.

Shanna F (br) wrote: I loved this film. I honestly feel that this movie did not get the recognition that it deserved because this was an incredible movie. The storyline was Perfect and the characters in this film was perfect.. I really enjoyed it.

Sion P (it) wrote: From start to finish this film doesn't stop to amaze, The animation is beautiful and the musical score is incredible. All the characters are portrayed perfectly and the plot is simple and effective. The film touches on every human emotion and really is a masterpiece.

Sean P (ag) wrote: Funny movie, I laughed several times. The ending was predictable given that the husband was an ass but enjoyable.