Herman Brood Uncut

Herman Brood Uncut

This documentary was made with the huge amount of material that was left over after the montage of 'Rock 'n Roll Junkie (1994)'. It is uncut and unpolished: Herman Brood at his most honest,...

This documentary was made with the huge amount of material that was left over after the montage of 'Rock 'n Roll Junkie (1994)'. It is uncut and unpolished: Herman Brood at his most honest,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christian M (us) wrote: If you are willing to hang in there, Swiss Army Man will leave you with an extremely different and unique experience. A nice breather from the norm.

Joanna B (it) wrote: What happens when you combine plot based on a 1967 board-game with a room full of video-game aficionados and give them a graphics budget that could keep a small country afloat for a year? An undeniably preposterous, unrelentingly anemic and outright absurd David & Goliath sci-fi assault-on-the-senses that coasts through cinemas as mindless mid-season movie fodder.If imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery, then Michael Bay should feel extremely flattered. The uncanny resemblance B-grade Actor/Director Peter berg's Battleships has to Bay's Transformers is barely short of copyright, or would be if it wasn't so laboriously clunky.An exercise in lazy filmmaking, every trick in the action book is overworked. A pulsating men-of-mayhem score, clichd inane narratives, alien invasions, a reckless antihero, jarring jumps from seriousness to comedy, cringe worthy all-American overtones, the silliness that drips from every scene will see this at the podium to receive the 2012 razzie award for worst picture. At the age of 26, perpetual screw-up Alex (Taylor Kitsch) is the bane of his overly responsible naval officer brother Stone (Alexander Skarsgrd). After yet another juvenile display, where Alex attempts to impress the gorgeous hungry girl Sam (Brooklyn Decker) at a bar by breaking into a nearby convenience store to stealing her sustenance of choice a chicken burrito but ends up being tasered twice by police; Stone puts his foot down dragging his petulant brother into the adult world by enlisting him into the US navy. A rapid ascent to a high-ranking position is little comfort however when Alex is faced with the daunting prospect of approaching Sam's father, Admiral Shane (Liam Neeson) for her hand in marriage. After arriving late, and engaging a personal fistycuffs vendetta with rival Japanese captain Nagata (Tadanobu Asano) at the opening event of the year at the Naval war games, his career and likelihood of gaining acceptance is slim to nil.The war games; an annual friendly international exercise, are interrupted when an unidentifiable and untraceable by radar object appears in the water. Under threat and unable to contact its home planet, the object attacks anything it believes to be a threat, focusing on the navy and a small Hawaiian island outpost where NASA sent a message months earlier that brought about their visit.After the aliens annihilate Stones ship and anything else ecapsualted under its protective electromagnetic field, Alex steps up and finds the courage to become the man his brother always believed he could be. Devisiting a plan to use the surviving crew too call back to duty the 70 year old decommissioned USS Missouri (now a museum) and make it become a fully functioning battleship again. Honestly, this really is as daft as it sounds.As storylines give way to visual gratification, there are few redeeming or noteworthy moments to this film. Real life double amputee Lt. Col. Gregory D. Gadson manages to add a powerful and touching story-thread as the depressed ex-soldier who realizes that legs don't make a man tall. Unable to man the outdated battleship, the young soldiers receive aid from a proud group of grinning geriatric sailors who somewhat resemble a certain spinach eating comic, whilst captain Nagata reveals to the USS John Paul Jones how to utilize a grid system in which to track the alien movement. Each of these scenes hint at a movie that could have been something special, but simply wasn't.The Verdict: If only the Mighty Mo knew how they were abusing her good navel name she would turn her nine rusted 16 inch Mark 7 guns on Hollywood and show them just how much damage a good old lady can do. Published: The Queanbeyan AgeDate of Publication: 20/04/2012

Kate J (nl) wrote: Could have done without all the porn, but the rest was pretty smart and funny.

Cecilia B (mx) wrote: I watched this movie more for Sam Worthington than for love of this particular genre, but despite that, I am impressed with this film, this big, bold, beautiful film, that could have easily gone awry. Abbie Cornish and Sam Worthington shine in this film that does not shy away from the darker side of sex, love and growing up.

Pongsatorn S (it) wrote: Starting the movie interests me. Until they woke up and "Hey! Why I'm sleep in mom's/Anna's bed! The next is "Oh ****!!! I'm mom/Anna!!!" The whole movie can make me laugh all the way. It's a nice movie.

Kenny O (kr) wrote: Not the best film but it past!

Carlos I (es) wrote: A kick-ass sequel that delves down into the bowels of the hell these cenobites come from. It's cool to get more backstory.

William O (de) wrote: Another classic from Ruggero Deodato.

Randy P (kr) wrote: A film really worth watching with your friends. Lots of laughs, and you can tell the cast had fun.

Gimly M (de) wrote: The second piece of this vampire hunter trilogy blurs the lines between Action, Super Hero and Horror, which personally I'm kinda liking.This time around, Blade (Wesley Snipes; New Jack City, Chaos), Abraham Whistler (Planet of the Ape, Provinces of Night) and new arrival Scud (Norman Reedus; The Boondock Saints, Pandorum) must team up with the Blood Pack, made up of Dieter Reinhardt (Ron Perlman; Hellboy, Outlander), Nyssa Damaskinos (Hell Ride, Wrong Turn at Tahoe), Chupa (Matt Schulze; The Transporter, The Fast and the Furious), Asad (Danny-John Jules; Red Dwarf, Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels), Snowman (Donnie Yen; IP Man, Highlander: Endgame), Verlaine (Marit Kile; Doctors, Blue Murder), Priest (Tony Curran; The Midnight Meat Train, Underworld: Evolution), and Lighthammer (Daz Crawford; Hammer of the Gods, Game Over) in order to defeat UberVamp Jared Nomak (personal favourite Luke Goss; Death Race 2, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Tekken) and his army of Reaper Strain Vampires.With me so far? No? Then go watch the damn movie! It's very fucking good. The opening is almost as strong as the original, and pretty much everything else about it is better. Not to mention the fact that I'm a total Luke Goss fanboy. All of the characters are so much better. They interact and everything. And even though Wesley Snipes has never really impressed me as an actor, the character of Blade was a little less cheesy, which always helps, and basically just better all 'round.SPOILERS FOR BLADE, BLADE II and TRINITY: An interesting point, without ruining anything about the trilogy is that in all three films, vampires fight vampires. Not in the whole "Blade's half a vampire so he kills full-on vampires" way, although there is most certainly that, but in Blade, Frost kills the Elder vampires to become La Magra. In Blade II, The Blood Pack and Blade team up to take down a new, much more dangerous breed of vampires. And in Trinity, Dracula goes around killing vampires, pretty much for fun. Just food for thought. I've never read the comics much myself, so I don't really know if that's something that's been going on for a while, or if it just turned out that way.There were a couple of lame bits. Some very stupid lines like "they took all of our weapons. Even your sword." Even your sword! Man, the single weapon for which you were named after that has killed more vampires than any other thing on the planet, and the vampires took it away from you? The audacity! And there's this whole thing where Whistler is alive again, they went most of the way to explaining it, and then sort of forgot. It would have been so simple to have a four second flashback cover the lot of it. Oh well.Still though, I'm very, very fond of this one.77%-Gimly

Seng Wee T (es) wrote: I think the story is kinda refreshing as there is not much cheerleading-themed story even till now.

Xavier B (kr) wrote: What an awesome movie

Petros T (us) wrote: Arguably the elephant in Pixar's armoury chamber, "Cars" is the lesser brainchild of the veteran animation company. The whole conception is far from the originality of most of its other outings and the film strikes as middle-of-the-road for roughly half of the ride. Still, despite the mostly textbook script, it eventually finds its pace and manages to pluck our heart-strings the Pixar way. It's a well-made, touching, beautifully animated black sheep of a film, resting below Pixar's standards.

Brem S (gb) wrote: Luke Goss isn't a bad tough guy! Unfortunately he doesn't have much to say so it's hard to comment on his acting but the plot is OK. Totally unpredictable and a good music score throughout, although I reckon the film would have been half as good without it. Worth a watch but the ladies may find it a bit boring.

Amber S (kr) wrote: Gotta love a feel good sports film. I was actually not familiar with this story before I saw the movie, but I really enjoyed it.

James W (it) wrote: I'm not a fan of painful comedy normally otherwise I may have rated this higher. I enjoyed the movie and laughed throughout but there were so many awkward moments I cringed thinking about what was coming next.