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Hermano torrent reviews

Benjamin O (ca) wrote: Muffled desperation.

Heather M (jp) wrote: This sounds pretty awful. Pass.

Andrey B (ag) wrote: Another realistic depiction of american life, with fine winter settings and performance of Melissa Leo.

Jan H (nl) wrote: Great to see some old classic movie monsters. The end showdown was a little let down, but the rest was just fine.

FilmGrinder S (es) wrote: Better then the first one, but that's not saying much.

Steve B (mx) wrote: I have a bit of a soft spot for low-budget alien abduction features, and can forgive almost any problems that arise because of the budgetary limitations. This, however, cannot be said for Night Skies.It wasn't so much the budget, but the lame-ass script and sad (lack of?) direction that sank this one for me.Don't waste your time or money - see Altered instead.

Steve S (it) wrote: kinda funny multi character comedy about singles in LA meeting at a supermarket. funny performance from alan tudyk, as always

Frances H (es) wrote: At first this film did not appeal to me as much as I thought it would, but I ended up really liking it and very much appreciated the shining performance that Annette Bening gave as Julia. Michael Gambon was a joy to watch as well. The ending was delightful.

Jessica O (ca) wrote: not as funny as the first one.

Bruce B (ru) wrote: Vet Early Liam Neeson and its really far from his best or anyones best. 2 stars

Samuel G (de) wrote: I hate to be such a minority as this film is subject to a lot of hate, but I actually really enjoyed myself. It was funny as hell and, to be perfectly honest, incredibly sexy (which is odd when your watching it with your parents). So, no, its not a fantastic film, but it does well as a guilty pleasure.

Bill W (us) wrote: Excellent film. Probably inspired "the walking dead". Enjoyed the character development. Loved the ending.

Plain C (ag) wrote: Yeah watched this after seeing the fast food scene on youtbe from a watch mojo "10 films that make you want to leave your job". I thought it was great. good shit It aint no fight club but still very enjoyable nicely paced. The guy in this film is me one day.

Denise A (br) wrote: It was a good movie in it's time but now w/ all the effects it's kinda cheesie but I still enjoy watching this movie. 2nd Rock Roll movie I had ever seen! Love the music score. Awsome MOVIE! A must see!

Jennifer C (nl) wrote: I LOVE that this film took me from "we are so screwed already" to " I can totally make a difference myself" with practical examples!

Kara F (ag) wrote: I've only seen a piece of this movie! I would like 2 see it!

Matthew M (gb) wrote: Suffering from bizarre narrative choices and weak character development, X-Men: Apocalypse is an otherwise passable and occasionally great installment of the franchise, mainly due to the continued strong performances and glorious action set pieces.