Bernie Laplante is having a rough time. He's divorced, his ex-wife hates him and has custody of their son, the cops are setting a trap for him, then to top it all, he loses a shoe whilst rescuing passengers of a crashed jet. Being a thief who is down on his luck, Bernie takes advantage of the crash, but then someone else claims credit for the rescue.

A not-so-nice man rescues passengers from a crashed airliner, only to see someone else take credit. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Barry E (br) wrote: Poor paw paw is waiting to be collected. He doesnt realise that his new owners are changing whilst they wait a month to collect him. Miranda July's story is a far depressing one compared to Me You and Everyone We Know. But it manages to juggle hilarious moments with the sad and still seems charming :)

Brent K (it) wrote: Humorous for the first ten minutes...

Ashley S (ca) wrote: I really don't have a good reason for liking this movie, I just do.

Todd J (ru) wrote: From the opening bank robbery, Samuel Fuller obviously plays with a different deck of cards than most directors of his (or any other) era. A short firefight leads into melodrama that somehow manages to be so sincere that any reduction in realism or reliance on the era's acting styles become moot points. Fuller frames this one up in high melodrama fashion: Ford here kills James simply so that he can gain amnesty offered by the governor and marry his actress wife. From there, we stick with him as he rides the wave of the gold rush and subsequently falls apart due to this nefarious deed from the past and his girl's reaction to it. Fuller gets past the time with James very quickly and wholeheartedly takes to focusing on Ford. John Ireland is good depending on the scene. His heart-struck position at the beginning of the film seems pretty mechanical and slept through, but once his Cynthy rejects him, it's all unstable and all quite brilliant. There's a certain menace to Ford here. It could be simply that Cynthy is so obviously afraid of him, but it just seems like he can snap at any provocation. In individual scenes, the stage reenactment of the James murder or when the traveling guitar player sings the ballad of the coward Robert Ford, Ireland and Fuller really go off and create some scenes with a very dense atmosphere. Other material that goes alongside these moments, like Ford's mining success and any scene with Preston Foster's awful character Kelly, falls a bit flatter, but it's all kept at a fast pace, so there's no complaint. The ending is quite poignant yet trademark Fuller unfliching. I'm not sure that I care for the melodramatic elements of the film much, but there are moments that really transcend most of the period's material, and at 80 minutes, it moves fast enough to keep something fresh on your palate. *** and 1/2 * out've *****

Cresswell S (gb) wrote: excellent post war drama. Can a man redeem himself? watch and find out.

Jack M (mx) wrote: A shocking and grisly thriller that succeeds on an emotional level. Caine carries with a compelling performance, delving down a dark road of vengeance.