Hero Hindustani

Hero Hindustani

After the passing away of his son and Caucasian daughter-in-law, London-based widower Purshotam Agarwal brings up his granddaughter, Namrata, on his own. When she matures, he pressurizes her to get married to Tikamgarh-based Ranveer's son. She travels to India, and much to his chagrin refuses to get married to the boy of his choice, and instead brings back a wealthy male named Romi, who she claims is her fiancé. Little does Purshotam know that Romi is not who he claims to be, and that Namrata has no intention of marrying him either.

After the passing away of his son and Caucasian daughter-in-law, London-based widower Purshotam Agarwal brings up his granddaughter, Namrata, on his own. When she matures, he pressurizes ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Angel K (nl) wrote: I personally didn't like the ending

Eric H (it) wrote: good doc on legendary pimp turned author robert iceberg slim beck.

Stephen S (jp) wrote: Godawful. This is one of the top 5 worst films I've ever seen...it's an absolute failure in every sense. It's horribly unfunny. It's uninteresting, and the acting is awful. Do yourself a favor and avoid this pile of shit.

Dakota F (kr) wrote: Peter Stormare is so believable for this character, and this film is bleeding with style and uniqueness.

David J (nl) wrote: "XXY" is a sensitive look at a young hermaphrodite coming into her teenage years, an age of sexual exploration, and how those around her treat her. There's some slight nudity, but, thankfully, this film isn't ruined by sexual gratuity. As for negatives, though, the the conflict between Alvaro and his father was unnecessarily shoehorned in; it would have fit had that scene not come out of the blue.

Nina R (jp) wrote: It's a murder mystery involving a girl who draws comics. What's not to love?

Allan A (de) wrote: All Sorts Of Fucked Up

Bill M (gb) wrote: I guess I just like the actors! Makes even a somewhat slow script can be handled by great actors, even if not much is demanded of them. I enjoyed it.

Rob D (fr) wrote: not that bad a movie for HBO

James M (ag) wrote: There's a few good lines but the theme of the movie doesn't ring true. Merely an excuse for Billy Crystal to showcase his comedic ability.

Olivier T (jp) wrote: An unrecognized film, destroyed by the critics, and yet it is a very good movie : a cult film.

Zane T (es) wrote: I'll give this movie some credit. It did try to capture the tone of an Elmore Leonard novel, but it still falls apart. Part of the problem is most of the actors play the characters as caricatures and it doesn't work. George Segal overacts. Charles Durning seems like he belongs in a comedy. In many ways, it's too much of a typical 1980's crime action movie and that's the problem.

Mike K (nl) wrote: I rather enjoyed it. It was nice to see Horowitz from BAD BOYS and the old style NYC backdrop. It was also refreshing to see Pacino in a more family-oriented role than his typical hard-nosed roles. Most people probably wouldn't care for this movie but it reminded me of the good old days. B-

Jeremy P (us) wrote: Another solid effort from Chang Cheh and his venoms. The description above is a little off... this one is pretty light-hearted before the final fight. The leads are friends and always enjoy testing each other and goofing off. This is done in classic, yet cheesy, ways for Hong Kong films, and you have to have likable actors for that to work. There is a whole group of distinctive villains that are far from intimidating, except of course for the always amazing Lu Feng.

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Justin R (kr) wrote: I thought this movie was an excellent Pixar film and it is up with the toy story's and the other Pixar greats!!!