Hero of the Red Light District

Hero of the Red Light District

A successful textile industrialist from the provinces, who is beloved by his employees for his kindness, cannot find a wife because of a disfiguring birthmark on his face. Even the courtesans in Yoshiwara refuse to entertain him, until an indentured peasant prostitute, Tamarazu, takes the unsavoury assignment and treats him with brash tenderness.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:109 minutes
  • Release:1960
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
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The film that led David Shipman to declare Uchida "the equal of Mizoguchi and Kinugasa," KILLING IN YOSHIWARA ranks with Uchida's finest postwar work... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hero of the Red Light District torrent reviews

O S (ag) wrote: The only think good about this movie is that it is over.

Micheline S (es) wrote: not bad at all, the gorgeous Josh Holloway also makes this movie worth seeing ;)

Kate R (br) wrote: It was a good movie. I enjoyed the premise, most of the acting and the ending was killer.

E L (es) wrote: Haaaahahahah. Oh dear.

Private U (au) wrote: Love this movie, one of my favorite "guilty pleasure movies" though I use the term loosely, because I never feel guilty watching it

Brad S (ca) wrote: I hadn't seen this in years, so it was nice to revisit it, and I was surprised how well I remembered it considering it's now 25yrs old. Both Caan and Bates are great in it, a rare exception of someone in a horror film winning an Oscar, but Bates deserved it. I also really liked Richard Farnsworth in it, I hadn't remembered his character as well, but it jumped out this time. This film is a must!

Nick E (ag) wrote: Martin and Caine bring the laughs thanks to the chemistry and dialogue between the two leads.

Christina W (de) wrote: This is one of my all time favorite movies; I even bought it when I could no longer find it in the rental stores anymore becuase it was so old. The tension and intelligence in this movie make it completely worth seeing; the main characters solidly hold their own on screen - especially Dustin Hoffman. The time warp is also interesting in that it is set in 1926, with Vanessa Redgrave playing a very convincingly upset and frazzled Agatha Christie - but still stable enough to organize an amazing coup on her rival for her husband. Totally worth seeing; if you don't, you'll miss a great piece of history that may or may not have happened.

Tor M (nl) wrote: The Russian army is out and about in the Siberian wilderness in the early 1900's. Soon they get a new friend - Dersu, a local hunter that has lived in the woods for decades. He helps them a whole lot as he is a superbly skilled hunter, wilderness master and he is also bubling over with wise, nice words. The wildlife is the only life he can live.This is lovly captured. Nearly two and a half hours of old history with few turns may seem like a big thing to swallow, but it's never boring. Superb photography, some memorable scenes and the splitting of the film (two parts) is nice. I won't give away a key feature here, but the turn that takes place is hitting a sweet spot.A very long production with wild tigers, turbulent weather and great scenery. Great acting and good atmosphere. I felt I learned something important from it. It will certainly grow on me, since it's turning better in my head days after watching it. Not a fantastic film, but it's very solid, mesmerizing and unforgettable. Only my second Kurosawa flick, but there will be many more.7.5 out of 10 Kapitans.

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Anna Q (nl) wrote: Thanks Patton Oswalt!