Heroes and Villains

Heroes and Villains

"Do you trust your partner? Do you really trust them? Let us put them to the test!"

"Do you trust your partner? Do you really trust them? Let us put them to the test!" . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Angela G (br) wrote: Someone tell the director Albino's usually aren't murdering mutants that live in the mountains. They usually don't look like the Crypt-keeper either.

Teresa f (jp) wrote: This is a fantastic film. I just didn't fancy it but I was convinced. The story and the acting was great. This is one to watch.

Michael M (es) wrote: 10 years later this movie has actually gotten better. It's crazy how much talent they had in this cast: Emile, Anton, JT, Pete from Mad Men, Ben Foster is an absolute beast plus topless Olivia Wilde, Amanda Seyfried, and Amber Heard. Pretty excellent really.

Isaac W (au) wrote: Overall pretty weird and surreal.

Jenna G (ca) wrote: The kid me preferred A Bugs Life over Antz...adult me prefers Antz over A Bugs Life.

Brian S (gb) wrote: Y'all want too know what's better than an alien film? An erotic alien film, wich "Species" delivers a satisfying amount of, but the story itself isn't too be taken too seriously. It's got good performances by good actors, and the special effects are descent, even though they could've done a better job on some of the CGI, but, Sil still manages to be quite scary. The music is very good and eerie too. But I do have to hand it out to Felix Vasquez Jr., that the ending is pretty silly and unecessary, but it's still a descent flick. Recommended !!

Ian C (mx) wrote: The poorest and final installment of the vengeance pentalogy. Bronson has mellowed out in his old age this time he takes on the mob and uses various props to do his killing, such as poison, a remote control football and an acid bath.

Ken S (jp) wrote: Somewhere between Clive Barker, Bertoluccis the Dreamers, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane and Godard's Band of Outsides.It's certainly an Experience

Dylan D (ca) wrote: Ernest Goes to Camp is actually a very good movie; it might not feature the absolute best script ever written or the finest Oscar-caliber acting, but there's one thing it has in abundance: heart.

Michelle W (jp) wrote: no info = no interest

Saundra H (mx) wrote: This is such a fun movie. I really enjoy Doris Day.

Shawn M (mx) wrote: Early great Rossellini

Joel A (es) wrote: A rip roaring sensual film about a pacific island prostitute's run in with a religious hypocrite and the tension between just rises & rises.Roual Walsh played the genuine love interest of Sadie & was also the director of the film. It has beautiful camera work & gorgeous lighting. Gloria Swanson was sensational as Sadie Thompson she was charismatic & was capable of all the emotional depths she needed. Quite a tragic film that's quite ground breaking for its time & it's quite compelling to watch.

DerpstaGaming (br) wrote: In my opinion, one of the worst Harry potters but it adds much to the story.

Sarah K (fr) wrote: Overall, the movie flopped. The storyline would be pretty good if it were not ruined by the awful forced accents, the clich (C) situations, horrible songs, overly-gutsy acting and cheap costumes. The only thing I enjoyed in the slightest was how it was historically accurate (more or less) including themes about urbanization, child labor, strikes and the newspaper. But keep in mind, this movie was produced by Disney. What do you expect? Definitely on the low end of the Disney movie spectrum.