Heroes of the East

Heroes of the East

Gordon Liu stars as a Chinese martial arts student struggling to relate to his new Japanese wife. When a series of martial misunderstandings spirals into an international incident, he's forced to take on seven of Japan's most powerful martial arts masters, each an expert in a different discipline, ranging from karate to samurai to ninjitsu.

A Chinese man (Liu) marries a Japanese woman through an arranged marriage and manages to insult all of her Japanese martial arts family by issuing a challenge to her that is misinterpreted ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heroes of the East torrent reviews

Ian M (es) wrote: Eeee... That was quite the ending. I enjoyed this. It's pretty disturbing. I find all the promo for the movie so misleading, but that's not a bad thing. Was more of a surprise. If you stop watching & you feel you would watch a sequel? Then it's pretty good. Freaky & a great cast.

Michael M (mx) wrote: The acting boosts up this rating as the movie itself is one of those movies about poor white trash doing poor, white trashy things in Texas like living in trailer parks, pimping out your sister, and generally just looking dirty and trashy throughout. There are some very NC-17ish scenes that really earn this rating. Gina Gershon providing fellatio on a KFC chicken leg comes to mind. And Juno Temple's bush. File this under weird but probably worth a viewing.


Tracy N (ag) wrote: Awkward, quirky and hilarious. Love Jemaine Clements character.

Wayne S (ru) wrote: A good political thriller.

James M (ag) wrote: This is a film that lovers of Canadian cinema can be proud of. It's well written, well acted, well shot. The plot is intriguing and highly personal. You can identify with the well-developed characters effortlessly and feel the emotion put into the film by those who made it. Also, unlike many Canadian films which fall either into the 'wannabe American' category or the 'Canadian cheddar' category (where a film's plot is so overtly Canadian that it becomes a cheesy gimmick), this film is a film any person from any country can identify with, but it doesn't feel the need to hide its Canadianness in shame. You see a flag twice in the film if you're looking for it, and you hear the father's accent if you're listening.All said and done, this is a film I would recommend to others highly, and one that I would buy.

Adrian M (jp) wrote: Why all the geniuses someday fall??

Abel D (es) wrote: A wannabe Death of A Salesman, an incredible early dramatic turn from Robin Williams can't save sloppy pacing and a tedious narrative about lost potential.

Not L (ca) wrote: Interesting take on a mental illness. Probably the best of his "dream films".

Harrison D (ag) wrote: Not DeSica's best, but hard to dislike his consistently great use of Marcello Mastroianni and Sophia Loren.

Van R (de) wrote: MURDER, MY SWEET director Edward Dmytryk helmed RAINTREE COUNTY, a tragic love story set against the American Civil War. Everything about this prestigious MGM production had tragedy attached to it. Not only did the story conclude on a tragic note, but also Montgomery Cliff lost control of his car on a twisting road and crashed it into a telephone pole. The facial and cranial injuries that Cliff suffered were so critical that MGM briefly contemplating scrapping the production. Indeed, Dmytryk did have to stop production until Cliff recovered from his injuries. The handsome young RED RIVER matinee idol was never the same after the car accident. After the film premiered, Cliff told NEWSWEEK magazine that quote--the audience spends too much time trying to figure out which scenes were made after my accident--unquote. Tragedy had struck already because the massive novel upon which the film was based was written by Ross Lockridge, Jr. The book was a Book of the Month Club bestseller in 1948, but writing this epic drove Lockridge to commit suicide. The last tragedy of this lost movie is that the copyright owner has not issued an official DVD release. The only copies of RAINTREE COUNTY are available in the now largely defunct VHS format. An Asian company called Castaways has released a DVD, but the DVD is abysmal. Instead of the widescreen letterboxed format of the VHS version, the Castaways version truncates the picture and the film no longer has an intermission and some copies are unreadable in a DVD.This sprawling soap opera occurs over a period of six years before, during, and after the American Civil War. The film and the county both drew its name from an exotic Chinese tree that Johnny Appleseed planted in a swamp on his way through the wilderness sewing apple orchards. During an outdoor lecture, Professor Jerusalem Webster Stiles (Nigel Patrick) regales his class with the story of the raintree. Stiles tells them that anybody who finds the raintree will find the secret of life. Unfortunately, nobody knows where the raintree is located. Idealist Indiana poet/scholar Johnny Wickliff Shawnessy (Montgomery Cliff) plunges into the swamp and searches for the raintree. He becomes an object of ridicule for his impulsive behavior. About a half-hour in the action, Johnny accepts a challenge to compete with the fastest runner in Raintree County, Flash Perkins (Lee Marvin of THE BIG HEAT), but the professor intervenes before they can start. Stiles convinces all parties involved to have the foot race delayed until July Fourth. He wants to bet a hundred dollars on Johnny. Later, Johnny runs into the dark-haired, North Orleans-bred, Havana-born southern belle Susanna Drake (Elizabeth Taylor) when he goes to have his photograph taken. He accompanies her to her house and their romance begins. Miraculously, Johnny beats Flash in the race. After the race, Johnny and Susanna joint Professor Stiles on a picnic in the woods with his girlfriend. Eventually, Johnny winds up marrying Susanna because she informs him that she is pregnant with his child. This ruins the love that our protagonist shared with his golden-haired childhood sweetheart Nell Gaither (Eva Marie Saint) and they drift apart. Actually, Susanna was never pregnant. Later, he learns that she lied to him because she wanted him so much. The hero visits the south with his wife and learns about a mysterious fire that she was involved in and the tragic circumstances surrounding it. Susanna thinks that the worst thing that can happen to a white woman is to have tainted African-American blood. She remembers the night that their mansion burned. As it turns out, her father had to leave his post as a Congressman to tend to his ailing, hysterical wife. Since he could not have a meaningful, child-bearing relationship with her wife, he resorted to an extramarital affair with a slave and Susanna was the product of their union. The Congressman??s wife shoots both the slave and her husband and set the mansion on fire. Susanna blames herself for the incident because she left a nasty note for her in her scrapbook album.MGM Studios spared no expense in the production of RAINTREE COUNTY. After lensing interiors in Hollywood, producer David Lewis took the company on location in Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee to finish the picture. According to RAINTREE COUNTY historian Stephen V. Russell, the film boasted 119 speaking roles, 72 interior studio sets, and 34 exterior location scene. QUO VADIS cinematographer Robert Surtees does an outstanding job lensing this movie. RAINTREE COUNTY was the film shot in an entirely new photographic process called Camera 65 that was designed to enhance pictorial detail. Indeed, the only other movie to employ this process was the Charlton Heston classic BEN-HUR. Not surprisingly, Surtees shot that movie, too. The cast is fantastic, but this MGM spectacle is no match for GONE WITH THE WIND. RAINTREE COUNTY is related from a Northern perspective, and the Montgomery Cliff hero is nothing like Clark Gable. The Elizabeth Taylor character has a mentally unstable history, keeps a massive collection of dolls, one with a half-burnt face, and she is supposed to symbolize the irrationality of the South. The actual Civil War scenes take place after the intermission, but they cannot compete with GWTW. The dialogue of BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK scenarist Millard Kauffman does not contain anything like the immortal Rhett Butler line at the end of the movie. Sumptuous set designs distinguish this film along with a fine, sensitive performance by Taylor that netted the London-born actress her first Academy Award nomination for Best Actress. Lee Marvin, who had specialized in villain roles before RAINTREE COUNTY, played a sympathetic character for a change. Marvin??s performance is predictably agile, especially in the barroom scenes when he flexes his body for the upcoming race. Rod Taylor plays a slimy, Copperhead politician. Agnes Moorehead is cast as the mother of our hero Ellen Shawnessy.

Jennifer L (kr) wrote: ostrich joke never gets old though

Ben R (au) wrote: To call this one of the best if not they best high school football movie ever wouldn't be too far from the truth. This has alot of breakout stars who started out here during the late 90s run of teen drama's and comedies that flooded the market during that time. This would have to be the best thing James Van Der Beek has ever and will ever do. Paul Walker played it low key during most of the movie which was good because I can only stand him in small doses. Jon Voight nailed it as the asshole glory hog football coach, and I'm guessing he sorta acts that way in real life because it pulled it off way too well. Amy Smart and Ali Larter rounded off the female cast perfectly as the two polar opposites of each other (smart as the Virginal wholesome girlfriend and Larter as the stuck up cheerleader slut) and they always pull off good performances with whatever role they do. All the side characters were all played very well and gave you an idea on how obsessed and crazy these people in texas really are about their high school football. This movie blends the drama,comedy and the sports action perfectly and doesn't let up. The movie as a whole never gets boring and I can see myself watching this again soon because its just that good. The one negative thing about this movie is that it sorta feels way too short, like they wrapped everything up way too fast. I wanted to spend more time with these characters and I can't say that about most movies I watch. That being the only negative thing I can think of, I'd say this movie is doing pretty good and holds up very well for a movie that's 12 or 13 years old. If you haven't seen this yet and waited forever to see it like me... I'd day do yourself a favor and netflix this...you don't be disappointed.

Chris (us) wrote: Boring as shit up until everyone is finally at the haunted house and then it gets pretty damn gory and fun.