Heroic Duo

Heroic Duo

Tough cop Ken Li (Cheng) is at the top of his game, but he's going to need some help to solve a grisly crime that the offender, a respected police officer, doesn't even remember committing. He seeks out Jack Lai (Lai), a former psychologist now in disgrace and behind bars, who has an uncanny ability to bend people to his will. Making an uneasy truce, this unconventional pair set out on a mission to find the man responsible, a master of hypnotism who will stop at nothing to get his revenge!

Ken Lee dated girlfriend Brenda but the love isn't strong enough. Jack Lai married Mandy (Chui Jing Lui), police friend (Wong Tak Ban) killed by Jack's boss. Jack was a professor of a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Allyse T (mx) wrote: Cinematically well made, but has a lackluster storyline (based on recollections of the writer's own childhood - which basically seems more fantasy than fact). There are moments of true creepiness - like the dirty bathtub filled with the "chewed out" faces of Washington from dollar bills, the possibly in-bred siblings living in the basement of the Grace's house (whose unintelligible gibberish only adds to the creep factor), and just about any scene with Eugene in it (when he reached from offscreen to touch Steven's curly locks, I almost crawled out of my skin.) The actors have an authenticity to them which is good, and the movie does pick up the pace in the last 15 minutes. However, it's not more than a two-star film for me. I feel as if this movie had great potential, with so many chill-inducing elements, but no ability to link them together into a cohesive whole, let alone use them to build up in a bone-chilling crescendo for the finale. The writer should have deleted the "based on true events" and instead used his childhood memories as elements to give viewers a real thrills and chills story.

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shaun p (ca) wrote: while comparable to Battle Royale in terms of basic premise, this movie holds its own thanks to its talented cast of unknowns, whose characters that manage to be crazy, sad and believable without resorting to raving or sobbing.it also benefits from toned down yet reasonably graphic violence and suspense, thanks in no part to its absorbing, faux-reality show style that makes the suspense as fun as any straightforward realist narrative.it uses these techniques to craft a fun, darkly comic and ultimately devastating look at our obsession with and desensitization to media violence and growing apathy towards the welfare of others for a few ratingsyou've probably never heard of this movie, but its definitely worth discovering. it matches BR on almost every level.

Ibraheem M (us) wrote: Famous for its catchphrase "Go ahead, make my day!", Sudden Impact doesn't reach the high standards of Dirty Harry but it is still a fair installment for the series.

JohnnyLee T (ca) wrote: Unconvincing Hitchcockian conspiracy thriller. Derivative. Uninvolving.Most interesting thing is its Philadelphia setting - and its 70's pre-digital gadgetry. Travolta's slow motion sprint at end displays all that is wrong with the film - it's all fake and for effect only. SPOILER ALERT. Should we even remember that Sally was responsible for Manny's death (defending herself from rape)? I know the obedient media will probably report it as an "accident", but still it's a loose end I didn't like left hanging, especially in a thriller.

Russell H (de) wrote: stupid but funny enough

Ana Karen R (gb) wrote: Great performance of Ethan Hawke, beautiful photography, touching movie.