Heroji za jedan dan

Heroji za jedan dan

A comic tale of a group of boys and a pretty girl who try to make easy buck.

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Matthew C (gb) wrote: Easily one of the biggest superhero movies at the time, Spiderman is a great origin story that we never saw before at the time. Maguire along with Dafoe and Franco are amazing at their roles.

Lilianetty l (it) wrote: Wonderful short film (11 minutes of wonder!). If you don't cry a bit or try to, you did not get or got the message of the story. The question remains the same in any type of short or movie with this theme (that I won't spoil for you): How will you react in a situation like this? How will you help out? What would you give to be in that person's position? Those questions will always...be there. 4 & a half stars of 5 (would give it 5/5, but is very emotional...so...can't even if I wanted to really). HASTA LA PROXIMA MES AMIS DU 7th L'ART! And yes, the acting, the score, is parfait! Lines are not necessary here at all, just the visuals takes you and is all that matters. - May 27, 2013.

Steve B (jp) wrote: the weakest of the 3 films - and the silliest

Agustn S (ca) wrote: The Fellowship of the Ring is a brilliant introduction of Tolkien's epic. It is a visually breathtaking and richly detailed piece of fantasy; it's characters are all given life thanks to it's talented cast, and while it's lenght may seem excessive, Peter Jackson manages to make it's almost 3 hour runtime worth sitting through.

Martin D (fr) wrote: One of my favorite Jet Li films. A cult classic!

Pierre K (mx) wrote: A beautiful movie! made of a deep touching and meaningful story about the circle of violence in Macedonia.You understand all the tragedy of the Balkan region.Beautiful movie indeed.The contrast between the beauty of landscape current life and violence is so powerful that it almost merge you in it .It s truly artistic in its simplicity and beauty and ultimately gripping smart and moving.This is a classic of the 90's For what it means and for the story it tells.

Tracy F (es) wrote: Dang I forget how funny this was. Still can't believe my parents let me see him in Jackson the summer after graduation. Too awesome.

Gary B (mx) wrote: Funny as f*ck, and a bit mental :)

gary t (br) wrote: well umn this is the only carry on movie ive watched but think its ok its nothing special 2 watch..its got a good cast of actors/actressess throguhout this movie..i think that sidney fiddler plays a good part throughout this movie..i think that sid james plays a good part throughout this movie as well...its an old 1970's comedy/drama movie its got a good cast of actors/actressess throughout this movie...i think that the director of this comedy/drama movie had done a good job of directing this movie because you never know what 2 expect thorughout this movie n its an ok movie 2 watch

Agustin P (ca) wrote: If Carol Reed doesn't manage to keep your attention through 104 minutes of fine art with an exquisitely written plot-twisty script and excellent photography direction, this iconic film-noir masterpiece will surely manage to charm you with sublime performances. It unfolds sensibly, with cold characters that never exaggerate emotions or open up themselves too much and thus make the story look effortless in its brilliance. They are all involved, in their own ways, in nihilist moral systems that compliment the dark, post-war Vienna shot in a visionary and innovating way. It is, as 'the fellow' says, in extreme badass.Its only possible con may be that due to the style of rushed storytelling modern cinema follows, 'The Third Man' may result a bit dense and slow to some, specially those used to non-thought-provoking movies.Anyway it is definitely one highly recommendable picture, full of thrill and suspense and aforementioned great acting. An authentic classic, nothing new to its excellence.

svanur A (ca) wrote: love bean so much he's just to funny

Ryad D (ca) wrote: I just love it !!! excellent movie

Randy P (es) wrote: A dull straight to video thriller, with no thrills to offer.