Herr Arnes pengar

Herr Arnes pengar

Three Scottish officers, including Sir Archi, murder Sir Arne and his household for a coffin filled with gold. The only survivor is Elsalill, who moves to relatives in Marstrand. There she ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tino P (au) wrote: It's beautifully written and the acting is just pinpoint perfect.

Kyle G (fr) wrote: This really had potential but it all falls apart about 2/3 of the way through

Melvin W (ca) wrote: Superman vs. The Elite is a pretty good little dc animation. It isn't the best we've seen from them, but it definitely isn't the worst. I really liked the characters that made up the Elite, and the story was interesting and engaging. That's normally how I judge these type of movies. If they keep my attention the whole time, they're normally pretty good. The bad ones always lose me about half way through.This is worth a look if you're into Superman or superhero movies in general. There's some nice social commentary going on and also some great, dark themes at play as well. This likely won't be your favorite Superman animation, but it should be enough to merit a watch.

Rocco B (nl) wrote: I catch this whenever its on tv. It amuses me, but I haven't a clue why. I think its hilarious.

Dan T (nl) wrote: "Breach" is a tense and slow-burning political thriller that boasts an outstanding performance from Chris Cooper as Robert Hanssen, the man responsible for the biggest breach (known to the public at least) in U.S. government history. Ryan Philippe plays Eric O'Neill, the young FBI agent who is tasked with observing Hanssen and plays a large role in ultimately bringing him down. Both leads are very good here and Cooper brings an intensity to the screen that will leave on-edge. Though the film has been out for awhile, I hadn't seen it until recently and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. If you're a fan of political thrillers give this one a shot.

Aaron B (es) wrote: I swear for the first forty five minutes all this movie seemed to be about was Gerard Depardux as an angry bartender yelling at everybody. After about fourty five minutes I wished this movie was about Gerard Depardux as an agry bartender yelling at everybody. Slow and pointless, filmed in what seemed to be a constant haze, I quickly stopped caring about any of the characters. I had hopes for Matt Dillons directorial debut. Oh well, at least he is making a comeback in the acting arena.

Justin B (au) wrote: It's worth seeing, especially for a Monty Python fan. But the pacing is off often and the jokes aren't delivered properly. Still if you like Monty Python or Mel Brooks movies, and you've seen the rest, this should be on your list, even if its toward the bottom.

X T (ca) wrote: Made as a tribute to Luis Bunuel, this owes as much to Vertigo in its portrayal of romantic obsession and fetish as to Bunuel's surrealism. Saura's editing and framing is kind of bland but there's some pretty cool devices like using Chaplin (who displays great range) to play three roles and the attention to details that highlight the fetishist quality of the film. The ending was creepy as hell.

Michael V (gb) wrote: Interesting that this 70 year old movie deals with many of the same concerns we have for our government. Driven by a young Jimmy Stewart, this movie deals with the issues of transparency and efficiency of our government and seeks to revitalize you, occasionally over dramatically, with patriotism.

William W (jp) wrote: Seeing this for the first time last night, I couldn't believe both what a fine film and great performance from Bette Davis. No wonder she's still considered one of the greatest actresses that ever lived. Very few today could hold a candle to her talent, and to the beauty she had in her heyday.