Het dagboek van Anne Frank

Het dagboek van Anne Frank


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vicente a (br) wrote: it look like a good moive

Howard E (kr) wrote: I knew Holocaust survivors growing up. There was my cousin Leon, who was my family's sole survivor, and there were my grandparents' friends and some of my friends' parents who ultimately made their way to Canada from the "old country" in the 1950s. These people never talked to me about their experiences in such hell holes as Auschwitz, Buchenwald and Bergen-Belsen for it was just too painful for them. I remember seeing a number tattoo on the arm of one of my grandmother's friends. When I asked her about it, she told me that it was her phone number back in Poland. She said that she had it tattooed on her arm so that she wouldn't forget it. I was only eight years old at the time so what did I know? I believed her.I first visited Cambodia in 1991, just before the UN arrived to screw up the place. My knowledge of that country's recent tragic past came from the movie, THE KILLING FIELDS, which I saw seven years before. Until I got there, I didn't appreciate that it was only 14 years since the Cambodians had emerged from their own hell hole, called Democratic Kampuchea, which was run by the tyrant Pol Pot and enforced by the brutal Khmer Rouge. (Why are countries that have the word "democratic" in their name anything but that?) There was a strange mixture of melancholy, optimism and desperation all around. Unlike my childhood experience, the Cambodians all shared their testimonies with me - and everyone had one. Each night I went back to my hotel room to reflect on what I had heard during the day and to cry. Maybe that's why my cousin and my grandparents' friends never wanted to tell me what had happened to them.When the Khmer Rouge entered Phnom Penh on April 17, 1975, filmmaker Rithy Panh was just one day short of celebrating his 11th birthday. Like all the citizens of Cambodia's capital city, Panh and his family were marched out of their home at gunpoint with just a suitcase or whatever they could carry on their backs. They were sent to a labour camp in the countryside where all their possessions were stripped from them. Their clothes were even died black because coloured clothing was considered to be impure and corrupt. This was "Year Zero" and the start of four years of indoctrination, hardship, torture, political execution, disease and starvation that resulted in the deaths of an estimated 2 million people - almost one-third of the country's population.THE MISSING PICTURE is based on Panh's memories from that harsh and violent time. Mixing archival footage (propaganda film shot by the Khmer Rouge) with hundreds of hand-carved, hand-painted clay figurines, Panh presents us with a slightly detached yet hauntingly moving account of his own testimony. Rather than using stop-motion animation, the director places these figurines into elaborately detailed dioramas, which his camera zooms in on and pans over as the narrator recounts Panh's memories. (I watched the English version, which was beautifully narrated by French-Cambodian actor Jean-Baptiste Phou. The French version is narrated by French-Cambodian actor Randal Douc.) No pictures exist that show the dehumanization of his family or his society. (Hence, the film's title.) As the narrator says, "A picture can be stolen; a thought cannot." This is very powerful indeed.But THE MISSING PICTURE is not only a story of a dark time in recent history. It also offers us lessons for today when groups like the Islamic State, Boko Haram, the Taliban and Hamas are growing in strength. If we don't stand up to tyranny, totalitarianism and intolerance today, we'll have a world that looks a lot like North Korea tomorrow.THE MISSING PICTURE won the Cannes Film Festival's prestigious Un Certain Regard award in 2013 and received Cambodia's first-ever nomination for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar (R) in 2014. (It lost out to THE GREAT BEAUTY from Italy.)

Brit C (ca) wrote: The book as always is way better

Jeffrey M (es) wrote: Funny, poignant, endearing, and resonating, Sunshine Cleaning is an example of a dramedy done right. It's a film that captures the authentic family dynamics we can all relate to, in a story that is familiar, but with a narrative framework that is refreshing. The characters are flawed, the times are hard, yet the hopeful undercurrent is felt throughout.The film finds Amy Adams as a single mom who, by happenstance, endeavors on a crime-scene cleaning business. She struggles to find balance between her own misgivings (an affair with a married man and high school sweetheart), her adrift sister, her mischievous son, and her well-meaning father. The film is full of humor, but never at the sacrifice for its central narrative. It gives us a tapestry of people who feel real, all with their own struggles, and manages to give all their due. The themes are familiar, yet executed in an uncanny way. The performance of Amy Adams is, without question, the most successful thing about the film. She anchors every scene with a charisma, an energy, and comforting performance. We feel her insecurities, but appreciate her endurance. Her chemistry with Emily Blunt is also felt throughout, making for a very effective relationship between the two.Above all, the film feels smart. It's not whimsical for the sake of whimsical, it's not clich, but feels mature. The humor is organic, the performances are endearing. It's lighthearted at times, yet undeniably poignant at the end.A very strong overall dramedy.4/5 Stars

Shawn S (ca) wrote: Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Ryan Merriman are pretty good and the death scenes are fairly entertaining.

Gina D (gb) wrote: movie? ick. drew fuller? YUM. 'nuff said.

Uaithne (gb) wrote: I'm not sure exactly what I've seen here, whether it's some kind of deep thinking film for the generation I'm not connected with, or whether it's just absolute rubbish and excessively stupid for that sake. But, either way, it's a film which doesn't proclaim to be anything - and doesn't fail in this non presumptive attitude.

Trey S (ag) wrote: [color=black]In the Line of Duty or "Royal Warriors" as titled on my dvd cover is an exciting hong kong action picture starring future bond girl Michelle Yeoh. The movie revolves around Michelle playing a cop which by mistake runs into a airline security gaurd while on a plane which just so happens to be taken over by terroists that want to free a terrorist leader which is one the plane. Now that that spill is out let's talk abit more about the performences, which I feel are on target. Michelle is as good as she is in any movie and the airline gaurd played by Micheal Wong is real fun to listen to. The action is pretty dated but this is still a good movie.[/color]

Trevor K (ag) wrote: The Australian outback is a very dangerous place. We all know this. An arid, orange, sandy hell populated by all manner of malevolent mammals, marsupials, snakes, spiders but (almost) worst of all borderline psychotic, well over the line alcoholic, quite possibly inbred locals who either don't take kindly to outsiders, or worse than that take too kindly to them and practically kill them with kindness. Throw into that mix now a heretofore unseen breed of wild boar, up to four or five times as big as a normal wild boar, and one with a penchant for house demolition and baby snatching and you've got a truly terrifying scenario.When Beth Winters, some soppy lefty liberal animal rights campaigner from New York of all places, turns up in the outback 'town' of Gamulla to investigate the slaughter of thousands of kangaroos by the local toothless terrors she lands slap bang in the middle of a dust covered nightmare. A night time encounter with most of the aforementioned outback evils spells not only the end of her sojourn down under.....But also her life! When her fiance arrives to investigate her death he comes face to face with the deadly creatures that killed Miss Winters, but did the guilty party have four legs or two?Razorback is one of those glut of Ozploitation films from the 70s and 80s and though it doesn't occupy the top tier it's firmly ensconced in the second. As with many of it's contemporaries it looks fantastic, it has a surreal, nightmarish feel to it and its cast features a motley crue of oddballs and weirdos, many of whom you really wouldn't want to share a beer with, although you may find yourself without much choice in the matter. Again, like its contemporaries, the script could do with a bit of work, the story lurches and careers around like a banjaxed ute and some of the performances seem to belong in an entirely different film (or medium) but it hangs together really well. It's genuinely tense, there's some great action sequences, as mentioned already it looks fantastic and it's really only let down by a slightly lame finale.

C M (us) wrote: The Exciting sequal to Old Yeller.

Jack P (au) wrote: A gripping and totally unique crime drama. Rides the excellent performances and the strong cinematography to greatness. An entertaining little film.

Richard D (ca) wrote: Like all the Beach Party movies, this is a motley collection of comedy linked by some rather mediocre songs. This one is one of the strongest of the series due to the presence of Paul Lynde, Don Rickles and series regulars Timothy Carey and Buster Keaton. Unfortunately Harvey Lembeck, by far the worst part of this series, has a really large part in it too.