Het geheim van de Vughtse Heide

Het geheim van de Vughtse Heide

A group of children are caught in a conflict with the far past. Suddenly, some of the group are drawn into a cabin that disappears to the past.

A group of children are caught in a conflict with the far past. Suddenly, some of the group are drawn into a cabin that disappears to the past. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Het geheim van de Vughtse Heide torrent reviews

Andrew P (gb) wrote: Typical found footage that follows The Blair Witch Project. The film actually seems well made, but still not the best "acting"

Dashiki P (de) wrote: Sad and beautiful story about two real artists.

Janet N (ca) wrote: Not likely I will be looking at pink ribbons the same way any time soon!

Ivan N (ag) wrote: The emotion that you can get from the movie was direct and strong. Realistic type of scene. It was a great movie if you watch with your heart , you will learn a lot of things. What I like about the movie was that the acting was raw, not faking and you can feel it. Most importantly, it's about the truth of the world we live in.

Kay L (gb) wrote: Meh. Made me laugh here and there, but this isn't all that watchable.

Adrienne T (jp) wrote: i enjoyed this movie very much. i wanna watch it over and over.

Cesar J (nl) wrote: I guess this might be my second favorite Herbie movie; I did watch it about as much as "Monte Carlo". The scene where Herbie "walks the plank" is really heart-breaking. But the relationships of the orphan boy and the car really pulls the movie through as well as the relationships of the other characters. In the end, that's pretty much the theme of this film: friendships. And I like that.

Bruce B (gb) wrote: A Full 5 Stars, I seldom do that. This is Movie from the Criterion Collection, like most movies from this collection its outstanding. Its in French with English Subtitles. Its easy to see that Ingrid Bergman was both beautiful and talented. We really don't see that in Female actors today, They are hot for a while but there flame burns out quickly. Back in the Day and Actor or Actress was just that.

Hal M (es) wrote: We know Hollywood in the early 21st century is horribly unoriginal, with all the remakes and sequels and spin-offs of TV shows, etc. But here's an oddity: Back in 1953 superstar Clark Gable starred in a remake of one of his own 1932 movies! A major improvement this time is the color cinematography and location shooting. Lovely Grace Kelly was new to films at this time. I love the way Gable "takes" her in his inimitable style (and he took her off-screen, too!). Ava Gardner plays the other woman in the triangle; and I'd say I preferred Jean Harlow in that role. The earlier version had a sexier script incidentally, and also some humor lacking in this one. Overall...this is eye candy, hard to dislike but with little "nutritional value".

Ruth L (gb) wrote: I've seen the end, but I'd like to see it from the beginning

Colton C (jp) wrote: Pretty funny. I don't think it appeals to people who don't LOVE Family Guy. "It insists upon itself"

Charlie G (nl) wrote: This was funny. Ridiculous in places. Nice story.

James D (us) wrote: I figured since "Riddick" comes out tonight, I'd weigh in my thoughts on the 2 previous films that made this one possible. "Pitch Black" was one of and still is a favorite of mine. It's a low budget horror/Sci-Fi film that is great, and launched Vin Diesel into stardom. He plays the infamous Richard B. Riddick, a serial killer that you cheer for. It's low budget like I said, but it's adrenaline packed, has great one-liners, and is still one of my favorites!! 4.5/5 JD