Het mes

Het mes

A young boy coming into puberty is resentful of his mother's budding romance with the best friend of her late husband, and is torn and confused about his emerging feelings for Toni, a young...

A young boy coming into puberty is resentful of his mother's budding romance with the best friend of her late husband, and is torn and confused about his emerging feelings for Toni, a young... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tony L (jp) wrote: Best film in the Universal Soldier franchise. Not for the faint of heart. It's brutal, bloody, and a completely awesome gore fest. Some of the most intense fighting sequences I haveever seen.

Timothy W (au) wrote: Like many other reviewers have already mentioned, this film was overall nothing short of average. Learning the great writer's beginnings, war experience, writing passion was the best parts of the film. The remaining portion was not needed, especially learning about his love life.

Jim L (ru) wrote: The only bad thing I can say about this beautiful film is that it is damn sad. Naomi Watts and Matt Dillon do a great job of telling their stories as Melissa and Richie who are struggling at life and trying to shed the pain of their past decisions. I loved this movie and if you are up for a real life story that is going to haunt you as you consider the fact that this movie is as real as it gets. The only thing I struggled with in this film is I kept waiting for the other shoe to fall. I thought there was going to be some big event that would bring the main characters together and help them get on with their lives. I realized as the story continued that there was no big event, this was a film that was able to show these emotions and pain without having to rely on some cheap tricks or massive story twists. Sunlight Jr. is one of the best independent films of 2013!

Raj D (au) wrote: I had seen the trailer of this movie a couple of months back, and had liked the images. Later I knew that Tamar van den Dop is one of the actresses in the movie. Thus I decided to see this Dutch movie. I had seen one Dutch movie earlier ? Blind directed by Tamar van den Dop and had loved it. So I had high expectations from this movie.The story is about a family. Four generations. The great grand father Konraad (Piet Kamerman) after his wife?s death; writes a letter to his daughter Maria asking them to come and be with him during the last days. Maria?s family and life is in a mess. Maria is stressed with getting old and her relationship with her husband. Their daughter Sabine (Tamar van den Dop) is cheating on her husband, who is in love with Sabine?s psychologically depressed sister. The daughters of Sabine are young and the elder one is neurotic reactionary violent behavior whenever she faces her parent?s breaking relationship. But eventually for the sake of Konraad everyone goes to their country house. The movie ends with the death of Konraad.The movie is typically slow. It is arty stuff; rightly suited for critics and intellectual awards. Director Ms.Nanouk Leopold has developed her own style of film making. Stand still images, use of only part of the screen space with actual subjects, minimal dialogues, over emphasized capture of body and face to tell a story on its own and intimate moments (merging towards feminine and masculine sexualities). All the actors have acted well. The images are beautifully captured. The story is thin, so moves slowly and dwells more in show-casing individual personalities and traumatic events surrounding them. There is some music ? only at places where required. One observation, there were a few patches in the movie were the film was different, or developing was different, or camera used was different. It stood out as sour thumb on the flow. Did I like the movie? I would not say whole heartedly ? YES. I know there are critics who have acclaimed it and I have read that it won an award too. When I compare this with Blind, this movie falls too / two notches short.It surely has the hallmark stamp of Nanouk on the movie, who I think, has marketed her good self well enough for some producers to fund her ? even though with marginal budgets. I just hope there are producers to fund Tamar van den Dop. She is very sensitive as a director. I am longing to see her next directorial movie.(Stars 6 out of 10)

Jonathan M (gb) wrote: Jack reacher is a guy movie , probably one of the most men driven action stereotype movie I saw in a long time , a man who cannot be found, is good at everything and knows everything comes to fight off an army and finishes the movie with literally only a scratch on his face... Sometimes long , my wife slept the ending on the sofa , it was enough action packed to keep me interested in the story but not enough for me to want to see more. The only place where I found the movie succeds is in the 5 first minutes of the movie where the intensity of a serial killer is showed from the killers point of view.

Ramasubramaniam R (br) wrote: very nice and only film in the world run for more than 175 days in Oman -Gulf and made a history of Indian Cinema

Private U (au) wrote: it s a "Slow rhythm" movie but tht s not a problem at all :o) on the contrary, that contributes to make it a good movie The soundtracks are also very good Bravo Takeshi!!??????

Ralph R (au) wrote: I'll eat an Irish grape farmer's Scottish terrier before I watch this eggnog-o-rama.

Kyle M (es) wrote: It has most of the predecessor's charm, with a sadder tone. But even though Snoopy got his own film, it can't beat Charlie Brown's. (A-)(Full review coming soon)

D Gordon L (it) wrote: Long, boring and historically questionable. It does not survive the test of time. And who would leave Irene Papas for Genevieve Bujold?

Gary S (de) wrote: I really think it's a good movie that shows some of the things that soldiers went through in that battle

Jacqueline W (ca) wrote: A great but little known movie. Claudette Colbert should have won an Oscar for her performance. The cast is great with George Brent, Richard Long and a very young Natalie Woods. A great Chick Flick.

Brian M (es) wrote: Have loved all the fast and the furious movies and this one looks lke a good continuing of tokio drift

Rakisha K (fr) wrote: I'm not really into the horror and vampire flicks.

Blake C (nl) wrote: What a great origin story. Not only does it explore Bruce Wayne's fears and guilt of his parents death, it also showcases Scarecrow and Ra's Al Ghul. I just wish I could've seen the bat in action sooner.