Het schnitzelparadijs

Het schnitzelparadijs

A romantic comedy about the adventures of Nordip Doenia, a clever young Moroccan guy in The Netherlands. His parents destine him for great things, but Nordip clearly has different ideas. He...

A romantic comedy about the adventures of Nordip Doenia, a clever young Moroccan guy in The Netherlands. His parents destine him for great things, but Nordip clearly has different ideas. He... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter C (ag) wrote: Great animation but failed to live Upto the expectations

Grant S (es) wrote: One of Woody Allen's worst movies. Not THE worst, that honour goes to To Rome With Love, but this comes close. At least the stories are coherent, but they're not at all good. There is hardly a likable character in the entire movie. Everyone, in their own way, is plain loathsome. Infidelity (especially), deceit, naivety and insanity abound. Naomi Watts' character might be the only character worth supporting, and even she's not perfect.Many of the relationships don't even make sense, they're just there for relationship sake, or infidelity sake.About the only great moment was Josh Brolin's character's comeuppance. Performances are fine, it is the characters that are irritating, and very much so.

Wayne T (ru) wrote: A low budget dramatic thriller starring Lou Diamond Phillips. LDP's performance as a medicated sociopath is terrific and the supporting actors are good. Unfortunately the poor writing results in some painfully lame dialogues between characters. BELOW AVERAGE!

Iowa B (gb) wrote: The ending is something to be seen to be believed... Too bad I can't say the same thing about the rest of the movie.

Stefano L (nl) wrote: Teen movie (ma siamo sicuri? Sembrano tutti belli che venticinquenni...) britannico alquanto bruttino e mal bilanciato nella scrittura dei personaggi. C' una diciottenne che si crea da sola "il principe azzurro" con una specie di macchina del futuro in una mostra di videogame. Dopo un'incidente nella fiera, la ragazza si ritrova nel corpo dell'uomo che ha creato... ma poi si scopre che in effetti era sopravvissuta... Ecco il primo paradosso, come cavolo f una sola entit a sdoppiarsi e vivere contemporaneamente in due corpi diversi?! Vabb... Comunque il film squallidino, sia per la regia piattissima (che senso hanno le frasi dello script ridigitate sullo schermo?), sia per delle interpretazioni insipide e una trama ipocrita e senza originalit. A questo punto meglio American Pie...

Crystal K (br) wrote: I own this one on dvd. Not great, but a little funny. I just love the part of RoseAnne kissing Harvey Keitel.

Monica T (nl) wrote: Would love to see this movie again. Action comedy

Alfredo S (es) wrote: Super Mario Bros demonstrates that some videogames should stay as videogames, and not get turn into gritty, incoherent, and campy live-action movies.

Ellie B (gb) wrote: One of my favorite movies of all time. Actually better than the book, and I'm a huge Agatha Christie fan. Peter Ustinov is my favorite Poirot, I love his more comical take on the role.

Rodney E (kr) wrote: Anthony Hopkins acts his ass off as a ventriloquist who's dummy sidekick controls his mind. It was a huge influence on a project that I made in college but way different. Here Hopkins shines as someone who truly suffers from the personality of Fats. The dramatic tension is cool and well done. There is an amazing scene where Hopkins is tested on not going into Fats mode. This is like a long Twilight Zone episode

Tom M (de) wrote: Michael Caine plays a sharp and observant writer of pot-boiling pulp fiction who is just barely sharp and observant enough to stay alive but not out of trouble when he's hired to write a bio of a fading Hollywood star with mob connections. And those connections fear the story he writes will reveal an old secret. Caine is perfectly sharp in the role, and Mickey Rooney plays his part to the hilt as the aging and self-absorbed star. The movie is a perfect rainy-day British who-dunnit romp.

Rick R (au) wrote: Drive a Crooked Road (1954)Mickey Rooney doing a film noir? It's hard to believe, but yeah, and to top that off, it's kind of a racing picture too. Rooney plays Eddie Shannon, a sports car mechanic and an amateur racer with dreams of racing in Europe. Because of his small size and a bad scar from a past accident, he's not a lady's man.Naturally, he's an easy mark for Barbara Mathews (Dianne Foster) who is working for Steve Norris (Kevin McCarthy) and Harold Baker (Jack Kelly) who want Eddie to be their wheel man on a bank robbery.Eddie is an all around nice guy, but who can say no to Barbara, who isn't feeling good about using Eddie this way. And, everyone suspects that Steve and Harry are going to take poor Eddie out after the job.

Spencer P (ca) wrote: A finely tuned comedy from Harold Lloyd that will surely please and delight, but hardly shed realistic light.

Denise A (ca) wrote: A really good movie.

Elliott H (br) wrote: A really bizarre thriller; DePalma proves yet again that he's a master of his craft.

Tim B (br) wrote: Jack Nicholson gives what is quite possibly the best performance in film history in this well-directed, witty, and at times infuriating film.

Jeremy O (jp) wrote: Awsome low budget movie