Het Vonnis

Het Vonnis

A man takes on his country's justice system after a procedural error that released his wife's murderer drives him to take matters into his own hands.

A man takes on his country's justice system after a procedural error that released his wife's murderer drives him to take matters into his own hands. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anthony S (kr) wrote: James "Whitey" Bulger doesn't materialize as a fully-formed subject in this look at the notorious gangster's affect on Boston and those he terrorized. But it will get you riled up about law enforcement's corruption and complicity in his crimes.

Dan H (gb) wrote: Interesting premise but just kinda went around. Thought it could have been much better.

Sarah S (au) wrote: a powerful moving film. Sean penn does some great work here

Paul A (fr) wrote: I'll be honest. I only watched this because of Beyonce.

Craig W (jp) wrote: the best gore fest ever

Jayanthan R (br) wrote: the BEST...BEST !!!!!

Performance P (jp) wrote: The story of the sinking of the Bismarck is one that is quite remarkable and that is filed with luck as well as controversy (whether the ship sank from the damage or the Germans scuttled it). The film does not touch on whole lot on either of these aspect which hurts it a little bit. However, the use of the real footage and radio reports does help place it in a proper historical context though. The film features Kenneth More as its star playing Captain Shepard. Shepard's leap from man who only wants to capture the Bismarck to caring father and potential date is a shaky one that really affects the depth of the film. The film's cast also features the typical ardent Nazi who is blinded by his faith in Adolf Hitler, the admiral. That type of character is unrealistic in the way it is portrayed. As stated before, the use of real footage helps this film create the feel of the time. However, this film does other things like reusing the same frame to illustrate a point like, "Shoot". To the viewer, the scene is almost mind numbingly annoying. Overall, the story is told steady and throughly. There is nothing special about it. It is not very deep but it is effective in some aspects.

Zoe S (de) wrote: Was not as good as i thought it would be... it had a really good built up but the ending was disappointing... could have been so much better... thought Marc Warren played the part of Dracula well....

Gene R (us) wrote: A disaster movie done right.While the stupidity of the Mayan prophecy is taken seriously,this is still a well done movie with likeable characters and a well done earthquake sequence.The movie does fall extremely flat at points with some god awful cliches and bad comedy.However 2012 is still worth a watch.

Ross H (gb) wrote: There are some horror movies that aren't that original but yet you see something in them that you know there's potential there. While I liked a lot of things in this film there were a few things that weren't so good either but director Joseph Ariola did more good than bad. First off the music had kind of an industrial sound to it that worked more than it didn't. Also you know those times that some things happen which are so ridiculous you have to laugh? Well they're in here too! There's a killer going around knocking on doors and then disposing of them in rather unique and quite gory ways. The killer's mask: not so good, but the gore: pretty good! When we first see head town cop Billie Vega (Kim Taggart) on the scene she's wearing a see through blouse underneath her suit coat!! I thought that was a little hilarious! That's some different attire trying to solve crimes! At first I thought she was just came from a social event but no that's how she's dressing. There's another time when about 4 of the kids are walking in a wooded area when one of the girls is walking ahead of everybody when suddenly she screams and tells them that she saw that guy again, the one she saw outside the diner earlier. Of course they don't really believe her and they ask her where's he at now and she doesn't see him anymore, but as soon as they turn around not 15 feet away the camera shows the killer behind them! I had to laugh! It's this kind of things that made it a little amateurish but the filmmaker's heart is in the right place. Eventually, with a lot of help from a former cop MIke (Antonio Mastrantonio). When I say a lot of help that's what I mean. Billie Vega and her dimwit deputy don't really figure anything out at all! They're totally inept! The film is basically geared more toward the adults trying to figure out what's going on with these kids being murdered and not so much about the kids. As far as the acting goes nobody is very good except for Mike the former cop. Antonio Mastrantonio does a very good job in his performance. This movie came out in 2007 and it's Joseph Ariola's last project on IMDB. This makes me think that since this movie didn't do to good financially that he doesn't have a project in the works. It's too bad, really because I bet with more money and better actors the guy could do something as good as good as all the other slop that gets released direct to dvd. It is a film that has a lot of issues but yet I found enough things in it that I can truly recommend it to the slasher/horror film fan who doesn't nitpick every little thing. And when something happens that's ridiculous in the film? Just enjoy it. Does that make sense? Hey it might not but it is what it is.

Lando Q (it) wrote: It wasn't as good as I expected. Although it lacked some direction and there were some secondary acting that could've been much better, it was still fun to watch. Special fx were awesome and Charlize was flawless.

Luciano G (jp) wrote: It is not a bad film, and it definitely has it's faults.... yet, considering the director's inexperience and the camcorder-genre, it is good enough to give a watch - particularly if you are a fan of that style of filming,...

kill m (nl) wrote: this film is great. the acting was amazing. however there distrust of physics and there lake of a diverse cast make the move only good and not great.