Lowly hotel clerk Matthew Welch stumbles unto a chance to go on a date with supermodel Hexina by pretending he is someone else. But something goes wrong on the date, she tries to kill him! Soon she kills a couple more people, and unfortunately all the evidence points to Matthew. Gloria, who has been wishing Matthew would ask her on a date, thinks he is innocent and is willing to help, but hardnosed Detective Ferguson is hot on the clues, and closing in on Matthew.

Lowly hotel clerk Matthew Welch stumbles unto a chance to go on a date with supermodel Hexina by pretending he is someone else. But something goes wrong on the date, she tries to kill him! ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Juan J (us) wrote: I'm not a fan or a comic reader but i think i got the basics of Batman but his was just ridiculous, i mean, no offense to anyone who "enjoyed" it but this is just not good.Batman acts as a rouge rebel that cares for nothing and does what he pleases, even if he's being portrait-ed/interpreted as more human, i hardly think a human would act like that. It seems like he was a bit more off than the Joker. He acted like a maniac.I also, don't understand the purpose of having version of Superman (not a Superman fan either) if he doesn't even behave like Superman, i mean, Superman is lighting fast, smart, powerful so on and so forth but, i mean, really?!!!!!, Batman is faster than Superman when dodging heavy metals, punching, moving?! Seriously, i know that fans want their hero to be the best, but Batman IS human, he IS OLD here and the heavy armor he wears will make him slower, unless physics don't apply here but even then he was faster than Superman, COME ON!!!!!! Let's not exaggerate.This is my opinion and everyone is entitled to voice it ( in this case write it... ) Anyway, i really don't, wouldn't and won't recommend this movie, not worth the time.

Alex C (de) wrote: Not a fan of Trigun? Never even heard of the series? Then don't touch this with a ten-foot pole. Personally, I was really hoping the two women from the insurance company wouldn't make an appearance, or that stupid black cat, but nope, that was too much to ask for, it seems.

Scott W (mx) wrote: edited. 12-11-10. I think about this movie often. Really good! Very good ! (small movie and was surprised to see it is Canadian)

Aswin U (nl) wrote: horrible movie please dont see this movieu will waste ur preciouse 2 and half hours

Jenn T (mx) wrote: A little child like but then again it is disney

Michael A (ca) wrote: Even though it's about Edie Sedgewick it's Guy Pearce as Andy Warhol that steals the show..the rest is just another common story of a unknown becoming famous and dying of drug use.

Hamakontablihotmailfr H (it) wrote: ????? ??? ???????...

Velma S (fr) wrote: I love HBO original movies and this was a strong film that the they made. The characters portrayed were so sad and pathetic that you almost didn't have that sense of pity but slight disgust at how hungry for love and human connection they longed for. Good film

Joe C (kr) wrote: Not as bad as you might think it would be. Jon Bon Jovi does a pretty good job as a vampire hunter. Not too bad of a supporting cast. Not too much gore! A few frights here and there. Overall a pretty good vampire movie!!!

Weul S (br) wrote: A ragtag airline runs dangerous missions over the Andes, in this tough soap opera with a gooey center.

Justin B (nl) wrote: Beautiful if undemanding family film. It's basically just Free Willy with a dolphin but it works for what it is.

Brandon W (ru) wrote: With a producer of Tyler Perry, and with a plot that is just like Meet the Parents, I don't really expect much from it and more or less would feel like a Tyler Perry film, but it actually doesn't, and is not that bad of a film, although nothing memorable. Craig Robinson is good and has the comic timing for it. The movie does feel like a sitcom at times, and the plot is very predictable. You can already tell about what the message is going to be, and it really felt mean-spirited at times which made me feel sorry for Craig Robinson's character. There are some good jokes that got a laugh at me, and I did like the interplay between Craig Robinson and David Alan Grier. It wasn't as melodramatic as I thought was gonna be which I'm glad, and Peeples is just a decent film that I'm glad that I didn't hate it, but I wish that it was better though.