Hey Cinderella!

Hey Cinderella!

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Jesus B (de) wrote: This is a good, entertaining movie with a surprisingly well put together ensemble cast. Looks great in the mountains and has some interesting little twists throughout. I would recommend.

Grayson D (mx) wrote: Nicely shot on a barren Canary Island, el Hierro this is an icy horror which never makes clear whether it is supernatural or not. The island itself can be seen as representing the state of the central characters mind and mental disintegration. Anaya in the lead role is very good, so altough far from perfect it is an interesting adition to a spate of maternity and madness horrors.

Private U (nl) wrote: The acting is this movie is awesome, I really feel for the characters. It's hard to watch something in another language and be into it unless it's a very good story and Sheng Si Jie is just that.

Sarah A (it) wrote: Yikes! Quite depressing! But poignant & thought provoking. Made me appreciate the struggles of Margaret Thatcher from her perspective.

Shashank S (ru) wrote: If you've ever had a special teacher in your life, ' The Ron Clark story' will make you go out and search for that teacher lost in the pages of your own life. Matthew Perry, absolutely likeable, makes sure you do that.

Muktashif D (br) wrote: The story was loose.But the performances were great.Specially edward norton was great.

Eric H (it) wrote: I thoroughly enjoyed this powerful film, particularly for its witty writing, great camera work, and editing. It is on par with To Kill a Mockingbird in terms of its comprehensive treatment of prejudice.

Andrew M (es) wrote: I wonder if standard Living Will documents have a box to check for: "If I am wrong executed for a crime I didn't commit, please do not put my brain into the body of my dead girl-friend/one-night-stand." Also, Bernard from YES, MINISTER / YES, PRIME MINISTER and Rumpole's Soapy Sam Ballard make for the least threatening droogs ever.

Derrick M (ru) wrote: Doesn't stand up to the original 'Magnificent Seven' well.

Melborne Z (nl) wrote: love this movie great older film to watch;]

Archibald T (au) wrote: Hans is sent to a small town to report on Professor Whahl's carousel of stone women that takes place inside the windmill. Hans meets with the Professor who gives him a deadline to be finished researching everything that he needs to know which is strange considering Hans is the reporter and he should decide how much info he needs before he leaves.Elfi is the professor's daughter and she is madly in love with Hans even though she's only met him until now. Hans has a previous love to Liselotte, but that doesn't keep him from letting himself be seduced by Elfi. She comes to him with a key to her room and tells him to meet her later. He does and they make coitus. The next day Hans confesses his love being even stronger now to Liselotte despite what he did with Elfi. Elfi is extremely jealous that Hans has another woman. She confronts Hans with this and she dies from getting worked up over it. Hans runs off for several days to gather his thoughts about what to say to the Professor. When he returns, Dr. Bolem puts something in Hans drink to make him hallucinate. He does this to send Hans off to the funny farm because he knows that Elfi is in love with him. So with him out of the way and making him think that Elfi really didn't die (she presents herself later), the professor and Dr. Bolem can continue their work.Their work is really simple. Dr. Bolem is in love with Elfi and he wants her to remain human without tragically falling back into her stone form by even the slightest stress or anger. In order to do this, they have to have a blood transfusion to get rid of Elfi's bad blood and replace it with good blood from any kind of donor, but with a specific blood type Elfi wouldn't need Dr. Bolem to kidnap young women so Elfi can have their blood.That's where Professor Wahl steps in. Whenever the transfusion is complete and a young lady is drained of her blood he can use their corpses for his carousel of stone women! So that explains it.I really grew tired of this film because of how dumb the dialogue was for being banal. Especially in the first act of the film which is so slow and boring I wanted to tear my eyes out. I was disappointed. The film does have a few note worthy points like with the stone women and Hans hallucinating segment of the film. By the time it had gotten back around to Hans and him asking Liselotte to marry him, Dr. Bolem comes up with the perfect blood type for Elfi.....can you guess whose blood type it will be? can you?

Abigail W (fr) wrote: Delightful! :) Not earth-shattering amazing in a critical sense, but something I could watch several times and still laugh and love. (Isn't that the true test?) I mean, Jimmy Stewarts face superimposed on the moon=priceless.

Dave M (ag) wrote: My favorite-one of the older-franchise.

Artur J (au) wrote: Just watch a Director's Cut. It's different movie, and it's beautiful.

Alex K (es) wrote: 1940's Fantasia Is My Tenth Favorite Film Of All Time.