Hey Hey It's Esther Blueburger

Hey Hey It's Esther Blueburger

This film is a smart, rueful and dead-on portrait of life's unending quest to fit in; and the girl who solves it by completely breaking out - introduces a feisty outsider hero unlike any other seen on screen. Esther Blueburger's quest begins when she escapes from her Bat Mitzvah party and is befriended by Sunni.., the effortlessly cool girl who is everything Esther thinks she wants to be. With the help of Sunni, Esther goes away from her ordinary life and leaves behind her malfunctioning Jewish family to hang out with Sunni's far breezier and super-hip single mom Mary and attend Sunni's forbidden public school as a Swedish exchange student.

A coming-of-age story about a 13-year-old girl trying to fit into both a posh private school and an ordinary public school. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scot C (jp) wrote: "What happens at spring break stays at spring break".This film is set in Florida, but filmed in South Africa. The best thing about this movie is Cape Town and Bianca Lishansky, wow what a hottie!!

Donna L (gb) wrote: Lovely movie. Loved the atmosphere.

Dyron W (de) wrote: As Jamie Foxx made his move toward acclaimed dramatic roles (the FX tv movie Redemption, Collateral and Ray) about a decade ago, we immediately forget that he participated in this romantic comedy in early 2004. He and Gabrielle Union made attractive leads and the film is harmless from what I remembered, just not as funny from what I remembered.

Darren L (ag) wrote: The film started well, and Wesley Snipes acted his part of the film well, but the rest of the cast were wooden, and stiff, and this film fell flat on its face.

Zack B (jp) wrote: Light Sleeper is a really well made film, and I can say the same for all of Schrader's movies. I can also say that they all, with the exception of Mishima, have ostensible flaws that make for a more pulp experience, unlike Schrader's colleague Martin Scorsese, who doesn't make 'realistic' films per se, but his style is such that we are hooked into the world anyway. Schrader's films, for me, are not as involving, but they're still admirable in certain ways. In this movie, I was drawn in by Willem Dafoe's performance. He really commandeered the movie into watchability. I really didn't care for the score of songs by Michael Been. They're played throughout the film excessively and in awkward spots.

Laura S (es) wrote: Whose idea was this? Let's make a movie about Woody Guthrie and have a soulless mannequin (and a straight-haired mannequin, at that) play charismatic Woody! What were they thinking? I want to see a do-over.

Nikolas W (de) wrote: well the best of the hammer films...

Jacob M (it) wrote: A fantastic sci fi film with some of the best visual effects I've ever seen.

Greg W (au) wrote: overall its hit n miss

Iain B (jp) wrote: 20 mins and nothing has really happened, a lot of a car driving about to an annoying twangy guitar track... Binned

Carlos M (it) wrote: Jack Nicholson is super charismatic as a free-spirited character who refuses to abide by the rules at a mental institution, in a great drama that has its best moments when showing his obstinate attempts to get through to people who have given in to conformism.

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