Hey There, It's Yogi Bear

Hey There, It's Yogi Bear

Yogi Bear and his pal Boo Boo are shipped off to the San Diego Zoo by Jellystone National Park's Ranger Smith who is tired of Yogi's "pick-a-nick" basket stealing. Yogi escapes by convincing a bear named Cornpone to switch places with him and go to sunny California and returns to the park. His girlfriend, Cindy, not realizing Yogi has escaped, goes looking for him and is kidnapped by a circus owne

As the movie opens, Spring has arrived in Jellystone Park. Just as fast as tourists arrive, Yogi is up to his usual act of stealing their picnic baskets and any other food he encounters. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Roshan P (au) wrote: Even though it gets a little preachy and the screenplay goes a bit haywire towards the end, I quite liked the movie....India needs more movies like this...

Facebook U (jp) wrote: Very well done of course. The story seems a bit forced though. Like mismatched bricks, the bits of story lead to the end result wanted. Definitely a film for children. A couple of funny moments. Overall enjoyable but left me wanting more and more accurate depictions of the characters. Everybody was too joky, especially the dinosaur! Not serious. ;-)

Jocey D (de) wrote: Cute and amusing romantic comedy with a good ending, of course. Chemistry between Matthew McConaughey and Sara Jessica Parker is endearing.

Luke J (br) wrote: This movie is practically the same as the movie Dark Waters. Similar theme of an underwater station being attacked, a specialist is brought in, there are mini subs, and many other similar themes and plot devices. Managed to watch it to the end, but was highly disappointed over all. It seems that most of the money in the budget was spent on sets, and maybe a bit chucked at special effects, but in any case, this just feels budget and stupid. But not quite stupid enough to be good again. Finally, the characters are not introduced well, they are not developed at all, and scenes seem to be improvised right throughout the movie. simple plot and story, poorly implemented makes this a confusing movie to watch

jay n (au) wrote: Two giants of the screen in their only appearance together. The script doesn't do them justice although it deals with an important subject and does so without a great deal of sensationalism. The supporting cast is good but are all left in the dust by Davis and Stewart, they are fine throughout but their final couple of scenes are so masterfully done and moving as to be unforgettable.

Pan L (jp) wrote: Quiet, almost cameral drama in the ranks of the French Foreign Legion. Was it deliberate that military excersises of one of the toughest armies in the world look here like a ballet (...or is it my tendentious thinking)? Because the epilogue leaves little doubt regarding the very reason of master sergeant's wrongdoing. Good film.

Ryan P (gb) wrote: Despite some pacing issues, and one of the most annoying people ever chronicled in documentary film, American Movie is often funny and surprisingly fascinating. A compelling watch for any big dreamer.

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Ryan N (br) wrote: I like the concept of a machine trapping people inside it but the acting was poor and the script was wayyy too loose. The effects of the movie had way more potential for its time but hey, its a freaking full moon movie you can't expect much!

Oliver B (it) wrote: Tense medical thriller.

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Peter S (jp) wrote: great acting by Al Pacino... bit of an odd story