A pistol-packing teen meets an unstable rebel and a cocaine-snorting drifter as she hitchhikes her way out West.

A Nebraska teen gets more than she bargained for when she sets out for the bright lights of Las Vegas. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gregory W (mx) wrote: so many good character actors here not bad

Daniel W (mx) wrote: I loved this. I'm a geek for art and cultural heritage so this story of these guys trying to track down and save these incredible masterpieces from destruction or appropriation was fascinating to me. A great story, well told.

Adrian V (fr) wrote: Great beginning ....the middle was connecting.....but the ending blew chunKs big ones any hoot 1 1/2 stars is all

Ryan S (gb) wrote: Even though it's a Monday night, i turned it into a Friday night just because i haven't yet experienced what all the commotion was about. I do believe this would've been better watching it outside on my porch smokin' up my popeye candy sticks. Grade A acting from Chris Tucker, i liked him in this role. Yes, he has that annoying sound to him but that's what makes him funny. Ice Cube is ok, his character is replaceable really. It's sort of like an urban version of Clerks just without the store, a guy losing his job on his day off and spends his life relaxing at home chilling with his friend Smokey. This movie has a 77% Fresh Tomatoes so that's telling you it's a worthwhile comedy and i'll back them up on it too. Just hoping the sequels are on par with Friday..

Jason S (gb) wrote: I tried watching this again recently. Couldn't do it. Sucked too bad. Needed more doobies.

Thom S (es) wrote: Who can resist a film with coconut hoof noises and subtitles that make no sense. I really can't

Matthew C (jp) wrote: An extremely lavish production, this movie manages to get some surprising aspects right, while twisting most of the history into typical Hollywood fodder. The costumes and sets are fantastic. Jack Hawkins is awesomely grand as the living god Khufu. Joan Collins is downright evil. And the score is dramatic and sweeping. Unfortunately, though beautiful and epic in scope, it isn't especially engaging.

Carlos I (it) wrote: Yikes. That was painfully unfunny. The string of corny one-liners that don't land at all are almost cringeworthy. The premise of Dracula wandering around in the 70s is kind of amusing, but was done better by Christopher Lee.

Hailey T (nl) wrote: Gotta love the Corbin and Kirby duo!

Adam R (fr) wrote: Brace yourself! Bean is probably one of the funniest movies you will ever see. Rowan Atkinson is simply brilliant. (First viewing - Fall 1997 in theaters)

John M (ru) wrote: Very tight, visually cool, gets muddled a little bit.