Legendary Lawman and Gunslinger Wild Bill Hickok, is tasked with taming the wildest cow-town in the West, while delivering his own brand of frontier Justice and infamous gunfighter's reputation as the fastest draw in the West is put to the test

Legendary gunslinger "Wild Bill" Hickok looks to leave the past behind him by settling in the small town of Abilene, Kan., and becoming the marshal. While delivering his own brand of frontier justice, the infamous gunfighter's reputation as the fastest draw in the west is put to the test. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David J (ru) wrote: Fine performances bolster a drama film that features a shaky plot and polarizing characters.

Veronica B (ru) wrote: For a low budget ghetto flick, this wasn't too bad. The mad scientist guy looked looks like an older version of Eddie Murphy.

Laura A (au) wrote: A movie you *must* see.

Geoff J (de) wrote: Fun little comedy...

Emily A (es) wrote: I was really not a huge fan of this movie. I saw a glimmer within it of something that I actually did want to see, but a glimmer was all it was: the play Giulia was in seemed intriguing. Watching these characters interact fills me with the feeling that I'm somehow missing something that they're all privy to. Nobody's happy with who they have, but they all seem to want to salvage their old relationships just to spite each other. I will never understand women who blurt "I never want to see you again" and still expect thier partner to stick around. Carlo's clingy wife doesn't know what she wants. They both cheat on each other, yet interpret the infidelity of the other as a deep personal slight. This movie reminded me of Closer in that the tragedy lay mainly in the fact that if only the characters knew how to communicate thier desires honestly and articulately with each other, they wouldn't constantly hurt each other as badly as they do.

Jim W (ca) wrote: It's better to watch a little of this at a time since it's incredibly long. However it's a well made and original telling of the Jack and the Beanstalk story.

Lucie K (ag) wrote: This one appealed to me for some reason. Really liked Selmas acting. For you people with darker thoughts its a perfect match! ;)

Richard M (jp) wrote: A decent thriller, nothing super special about it, but the ending was a trip, but gets a bit far fetched.

Joel R (mx) wrote: Great visuals, interesting story. Quite futuristic, especially for its time. Highly recommend for sci fi enthusiasts.

Bill B (it) wrote: This one was a film I've always heard about and seen creepy images associated with when searching for horror stuff on the Interwebs, but I had never been able to track down a copy until Synapse put out the Blu-ray recently.The film was worth the wait, and I would say it's worth a rental if you have the chance, just for some little-seen horror from the '80s heyday.

Cody C (nl) wrote: Took me quite a long time to see this one, which is quite silly, because it's ridiculously up my alley. I guess I just didn't know how up my alley. Btw, Richard Kelly ripped this off like crazy for Donnie Darko. Anyway, see it. Just see it.