Hidden Worlds 3D: Caves of the Dead

Hidden Worlds 3D: Caves of the Dead


In the days of the Mayas, cenotes – deep, natural pits on the Yucatan peninsula - provided the only means of obtaining drinking water. But in the mythology of this advanced civilisation, these waterholes and caves were also the entrance to Xibalba – the underworld . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hidden Worlds 3D: Caves of the Dead torrent reviews

LUC D (nl) wrote: Not so good and too much flash-backs. I didn't quite understand the movie.

darrell s (es) wrote: A science fiction classic...

Nick G (it) wrote: It's a great drama, it introduced the world to Gwynneth Paltrow and la Meg is both extremely good in a dramatic role and, frankly, sex on a stick.

Rob R (jp) wrote: I've seen worse films. As low budget late 80's zombie films go, it isn't bad, but it isn't good either. Very cookie cutter and generic.

Jon H (ru) wrote: The film's main claim to fame is that although Airplane! (released just months later) is supposed to be a parody, it seems deadly serious compared to this film (with such "gags" as Jimmie Walker smoking a doobie in the airplane toilet, and George Kennedy and Alain Delon flying the plane like Steve McQueen driving a car in Bullitt). Several major cases of "That would never happen" turn up left, right and centre. Excellent for laughs, however (as if that was the intention.

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Paul D (es) wrote: A story where events spiral out of control, but each of the main characters has flaws, including the police investigating so there's nowhere for the audiences sympathies to go, however it has a good pace to it.

Chris C (fr) wrote: the soundtrack was the best thing about it......and the girls playing Rob's two hot as f*** daughters.....otherwise meh

Dan M (gb) wrote: As much as Craig Robinson is funny as Anna Kendrick is cute, this was pretty horrendous. I've seen worse comedies, but I wouldn't recommend this even if it is just Netflix streaming.

Chris F (jp) wrote: It was entertaining, but I did not care much for the animation style.

Jessalyn Mara R (fr) wrote: It's a nice change in the movie industry because it's genuine and modest