Hide and Go Shriek

Hide and Go Shriek

A group of teenagers spends the night in a furniture store for a graduation party. A psycho killer starts to hunt them down and kill them off.

A group of teens decide to spend a night at a furniture store the father of one of them owns. A homeless ex-con security guard is staying the night too. During the
night| someone with a taste for cross-dressing breaks in and begins to pick off the teens during a game of hide and seek. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hide and Go Shriek torrent reviews

Hannah K (es) wrote: Such a romantic movie! A couple will do anything just to get married on Christmas!

Stefanie W (au) wrote: Endearing, sappy, heartbreaking, and only slightly predictable. Kyss Mig is now one of my favorite feel-good lesbian love stories.

Nico D (mx) wrote: Rene Zellweger and Forest Whitaker's performances are excellent, this film is different to anything that the industry propose at the moment, good moment and ncie soundtrack, thanks to Bob Dylan.

Lucas P (mx) wrote: Coppola. Do I have to say anything else?

Shefaa A (ca) wrote: I was re-watching this for like the fifth time when dad commented saying, "This is India in it's old days of glory". A classic capturing a beautiful India for non-hindi eyes to perceive in appreciation. One critic said he felt privileged for being born in an a time when such movie was made, I say amen for I felt privileged too.

mark f (jp) wrote: There's sum pretty good one liners but other that average at best. Sarah Marshall is so.....lame.

Anthony K (nl) wrote: Beyond being an outstanding comedy, this is the type of film which is incredibly rare: an original, R-rated comedic blockbuster with a compelling underlying plot. It strains the three act structure a bit with some meandering, but in this case that's honestly not a problem. Will Ferrell's cameo, for example, is played during what would normally be the denouement, and is outstanding (Mom! we want the meatloaf mom!!).

Rosemarie S (de) wrote: Found this movie boring & pointless for me...

C H (ru) wrote: No vou perder meu tempo assistindo isso.

Brendan N (au) wrote: action driven van damme classic. this is dated but fun all the same

Bill T (ca) wrote: Interesting, I wouldn't say all together successful movie about Religion, persucution, customs, you know, Atom Egoyan's favorite subjects it seems. As a matter of fact, for the first half hour or so, I thought we were being treated to a different take on "Ararat", Egoyan's (quite great) film from a few years back dealing with yes, Religion, persucution and customs. But then the film takes a bit of a left turm, gets a little talky and preachy, and ends on an interesting note. In the film, a teacher encourages a student to make up a story about his Dad being a terrorist and how he got his Mom to bring a bomb on a plane for him. only to be stopped by customs. The story takes a life of it's own, affecting everyone around him, why would the teacher do this? It's somewhat tricky and confusing, and Egoyan does an amicable job to keep a totally convulated story afloat, because this baby goes off in all directions. Again, it gets to be a bit much, but under Egoyan's touch, is certainly watchable.

Neal K (gb) wrote: Do you play basketball? The movie that brought Jazz music into my life forever.

D M (es) wrote: Rich-boy Tom Hanks fails out of college because of his nerd-obsession with a D&D-style game, Mazes and Monsters. Upon starting a new college, he is bullied into joining a group of the dorks in which to play the game. Once again, the game becomes his obsession. When they go LARP-spelunking he begins to confuse the game with reality. POlice get involved when he wants to fly from the top of a building. And for the rest of his life, he remains in his fantasy-land (in reality he's now half-retard living with his folks).

Kato H (kr) wrote: a very rare re-run film, and never saw the video available, but always wanted to see it again! From what I recall, great acting and kept you under suspense!

Ashley (br) wrote: He came easy, but for me he will never leave. I love him! :)

Jaime V (es) wrote: a good movie about greed in wall street

Julia L (nl) wrote: The Savages is a tough movie. It deals with unpleasant themes such as mediocrity, failed relationships and taking care of aging relatives who did not do a good job at parenting. The results are excellent, thanks to the outstanding cast and script.It starts on a sarcastic note, with dad Lenny Savage (a great Philip Bosco) behaving badly in sunny Arizona. Lenny is an unpleasant old man, spending his retirement in a senior-only community. When his female companion dies suddenly, we learn that they were not married and that the house belonged to her. The woman's children want Lenny out ASAP, so his two estranged children, Wendy and Jon (equally great Linney and Seymour Hoffman) must come and take him back to the East Coast, where they live.Also due to their difficult childhood - only hinted at - Wendy and Jon have issues of their own, such as being unable to have healthy, long terms relationships. Wendy is involved in a dispassionate affair with a married man and Jon cannot commit to his long-term Polish girlfriend who must leave the US before being deported. The siblings have a strained relationship of their own, fed on the frustration of having both literary ambitions, but holding mundane jobs.The movie develops their relationship nicely, as the only metaphorical ray of sunshine in an otherwise frosty and desolate landscape. Despite the abuse they suffered at the hands of Lenny and a mother who just "left", they try to do their best to care for their hostile, demented dad, who does not show a shred of gratitude. The movie has a sort of melancholic humour and even manages to end with a much needed uplifting note. Definitely top-class film-making for discerning audiences.

Jake S (mx) wrote: Positives: . Great acting performances . Fantastically realistic mise-en-scene encapsulated with perfect cinematographyNegatives:. Poor sound editing, whilst speaking was too quiet and inaudible in parts non-diegetic sound effects were far too loud . Screenplay could have been written better, more coherent and understandable as in parts you felt even screenwriters were overwhelmed and bombarded by the complex series of on screen events.