The elder one of each generation in the Furlong family is equipped with an extraordinary capacity. James discovers the nature of his at the time of an accident which causes the death of his father and his grandmother. Haunted by this mysterious evil he hides in a forest not to harm anybody. A few years later, Mae also takes refuge it in the forest and meets James.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:forest,   boy,   death,  

James Furlong, motherless, discovered an extraordinary gift by accident which caused the death of his father and his grandmother. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ivel I (fr) wrote: If you're a fan of music and want to get some insight into hip-hop, this is a must see. Some true pioneers and legends of the art.

Cal (us) wrote: No thanks - the Human Humpback should quit making movies.

Ahmad J (br) wrote: Masterpiece of a movie with an incredible story and magnificent sceneries! The critics most have been on crack when they saw it cause this film is the farthest thing from rotten!

Greg W (ca) wrote: funny stuff martin works well with the queen

John H (jp) wrote: This is one of those disappointing films where you see can all the talent, but it's not living up to its potential.The performances are great, but the film itself has multiple issues. For one, it has a made-for-tv banality to it; strong language is as transgressive as it ever gets. In a film that is supposed to be about sex, violence and madness, the clothes stay on, there's less blood than a dentist visit and not only are the character insights wholly incomplete and distant, but you never actually see more than bad moods and mundane reactions.In this movie, Dahmer isn't an introvert driven to extremes of serial murder, dismemberment, cannibalism and personal hell. He is simply an unfortunate, morose witness to his own grim hobby. The flashbacks never form a full story arc, and by the end, you're wondering "where the hell is the rest of the story?".Nor is there any strong thread or progression of events that form an evolution of the insanity, its simply a series of events. It's as flat of a story-board as I have ever seen from a production that clearly had the means to create more tension and character but never delivers.Instead, but for a few exceptions, the cinematography has the shallow, dull perspective of a day-time soap than a full film that had the chance to delve into an incredible story of madness, self rejection and isolation, and wastes good acting producing a g-rated comic strip with trite angles, dull tempo and no real closing. One gets the sincere impression that the beginning of the movie had a lot more thought put into it, but the finished product was finished on the fly.Theres not enough information to call it biographical. There isn't any gore to call it horror. There isn't any fright whatsoever to call it a thriller. There's too many prudish fig leaves to call it transgressive. And the pace and framing is too trite to call it unique.This had so much potential, and god knows the actors did their best with so little context. But ultimately, there is no shock, no mystery, no evolution, no horror, no scare and no libido. If you bleep the language less than a dozen times, its perfectly suited to day-time tv.No one is going to watch this and feel afraid of Dahmer, but neither will they find his thinking deserving of curiosity nor sympathy. It's set up to show one trying day laced with flashbacks, but all your left with is an unhappy man having a tiresome day.

Robyn N (ag) wrote: An engrossing French psychological thriller with jet black sense of humor, Director Dominik Moll has only made one other feature film, but looks very much like someone who has spent a lifetime fine tuning and constructing psychological thrillers. Moll's "With a Friend Like Harry" is a nervy, successful reworking of Hitchcockian themes and devices, with particular attention to the allure of the sociopath. On a hot day in a highway gas station men's room, a man Michel (Laurent Lucas), doesn't recognize a stranger who says they went to school together. His name is Harry, played by Sergi Lpez. He suggests they have a drink, so he and his girlfriend follow Michel and his family to their summer place. Michel is amazed when Harry quotes from memory a poem Michel wrote in school. Harry thinks Michel is a great writer, and he's distressed that Michel hasn't written in years. Harry stays awhile, and sets out to eliminate distractions that might keep Michel from writing. The first thing Harry does for Michel--he buys him a new car despite Michel demanding that he does not. What a guy! However, this extraordinary act of kindness sets off a chain of events, and suspicious things begin to happen. Michel picks up a pen and Harry is gratified, but he's not finished being Michel's self-appointed patron. From the moment Harry is introduced to us, director Dominik Moll manages to saddle you up with an uncomfortable feeling. As the story slowly burns, it all becomes more and more unsettling. The devastating occurrences this family will endure will come from someone they've already invited into their comfort zone. And by the time they start realizing that, it's too late--and bad is already getting worse. Moll flushes develops the characterizations of the family members and their daily interactions, and wisely keeping things simple. While you start to recognize these subtleties, it enhances the awareness that Harry's abnormal behavior is seeping into the lives of these very normal people. Even in scenes where Harry is not featured, you keep him in mind, as his presence permeates, and saturates the storyline. Lpez strikes the right note with his performance -- carefully balancing between overtly friendly to just plain crazy. At no point does he go shamelessly over the top, nor does the film really feature any excessive outbursts of violence. The mild brilliance of this film, lies with the question as to what Harry's motivation is, and what the outcome of it all will be. An intriguing, fully-engrossing psychological thriller that takes us deep into a world where answers aren't always provided. In fact, we are never sure where the plot is leading us. Mysterious, suspenseful, and a devilish sense of humor. With a friend like Harry, who needs family?

Ashley J (gb) wrote: Excellent. In turn the stories are sad, thought provoking, funny & poignant. And you get to see Sharon Stone & Ellen making out, what more could you want?!

Russell H (us) wrote: It was funny enough to keep me entertained but nothing unique, especially at a time saturated with buddy-comedies and Jackie Chan.

Paul B (ca) wrote: Heady concept mixes with total schlock from the first minute to the end.

Ilia L (it) wrote: As a huge amount of people, I am a great fan of Michael J. Fox because of his brilliant role of Marty McFly in Back to the Future trilogy. That's why I decided to watch this film. Doc Hollywood is a rather funny romantic comedy. The cast is great, the jokes are good. I personally like the little town, in which the main character works as a doctor. The director tries to show us an ideal little town, in which the life is very slow, everybody knows each other. And the main problem of the film is based on the meeting of a dream of the main character about the job in Beverly Hills and a lot of money and the lovely reality of this town and a nice girl in it. Actually, we all know everything about this situation, and at the beginning of the film we already know the answer, what he will choose - the money or the girl. But I am sure, it doesn't matter at all. It's cool to watch over and over, that maybe only in the movies, but love is higher than money, and somewhere the people are so sweet, and the trees are so high and green... All in all, I really love these film because of the special kind atmosphere. There are a lot of beautiful and joyful scenes like when the Doc is dancing with Lou, or when he comes to here house (I like the nature very much), the walking with the pig. I especially like the role of Woody Harrelson - he acts as an insurance agent and Lou's boyfriend.All in all, I really love these film because of the special kind atmosphere. So, I recommend this film for a couple, that want to watch something romantic in the evening, or for people, who just want to watch something, that will help them to feel happy.

Erin C (de) wrote: I really didn't care for this movie. I've already forgotten what it was about.

Alex K (es) wrote: This Movie Was 34 Years Old In June Of 2014.

Dustin N (kr) wrote: Marjoe and the Hoff! Count me in!

Matthew C (kr) wrote: Cary Grant exercises his comic chops once again as the center of a tornado of crazy. Ray Collins gleefully orchestrates the whole affair?using psychology! Somehow the idea of Grant dating a 16 year old is made funny, while not being too creepy. It works mostly because Grant's character is clearly not happy about being forced into the situation. Plenty of clever dialog and zany humor help move things along at a good pace. Fans of the actors or of classic screwball comedy should check it out.

Donraleigh (de) wrote: Greatest boat party scene EVER!